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Agenda (copied over from last meeting 6/11/10)

  1. Intermittent slowness since 9.1 upgrade
    1. See John's screencast and various browser test results (RT ticket # 34507). MyBlackboard tab is now a separate issue from slowness.
    2. Danita Eichenlaub (RT ticket # 34369)
    3. Others? Call for screencasts to hybrid-courses listserve
    4. Vladimir to follow up with Bb's Justin Gray by 7/16/10 on "better ideas" for JVM tuning, before we announce to the campus.
  2. Redirect and to to bypass current default login template (see RT ticket #35802)
  3. Categories for SU2010 courses don't seem to be present. Shouldn't this have been done automatically on auto-create? Too late for FA2010, will have it for SP2011.
  4. Date for FA2010 auto-course creation start: July 15, 2010 (proposed for Jason- need to verify); Jason to follow up with Arnold and report back to the group.
  5. Bb 9.1 test environment for Tandeep Singh to reorder position of CMA building block (see related email) - (Test environment rebuilt in 9.1 SP1)
  6. Goofy external link behaviors (e.g., 404 errors), still investigating - (Mostly figured out; due to # in file names, some IE8 issues- Bb tix 761173)
  7. iTunesU - is there a shib exception for this in Bb 9.1? (Yes- Vladimir verified; this is not issue w/ why building block doesn't work)
  8. End of August Reminder to faculty: course deletion for FA2004 and older (Karin).
  9. FYI: Proposed UMBC Bb Help Documentation Changes for FA2010
  10. Discuss best time for the brief downtime (can be during downtime window) to get production blackboard back up on the  final production IDP2.  All other instances are up on the final IDP2 now, including gmail. We need to get Blackboard moved back over to it before the start of Fall and we need to get the systems that are  currently supporting the BB IDP2 back into 'development' status from production for some other work.  Fri 16th window possible?  It is a config change without an actual restart according to Paul. Laura to work with Jesse on a date/time, and Karin to communicate to campus.
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