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09-23-09 Notes

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  • Followup consultation with Tim Topoleski re: Faculty  Senate clicker voting. Next meeting Oct 13 - John and Steve to attend

  • To do: Create short list of repair/renewal priorities in consultation with AV staff
  • Attend Oct 13 Faculty Senate meeting to facilitate clicker use for votingJack
  • To do: Track service refusals - ongoing, use term "unable to support" to permit search
  • To do: develop spreadsheet for list of jobs open/closedDeb
  • Eric Mazur event is confirmed. 11/11 (Wed) "Confessions of a Former Lecturer" will be in LH V from 5-6 or 6-7 pm; "Peer Instruction" workshop will follow on 11/12, UC 312, in the AM (time TBD). Can be 1-3 hours in length. He would like to use clickers at the workshop. I forgot to ask him about videotaping - will follow up.Bill 
  • To Do: Get accurate status of gear in classrooms - prioritize what needs to be replaced, when; coordinate with Facilities Mgt. list - be ready to make case for needs at a moment's notice
  • Update Data Logger to incorporate changes in IP monitoring in Engineering, add new installs
  • To do: LH6 audio control and input interface install
  • Contact Extron to coordinate Global Viewer Enterprise configuration and server install. Scheduled for week of Oct. 5, server  functional
  • Block power switches on rack strips in lecture hallsDave
  • Get with Joan to begin revamp of IMC web site, meeting set for 9/25
  • Continue RT rollout, get Anthony RT account and get him and Doug up to speed
  • Continue with TurningPoint Clickers and eEnstruction Clickers support for the Fall - ongoing
  • To Do: Clicker support for November 11 & 12 meetingDoug

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