Marketing and branding are basically the science of communicating with others. Others who sometimes appear as internal customers and sometimes external customers. That is why all the humanities have come to the aid of this field these days in order to expand and show their strength in the battle between companies. Vendors and marketers have also learned to take advantage of all the tools and facilities to further equip themselves to win a market. The first tool is the marketer body, which can be trained by working on its various aspects. The vocal cords are very useful as a supplier of materials for one of the five senses in a market and branding atmosphere.

The voice of marketing and branding

Unfortunately, we see a lot of people who, due to their profession, deal with speech and expression, pay less attention to their voice and its features and characteristics. For this reason, sometimes the speech of these people is accompanied by a kind of reluctance and the strength of their movements is reduced. As a result, it creates uncertainty.

When we know that as marketers and salespeople, a high percentage of people remember and review their memories aloud, we realize the importance and effectiveness of this category even more. In fact, to stay in the minds of customers, whether in advertising or in face-to-face encounters, we have a unique tool called sound.

Audio is a tool that marketing activists use to communicate. Although the appearance of these people and their involuntary movements, clothes and images also inform about their personality, but it is through the voice that they express their specific and precise thoughts and feelings and persuade the customer to buy.

Many salespeople and marketers have poor speech skills and suffer from loss of voice. Chewy, oppressive, and cunning letters show them as weak and powerless characters. These people are moaning instead of talking.

 As a marketer, the less you want to express your thoughts, the weaker you use your muscles. Care must be taken when talking to the client to turn all mental intent into physical action.

As a voice broadcasting, Avank, with a correct understanding of the importance of sound in providing products and services to customers, provides its users with various services for uploading all kinds of sounds and voices.

Creating an audio file by the user, ordering audio recordings from professional speakers, powerful voice recording software and Avamix service are among these services.

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