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  • How-to Merge IDMS Identities
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This is the basic procedure for identifying and performing the most common kind of identity (person) merge. This page is an update of the old information on IDMS Identity Merges. As long as there is only one account entry and one UMBC Campus Card, merging person entries in IDMS is straightforward. Usually an IDMS merge is done only after two records have been merged in PeopleSoft.

Step-by-step guide

The general idea is to make sure that no information is lost. Anything sourced from an external system is safe to delete, to restore simply refresh from the source. Information that IDMS is the system of record (SoR) for needs to be merged between the two records. The merge of two person records when only one (or neither) has an associated account record is straightforward since almost all information that IDMS is the SoR for is typically added after the account is created.

Only merges involving a single (or no) account are covered by this guide. IDMS is the SoR for the Campus ID and Username (account) information – which to use is decided by us.

  1. Obtain the two identifiers and look up the two person LDAP entries in IDMS.
  2. Before proceeding, check that only one of the entries has an associated account, as indicated by the umbcprimaryaccountuid attribute.
  3. Also check that only one of the entries has a UMBC Campus Card, as indicated by the umbconecardiso attribute.
  4. If either of those checks fail, the procedure is not covered by this guide. As long as there is only one account and one Campus Card you can proceed.
  5. You will be deleting the entry that does not have the associated account. Make a copy of the two entry LDIFs. You will need to refer to the LDIF to copy information to the retained entry. It also helps in case you break something.
  6. If the Campus Card is associated with the person entry you will be deleting, make note of the Campus Card attributes you will need to copy to the retained entry: umbconecardisoumbconecardstatus, and umbclims.
  7. Delete the dangling entry.
  8. Replace the umbcpsoftemplid attribute on the retained entry if needed to match the Peoplesoft record that is being kept.
  9. Add the deleted entry's umbccampusid to the retained entry. If you are transferring Campus Cards between entries, then update the entry with umbccampusid and the Campus Card attributes at one time. The "extra" campus id should be added to the retained entry as a new umbcalternatecampusid.
  10. Update the IDMS entry from Peoplesoft using the UMBC Refresh LDAP Entry page. This is only required if the information sourced from PS in the retained entry is expected to change, or just do it for fun – it can't hurt.
  11. Done!

Additional Advanced Things

Groups of attributes that always go together and are sourced in IDMS:

Campus Card Attributes: umbccampusid, umbconecardiso, umbclims, umbconecardstatus

Multiple Accounts

Remove 'umbcprimaryaccount: Y' from the one we want to get rid of and replace 'owner:' with the new account owner.

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