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UPDATE: Bb Annotate has been staged back for deployment — US East Cost is slated for June 3rd.

There is no planned downtime when Bb Annotate is enabled.  The file migration could take several hours to days to complete depending on the number of annotated files that need to be migrated. 

All pre-existing annotations will be migrated and visible in Bb Annotate.  When an instructor or student accesses an annotated file during the migration, it will take a little bit longer to load but will be displayed in the new Bb Annotate viewer.  If a user is actively annotating a file using New Box View during the migration, the file will not migrate to Bb Annotate until the user has completed that session.  Upon loading the submission file again, it will display in the Bb Annotate viewer.  User will be able to delete annotations as well as add new comments to any existing comment created using New Box View. 

Will there be any performance impact during the migration?

We don’t expect any performance issues during the migration.  If users are trying to access a file that hasn't been migrated yet, it may take a little bit longer for it to load in the Bb Annotate viewer.

Will it work with the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor Mobile apps?

Bb Annotate will work with the Blackboard Instructor app, but not the student Blackboard app.  Students should access their assignment submission through a web browser instead to see annotations.
Are there any known issues with Bb Annotate?

Both Student & Faculty Views

  • HEIC image files currently do not render in Bb Annotate. This issue also occurs with the older Box commenting tool.

Student View

  • The Show More link in threaded comments isn’t currently working.  Students will need to download the annotated document and view in a native PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat.  
  • Clicking on the comment icon doesn’t bring the related comment to the forefront, so it may be hard for users to differentiate between comments that are close together.
    In the Sidebar summary view, clicking on an annotation does not identify it within the document.

Instructor/Grader View

  • If a Grader’s session expires or loses internet connectivity, there is no indication within Bb Annotate that annotations aren’t being saved.
  • Highlighting in previous comments using the old Box tool may leave gaps and will still be visible in the migrated document.  Users can delete the highlight and re-create it using Bb Annotate.   
  • In the Blackboard app, print and download aren’t working properly.  Users can print or download through a web browser instead