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Blackboard supports third-party tools through Building Block (B2) and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integrations. These integrations allow single-sign on between third-party content or services or improve instructor/student efficiency by streamlining usage or synchronizing grades.

The following tools are available in UMBC’s Blackboard Learn environment as of FA2017. Click on the name of the tool to access UMBC FAQs or vendor support websites.


If you are experiencing any trouble with an LTI tool, please check the list below to see if there's a known issue or review this FAQ for tips. If you need any kind of help with a specific publisher integration, please check the technical support directory

Building Block / ToolPurposeVendorB2 VersionStatus
AcrobatiqSupports adaptive learning of specific course curriculumAcrobatiq0.9.9Up to Date
ALEKSSupports interactive homework & quizzes for science & mathCengageLTI  (Known Issue)Up to Date
Bookshelf by VitalSourceSupports access to e-textbooks & course materials on computers & mobile devices (for the UMBC Course Materials Initiative)Blackboard Inc. & VitalSource3.101.2018040484Up to Date
Cengage Learning MindLinksIntegration for Mindtap, Aplia & CogLab course materialsBlackboard Inc. & Cengage1.101.201802348Up to Date
CourseArcSupports integration of interactive, web-based lessons. Request access via RT.CourseArcLTI Up to Date
EACAllows alignment of institutional and program learning outcomes to rubric rows and test questions for assessment purposesEAC3.4.918Up to Date
eXploranceSupports end of semester course surveyseXploranceLTIUp to Date
FlipIt PhysicsSupports interactive homework, lectures & quizzes for physicsMacmillanLTI  (Known Issue)Up to Date
InQuizitiveIntegration for W.W. Norton course materialsW.W. NortonLTI  (Known Issue)Up to Date
McGraw-Hill CampusIntegration for McGraw-Hill course materialsMcGraw-Hill Higher Education9.2.75No Info Available
McGraw-Hill Connect and CreateIntegration for McGraw-Hill course materialsBlackboard Inc. & McGraw-Hill2.4.2017020074Up to Date
Microsoft OneNoteAllow faculty to add a OneNote class notebook to a Bb course shell.MicrosoftLTI  (Known Issue)Up to Date
PanoptoAllow faculty to link course to Panopto video platformPanopto2018.6.1Up to Date
Pearson's MyLab & MasteringIntegration for Pearson course materialsBlackboard Inc. & Pearson3.201.2017020601Up to Date
Poll EverywhereSupports web-based response system (pilot)Poll Everywhere1.0.7Up to Date
QwicklyEnables 2-click course availability & other instructor efficiency workflowsQwickly5.2.3.1Up to Date
Qwickly AttendanceSupports taking attendance & student check-inQwicklyLTI (Known Issue)Up to Date
Qwickly Jot AssignmentCreate interactive assignments for students to write & draw onQwickly5.2.3.1Up to Date
Respondus LockDown BrowserCustomized browser to secure the Blackboard test environmentRespondus Inc


LTI (Known Issue)

No Info Available
Soomo LearningSupports interactive e-textbooksSoomo Publishing1.5.7No Info Available
Tk20Supports systematic assessment for accreditation (SOWK & EDUC only)Tk20LTI (Known Issue) Up to Date
Turning Technologies ClickersSynchronizes clickers to Bb roster & Bb grade centerTurning Technologies, LLCLTI (Known Issue)No Info Available
VoiceThreadSupports interactive discussions. Currently under evaluation. Limited pilot/access.VoiceThreadLTI  (Known Issue)Up to Date
WebAssignIntegration for WebAssign course materials & assessmentsWebAssign2.2.0Up to Date
WileyPLUSIntegration for Wiley course materialsBlackboard Inc. & Wiley2.1.201604543Up to Date



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