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Beginning with SU2018, UMBC's Blackboard will receive monthly updates as part of Blackboard's continuous delivery model. As a software industry standard practice, continuous delivery updates are small, may include maintenance, enhancements and/or new features, and are delivered on a more frequent and consistent basis.

Blackboard posts its continuous delivery software update schedule about 3-4 months in advance. We have excerpted a sample here, but users can also review the information posted on Blackboard's schedule.

Release NumberPosted to Test Server*Posted to Production ServerStatus
v3800.5.012 November 20195 December 2019
v3800.3.015 October 20197 November 2019
v3800.0.010 September 20193 October 2019
v3700.9.013 August 20195 September 2019
v3700.7.016 July 20198 August 2019
v3700.5.011 June 201911 July 2019
v3700.3.014 May 20196 June 2019


v3700.0.09 April 20193 May 2019


v3500.7.011 December 20183 January 2019
v3500.5.013 November 20186 December 2018
v3500.3.016 October 20181 November 2018
v3500.0.011 September 20184 October 2018
v3400.11.07 August 20186 September 2018
v3400.9.010 July 20182 August 2018
v3400.7.013 June 20186 July 2018
v3400.5.016 May 20181 June 2018
v3400.3.018 April 20184 May 2018

*These dates are approximate: Our system may be updated a couple days before or after this date.
Updates are queued to begin at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time and take approximately 24 hours, but n
o downtime is expected.

On a rare occasion, Blackboard may take its cloud infrastructure down for 2-6 hours for updates. We always attempt to notify the campus at least 5 days in advance of these downtimes; however, at times unanticipated maintenance windows are necessary to address important updates for optimal system performance.

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