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Download the App

  1. On your mobile device, head to the appropriate App Store
    1. iPhone
    2. Android :

  2. Download and install the Application

  3. For technical assistance with downloading the app, please email for assistance.

Open and Register the App

  1. Go to your COVID-19 Compliance page of your myUMBC Profile. In the Testing Section of your page, you should see a QR code. If you do not have a QR Code in the Testing section of your myUMBC page, please email If you are not taking an in-person/hybrid class for the current semester or are not working on campus, you may not have a QR code. Please email if you believe that your status is incorrect.

  2. Open the MG Scanner App on your phone:

  3. Scroll and read the Consent Agreement and click the green "I agree" button at the bottom:

  4. Click the register box on the home page of the app:

  5. Once you get to the registration page, click the camera icon to scan the QR code that came in your e-mail:

  6. Your device may require you to allow use of the camera, click OK to allow:

  7. If you are using a separate PC/laptop from your smartphone, please point your camera at your device. 


    This QR code is unique to you individually.  Do not share it with other individuals. 

    If you receive an "Internal Server error." message, this code is invalid and you will need to reach out to

  8. You will be prompted to return to your UMBC email inbox, and receive a one time verification code. Please enter that code into the MG Scanner application within 15 minutes.
  9. Congratulations, now that registration is completed once, you are now ready to scan your first self-swab sample!

Video of Instructions to download and register App

The instructions in the video below reference scanning a QR code in an email, and that step is no longer relevant. In place of the email, please go to the COVID-19 Compliance page of your myUMBC Profile and scan the QR code. We will update this video in the near future. 

Which barcode do I scan for my vial sample collection

Barcode Number - YESQR Code - NO

I do not have a QR code to register for Maryland Genomics

  1. Please check your myUMBC profile page to ensure that you need to be on campus. If you are not enrolled for in-person/hybrid classes or are working on campus, you may not have a QR code.
  2. If you have confirmed that you are approved to be on-campus, please e-mail with your name and Campus ID

Where to check your results

You can check your results for your test on your myUMBC profile page with additional detail on your COVID Compliance Card.

Common Error messages

Message or issueAppropriate Action
Device not registeredPlease follow the instructions above to register your device.  If you are unable to register due to not having a registration e-mail, please follow these instructions to receive a new registration e-mail.
"The Specimen ID was not found in the system.  Please request a different specimen collection tube."This invariably means that you scanned the QR code on the tube, rather than the barcode.  Please try scanning the correct barcode on the tube.
Any other issueIf you are unable to scan for any other reason, please send an e-mail when you are doing your sample collection to so that we may assist you with troubleshooting.

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