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Mac and Windows COMSOL installations are identical.

1. Before installing COMSOL, make sure you are connected to the campus network (COMSOL won't work over the UMBC Visitor wireless connection) or connected to the internet and logged into the UMBC VPN. In the following instructions the necessary options are highlighted by a red border. Place the COMSOL disc in the disc drive to begin the installation. If you are installing from an ISO file in a USB flash drive, follow these instructions to begin the installation:

  • For Mac: First, right-clicking on the COMSOL ISO file, select Open With, and then select DiskImageMounter. Once the mounted COMSOL ISO folder opens, click the COMSOL Setup file to initiate the installer.
  • For Windows: Mount the COMSOL ISO file in a virtual drive and then click the setup file to initiate the installer.

2. Choose your desired language and then click Next.

3. Click New COMSOL Installation to begin installing Comsol.

4. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement, then select License file from the License format drop-down menu, then Browse to and select the license file available for download on the COMSOL downloads page in myUMBC, and then click Next to proceed with the installation setup.

5. If the installer asks you to select a license number, select license number 1006192 (COMSOL Multiphysics) only and then click Next (never select any other license number).

6. Uncheck License Manager from the menu and then click Next to proceed.

7. Leave the default options selected and click Next to proceed.

8. Click Next to proceed.

9. Click Install to begin installing COMSOL. 

10. Click Close to complete your COMSOL installation.

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