This page is for configuring the the console email client Alpine to retrieve and send Cyrus mail.

Configure a remote inbox for Cyrus mail

By default Cyrus interfaces with local mail. To configure it to use your remote Cyrus inbox by default, you'll want to update some settings in the configuraton screen.

  1. Navigate to that screen by pressing (S) for Setup, then (C) for Configuration.
  2. On this screen, update the following fields:

    Personal NameYour Name
    SMTP Server (for sending)
  3. Once you've entered the Inbox Path, Alpine will prompt you to

    1. Enter the "folder on "" to use for INBOX [inbox]:" 

    2. You can either type "inbox" or just press <ENTER> to use the default (which is "inbox").
  4. Finally, type (E) to Exit Setup.

With this you can now send and receive Cyrus email, but if you want to be able to navigate your Cyrus folders, you'll need to additionally configure a Folder Collection.

Configure a folder collection for your Cyrus mail

From the Main screen

  1. Press (S) for setup

  2. Press (L) for List collections

  3. Press (A) for Add New

  4. Nickname: Cyrus

    1. It should prompt you for username, enter username.
    2. Enter password.
  5. Press (E) to Exit Setup

Now from the  Main screen, press (L) for Folder List. "Cyrus" should be listed here.

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