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Do not copy and paste text from Microsoft Word, email, or from a web browser directly into Blackboard. 

Text pasted directly from Microsoft Word or other sources can contain hidden formatting codes that may cause issues with the Blackboard course environment.  The text may appear fine when you view it; however, because the formatting is hidden, the extraneous code often causes problems with course tools. For example, wikis will no longer work when students attempt to edit a page that was originally formatted from a Word document.

Work-around: Paste the text into Notepad (PC) or Text Edit (Mac).  Then copy it from Notepad or Text Edit and paste it into Blackboard. 

 Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) will clean up the hidden code.  By default, TextEdit is set to use RTF (Rich Text Format) rather than simple text, To change this setting, one will need to open the application, navigate TextEdit > Preferences and modify the New Document tab preset configuration to use Plain text (under Format):

TextEdit Configuration

After pasting into Blackboard you can then do any formatting with the Blackboard editor.  

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