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Page: Are employees notified when their electronic time sheet is rejected? Page: Are the leave balances specified at the bottom of the electronic time sheet in real time? Page: Do 9-month faculty complete time sheets? Page: Do I have the option of combining my overtime compensation in the pay period (one form of compensation for week 1 and another form for week 2)? Page: How do I record time worked and leave usage for the same day? Page: How do I specify the method I wish to be compensated for overtime hours on an electronic time sheet? Page: How should departments handle time sheets for faculty employees going on sabbatical or research leave? Page: How will time sheet approvers know when time sheets are available for review and approval? Page: I am a Duty Day employee. Why is my preference page not populated with the default setting of Monday-Friday? Page: I am recording my Time In and Time Out for a workday. However, my time out keeps defaulting to AM. How do I change to reflect PM? Page: I edited my preferences but why do I not see my edits on my current time sheet? Page: If an approver does not approve a submitted time sheet, will the employee still receive a paycheck for that time sheet period? Page: If an employee has an On Demand time sheet, are they required to complete and submit the time sheet even if they did not work that pay period? Page: If a Time In/Time Out employee has a time sheet in a "New" status but did not work the pay period, what should the employee do? Page: If a time sheet approver approves an employee’s time sheet but realizes that the time sheet needs to be rejected, can the approver go back into the time sheet and reject the time sheet? Page: I was unable to attend the electronic timesheet user training sessions. Where can I retrieve the training materials? Page: My time sheet WorkCenter shows two time sheets in a ‘New’ status. I am trying to complete and submit the current time sheet but the program will not allow me to do so—the submission button is ‘grayed out’. How can I submit the current time sheet? Page: What does On Demand mean? Page: When should an employee submit his/her time sheet to the time sheet approver? Page: When should time sheet approvers review and approve employee time sheets? Page: Why am I unable to access the Preference Page to set up my time sheet preferences? Page: Why are Adjunct/Part-Time faculty and Graduate Assistants unable to access the Time Sheet WorkCenter? Page: Why must I submit time sheets? Page: Will a time sheet approver know which employees have not submitted their time sheet?