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ViewMe is a hybrid-cloud-based, high-definition, multi-point, video collaboration solution. ViewMe permits users to connect in a dynamic display of multiple video images, multiple simultaneously shared desktops with public and private text chat. ViewMe connects PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux to mobile devices running Android and iOS and video conferencing rooms running H.323, SIP or Cisco’s TIP telepresence.

  • Which Operating Systems does ViewMe support?
    ViewMe runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Who can use ViewMe?
    All UMBC faculty and staff can use ViewMe.
  • How do I Request a ViewMe account?
    You do not need to request an account. All UMBC faculty and staff can log into the ViewMe website using their UMBC username and password at
  • What are the costs to use ViewMe?
    There are no charges for UMBC faculty and staff to use ViewMe.

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