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Helpful Starting Commands

Bash CommandsExplanation
id <userID>list the userID, main groupID, and additional groups that the user belongs to
which <program>displays the path of the program, ex: which python
df -hshows the current usage of each filesystem and available storage (-h for "human readability")
Slurm Native CommandsExplanation

squeue -u <userID>   
squeue -t <PD | R >

squeue -p < high_mem | batch >

squeue -i < N >

shows the queued up jobs, nodes required, if running (R), and reason for pending if pending (PR)
shows jobs only for user specified
shows only specified status, R = Running, PD = Pending

shows only specified partitions

shows squeue output every N seconds

Helpful HPC Script Commands

cd /usr/admin/scripts/changes the directory to the location of all Roy's and Randy's HPC scripts. Needed every time an HPC script is to be run
sudo ./hpc_addUser <userID> <group_PI>performs an LDAP lookup of the userID in the UMBC database and creates a new student account in Taki under the specified PI group with default settings, ex: sudo ./hpc_addUser apare3 pi_boffa
sudo ./hpc_addGroup <pi_group> <general | contrib | contrib+> 

create a new group on the cluster for the given PI. (Remember to create a new user account for the PI afterwards, e.g., `hpc_addUser <user> <pi_group>`)

Groups and Group Structure

The hierarchical system of the cluster is based on groups. Each group has a main PI, or "Principle Investor" of whom oversees the research of the group and must approve new users being added to the group.

For an existing PI, adding a new member to Bright may simply require the command:

sudo hpc_scipts...TODO

Note: this a script created by Roy of which takes the parameters <userID> and <PIgroup> as agurments and runs the appropriate bash commands to:

  • Check that the specified PI account exists
  • Check that the user does not already have an account in Bright
  • Create the home directory and storage directory of the new user under the PI_group
  • Return a message signifying a successful addition

The bash commands that deal with user and group management can be viewed here:

When creating a new PI group, we can use the canned response given by the script:


Bash is the main scripting language used to write scripts that manage the cluster. The fact that Linux uses a bash shell lends itself to the power of automating these scripts. 

TODO: Breakdown of a bash script 

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