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COMING SOON for Summer 2020: Bb Annotate!

The new inline grading tools is scheduled for release to Blackboard courses on May 25-26, 2020UPDATE: Bb Annotate has been staged back for deployment — US East Cost is slated for June 3rd.

Read the myUMBC announcement about Bb Annotate or view the Getting Started with Bb Annotate webinar recording (5.15.2020) from Blackboard.

Instructors can annotate and grade student files directly within the browser. On the Grade Assignment page, supported file types open in the browser. Original formatting and embedded images are preserved. If a student has uploaded an unsupported file, you're prompted to download it.

NOTE: Assignment submissions students create with the editor aren't compatible with inline grading. Submissions of this type show in the grading screen, but the annotation tools are not available.