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Installing Adobe software from the Creative Cloud desktop app

The Creative Cloud desktop app must already be installed first before proceeding with the instructions below since it is required to install, manage, and update Adobe software. These install instructions are for UMBC owned devices only and the Adobe Creative Cloud license is only available to active UMBC employees (faculty/staff). Please be aware of the use limitations for Creative Cloud apps. File syncing to the Adobe Creative Cloud is disabled.

Install Instructions (if you experience any issues, please refer to Section B in the Adobe Creative Cloud installation troubleshooting guide).

  1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app, type in your UMBC email address and then click Continue.
  2. Click Company or School Account.
  3. When it takes you to myUMBC, type in your myUMBC credentials and then click Log In.
  4. It will automatically take you to the Apps tab showing a list of all available apps you can choose to install (optionally, you can install older versions of some apps).

Please sign in as demonstrated in steps 1 - 3 of the install instructions above. Do not sign in through Continue with Google, Continue with Facebook, or Continue with Apple as doing so will only give you access to trial versions of Adobe apps until you sign in correctly. Also make sure to use your default UMBC email address when you sign in since email aliases will likely fail the sign in process or only give you access to trial versions of apps until you sign in correctly. 

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