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Plant Accounting oversees inventory, debt management, and all aspects of capital projects. Using these DocuSign forms allows an end user to inform Asset Management whenever they are adding, disposing, transferring equipment or reporting lost or stolen property.

How to fill out this form: 

The custodian goes into DocuSign AM and chooses the type of DocuSign form: additions, dispositions, or adjustments.  Depending on their choice, particular fields will appear on the DocuSign form, which they complete, and the custodian will be prompted to attach required documentation.

  1. To begin the DocuSign/RT process click here (link to be added after go-live)
  2. Choose the appropriate selection in the Reason for Adjustment dropdown menu.
  3. Click here to check the custodian and approver name (if applicable) for a department in the custodian list. You can also find this list by looking at the useful links on the top right of the DocuSign page.
  4. After entering the names, look up the department by the department number or name. After selecting the department from the list, click the Next button.
  5. The forms will populate with the necessary fields and prompt you with required fields. There may be attachments required. The link to add attachments can be found at the bottom of the form.
  6. When complete, submit for approval.

Overall Process:

Departments are to submit all completed documents to Inventory Control through the DocuSign system, which will open a ticket in the RT system.  

The custodian submits the completed form for departmental approval, which automatically goes via workflow to the approver for electronic signature.  When approval of the DocuSign form is complete, an RT ticket automatically opens with the form and attachments to the AM queue.  

Inventory Control checks daily for new tickets. They review that the information is complete.  If the information is incomplete, Inventory Control works with the requester to get them completed. Inventory Control will update notes in RT related to these issues. The RT update will be sent to the requester automatically.  

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