The items listed in the table below summarize recent updates to Blackboard known issues database. Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all known issues, but rather ones users may experience.

Please open an RT ticket if you need additional information or support for any known issue on this list or if you think you may have encountered a new known issue.

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In Ultra Courses the Progress Tracking is not marked for Discussions automatically.

In Ultra Courses, the Progress Tracking is not marked for Discussions automatically after students submit a response to a Discussion.

Workaround: Students may mark the Discussion complete after opening the Discussion. Alternatively, the Discussion will be marked "complete" after it has been graded.



In Ultra Courses the Progress Tracking is not Marked for Web Links

In Ultra Courses, the Progress Tracking is not marked for Web Link course content. Also, the report does not show whether the user accesses it or not. It is not possible for students to mark web link items as complete.



Announcement Email gives Invalid Link Preventing Users to Access an Announcement

When trying to open an announcement by clicking the link provided in the email, the announcement does not open unless "announcement-list" is removed from the URL. 

On clicking on the View Announcement button, the announcement does not open and an error message stating "Uh-oh. We can't find that page" is displayed.

Workaround: Users may view course announcements by accessing the Blackboard course directly. Alternately, remove "announcement-list" from the URL.



The Youtube Mashup (Original) and "add from Youtube" (Ultra) may intermittently fail.

Users trying to add YouTube content with the Youtube Mashup (Original) and "add from Youtube" (Ultra) may not see any search results or an error message may appear.

Anthology Inc is working with Youtube to address this issue.




The Discussion Board Rich Editor is not Saving Changes Made by Instructors or Administrators

In the Discussion Board section when the instructor or administrator makes changes in the rich editor, they are not saved. Once they refresh the page the changes immediately disappear.




In Original courses, when Students Access an Assignment in a Learning Module the Submit Button is not Visible Unless They Zoom Out

In Original courses, when students access an assignment in a Learning Module, the submit button is not visible unless they zoom out.


Minimize the content tab on the left or zoom out. 




Time Is Up Message Appears for Ultra Exam When Student Has an Exception and Respondus Lockdown Browser is Enabled

In Ultra view mode, if the Respondus Lockdown Browser is enabled for a student with a due date  exception, the "Time is Up" message will appear incorrectly.




Peer Assignment Total Points Doubled in Overall Grade Calculation

Peer review assignments are shown as doubled in the Grade Center causing incorrect calculations for the Overall grade. For example, if the course has a possible point value of 50 points, including a peer review assignment worth 10 points, students' Overall grade calculations will reflect a point total out of a possible 60 points.




Students are Unable to Access a Previously Hidden Discussion Board

In Ultra courses, when creating a hidden Discussion Board (DB) under a hidden folder as well, once the DB's visibility is changed to Release Condition and the folder's visibility is changed to 'Visible to students', the DB column remains hidden causing issues for the students to access it.

Workaround: The discussion board may need to be recreated so that students may access it.




Uploading Gradebook Item With Edited Feedback Columns is not Reflected in the User Interface

When feedback is added or changed while working offline and then it is uploaded to an Ultra Course, the changes are not applied in User Interface (UI). Instead, they are shown in the downloaded gradebook column with feedback. 

The feedback that was manually added to the uploaded file can be seen on the latest downloaded .xls file.



In Blackboard Original courses, File Response Questions Will Not Allow File to be Attached When Test is Set to Open in a New Window

In Blackboard Original courses, when trying to attach a file to a File Response question in a test that is set to open in a new window, students are unable to attach and submit a file. There is no obvious error, the file just will not attach.

Date published: 2/7/2023

Workaround: In the "Test Information" settings, ensure that "no" is selected for "Open Test in New Window."




BB Annotate Displays Wrong File When Navigating Between Group Submissions Using the Back and Forth Arrows in Ultra Courses

When using the arrows to move back and forth between group submissions, from the grade book in an Ultra course, BB annotate shows up the same submission for all the groups making it seem that the groups all submitted the same document. But if the instructor opens individually each group's submissions then they can see the correct paper for each group.

This is only happening to Group Assignments. Bb annotate works as expected for individual assignments.

Workaround: Go back to the Gradebook and open group submissions individually, avoiding using the arrows.




Selected Text in Bb Annotate is not Highlighted From the Second Page

In Bb Annotate, when a user selects a text from the second page in PDF and Word documents to highlight, it does not get highlighted. Instead random characters are being highlighted. This is not replicable if the text format is aligned to the center, either with content selected on the first page.

Workaround: There is not an identified workaround for this issue.


Fix targeted for future release


Unable to View Ultra Assessment Submission or Download File in Bb Annotate

When a student submits an attempt to their assessment, the Bb Annotate tool does not display the document's contents and if an attempt is made to download the original file, an Access Denied error is generated.

Workaround: The current workaround is for the student to be given an exception and to resubmit the file.

Note: The fix for this issue was deployed 10/26/22. This fix does not retroactively fix previously impacted submissions. The safest and most efficient process is for the student to resubmit.




In Blackboard Original, No Option to Expand the Contents of the Newly Copied Folder to Create Item Course link

Instructors are unable to create course links to content into subfolders. The option to expand folders is missing.


Fix targeted for future release

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