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The items listed in the table below summarize recent updates to Blackboard known issues database. Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all known issues, but rather ones users may experience.

Please open an RT ticket if you need additional information or support for any known issue on this list or if you think you may have encountered a new known issue.

indicates Future Fix Will Not Fix indicates Will Not Fix Fixed indicates issue is fixed

TIP: Use the arrows in the header of a specific column to sort.

IssueDescriptionBb KBStatus
Unavailable courses produce error when accessing announcementsIf accessing a Course that is unavailable to Students, then click the Announcements link, an error is thrown.0049262Fix targeted for future release

Error message "An Error Occurred While Generating the Menu." is Received by the Students when they Click the Link of the Email Notification

Students receive a message "An error occurred while generating the menu" when they click the link of the Email Notification provided by Learn.

Workaround: If you copy the link directly from the Course and paste into a browser, it will ask for the Users credentials as expected and allow download of the file.

0049158Fix targeted for future release

SafeAssign not Generating Originality Report when Disabled Student Enrolled in a Group

If SafeAssign is being used for a Group submission and the Group contains a User who has been disabled, SafeAssign will not generate an originality report for that Group. Also, there is no record of said submission in the Submission Receipts report in Grade Center.

0048850Fix targeted for future release

Rubric Reports Occasionally Produce Blank Results

Some rubrics will generate a report with blank results.


Fix targeted for future release

Regrading Assignment with Rubrics Does Not Change Grade

When re-grading an Assignment using Rubrics, the grade does not change to the correct one.


Fix targeted for future release

Grade Center Horizontal Scroll Bar Inaccessible in Full Screen Mode

When using the full-screen option in the Grade Center, the horizontal scrollbar disappears unless the Browser's zoom is under 100%.

WorkaroundSet the Browser's Zoom to 90%.

0048832Fix targeted for future release

Courses Page Shows Your Course Has Been Hidden Tool Tip on Every Login

Each time a User logs in and accesses the Ultra Courses page they are shown the, "Your course has been hidden" tool tip. 0048791Fix targeted for future release

Students Receive Error if Test has File Response Question

If a test contains a File Response question, submitting the Test results in an error stating that the question is incomplete. 0048755Fix targeted for future release

Attachments To Assignments Inaccessible Unless Saved Before Submitting Attempt

When attaching a file for an Assignment submission, there are 2 Save buttons that need to be pressed before pressing Submit, otherwise the attachment will not show up in the attempt for the Grader. The same issue will occur even if the first Save button (for the Edit File Attributes dialog box) is clicked.0048751Fix targeted for future release

Error when Viewing Group Attempts

Attempting to view a Group Attempt produces an error:

Cannot get GroupAttempt for id:
For reference, the Error ID is xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx. 

0048746Fix targeted for future release

No Star Icon on Courses card for TA Users Enrolled in Courses

TAs do not see a star icon to add favorite on a Course card under "Courses" page.

0048737Fix targeted for future release

Last Name Column Duplicated in Grade Center

After navigating away from and back to the Grade Center, the Last Name column is duplicated.0048721Fix targeted for future release

Not on the List Error when Accessing Grade Center as Student

Student Users are not able to view grades. When navigating to the Grades, they received the error "Sorry, you're not on the list." 0048719Fixed

Add Menu list not visible with White Background

If the Course Menu Style is set to use a white background, the drop-down list for the Add Menu Item button is not readable.

Workaround: The items in the list can be read by hovering over them with the mouse.

0048711Fix targeted for future release

Access Denied when Making a Course Using Course Availability Lock Tool

When an Instructor uses the Lock button in a Course to make it Available/Unavailable, an error is thrown. 0048686Fix targeted for future release

Tests with a Large Number of Essay Questions Cause Browser Performance Issues

Tests with 80+ essay questions that display all-at-once cause Browser performance issues. The test loads slowly, scrolling is not smooth, and auto-save & spell-check are slow to trigger.

WorkaroundDisplay the questions one-at-a-time.

0048671Fix targeted for future release

Needs Attention Module Shows Incorrect Assignment Needs Grading Count

The Needs Attention module shows "Assignment Needs Grading" count inaccurately. This was a deliberate design change for Assignment Needs Grading to show a count for the total number of Assignments, not Submissions. Each individual Assignment has its own count for Submissions.0048666

Will Not Fix

Functions as Designed

New Box View not Displaying all of Documents

New Box View is not rendering complete documents when students submit assignments; they are being cutoff at the end. 0048656Fix targeted for future release

Error when Previewing Image Uploaded via Build Content

When attempting to create an Image Content Item, an error message is received if the User previews the Image then clicks Back, prior to submitting it.0048627Fix targeted for future release

Previous and Future Courses Disappear after Resizing Browser

When looking at enrolled Courses, shrinking the re-expanding the size of the Browser will cause the left/right navigation options to view previous/upcoming (respectively) Courses to disappear. However, this issue disappears if navigating away from, then back to, the Courses page.

WorkaroundIf you go to another page then go back, the Previous Upcoming Course arrows will return.

0048602Will Not Fix

Unable to Disable Delegated Grading after Eligible Grader is Enrolled in Course

If Delegated Grading is enabled for an Assignment, then another eligible grader is Enrolled in the Course, then an error is seen when attempting to disable Delegated Grading on the Assignment.0048587Fix targeted for future release
Cannot upload or attach files using Safari 11.1

Both instructors and students receive an error message when attempting to upload files using Safari.

Please review this FAQ.


Course Messages Sent from Ultra Courses are Received in Centered Format

Text is centered in email messages sent by Instructors from Course Messages in Ultra Courses.0048543Fix targeted for future release

Text with HTML Markups in Test Question Causes an Error when Student Submits Test

If text with HTML markups is pasted into the Visual Text Box Editor for a Test question, an error occurs when a Student tries to submit that Test. This issue is caused by inserting an HTML Form into a Test question.

 WorkaroundDo not insert HTML Forms (<form>) into Test questions.

0048262Fix targeted for future release

Rubric Grades Display Five Decimal Places at all Times

Rubrics are always displaying grades with 5 decimal places, even if all of the places are not needed.0048259Fix targeted for future release

File Upload and Document Conversion Timeout Speeds are Slower for Inline Grading

The New Box View service is much slower at file uploads and document conversion than the previous vendor.0047915Fix targeted for future release
Courses with long names cut off by select boxesCourses with long names cut off by select boxes. When using a select box, such as those in notification settings, courses with long names will have the ending cut off, preventing users from seeing important information.0047570Fix targeted for future release
Blank Page Item in Course Menu Access Denied for Guests

A Blank Page Item in Course Menu may give an access denied for guests. Please open an RT ticket if you experience this issue.

For Bb SysAdmin: The issue occurs when the Permit Guests option is chosen, the allow_guest_ind=Y in the course_toc (for the link) changes, but the underlying content still has allow_guest_ind=N. Contact BtBb.

0047567Fix targeted for future release
A Gray Box Appears in the Content EditorWhen you add more than 28 lines of text to the Content Editor, you will experience a gray box in the Content Editor0047558Fix targeted for future release
Grade Center Work Offline Download is Incomplete or Fails

The Work Offline feature in the Grade Center, in some cases is truncating data or failing altogether.

Workaround: Change the Grade Column primary display to Score.

0047554Fix targeted for future release
Group Sets Created with no Groups Added During Creation Throws Error While Adding Groups at a Later Date/Time

When an empty Group Set is created, and an attempt to add groups at a later time is made, an error is thrown. The received error is an 'AddgroupRefrenceError' error.

Workaround: Re/create the Group Set with at least one Group Set.

0047552Fix targeted for future release
Grade center emails sent to wrong students

When opening two tabs in a browser for two separate courses, opening the Grade Center in both Courses and sending an email to students sends them to the wrong course.

Workaround: Open only one course when sending email communication through the Grade Center.

0047548Fix targeted for future release
Past Courses Displayed in the Global Navigation Menu that User does not want to seeYou may have set your personal settings to Show only Courses visited since: 1 days, but old courses you haven't visited are still displayed in the Global Navigation Menu under the section for "My Other Courses."0047541Fix targeted for future release
Math Formulas not Displayed Properly in SafariIn Safari, Math Formulas are not aligning properly, causing a scrollbar to appear for each Formula.0047535Fix targeted for future release
Paragraph Breaks Missing if Font Changed in Content Editor

If the font is changed (or styled) in the Content Editor, paragraph breaks will not be displayed after editing.

Workaround: Use Shift+Enter (instead of just Enter) when creating content to display the desired paragraph breaks.

0047521Fix targeted for future release
Course Reports Stuck on Please Wait ScreenWhen running a Course Report, the results do not appear. The message "Please Wait" remains and the report never finishes.0047515Fix targeted for future release
Some Users are Missing when Sorting Users with the same Last Name in a Course

When sorting Users by Last Name in a Course that has multiple Users with the same Last Name, some of the Users do not show up when navigating to the Next Page.

Workaround: Use the Show All button to see all students.

0047494Fix targeted for future release
Notification Options Disappear After Changing the Settings from Bulk Edit Notification SettingsWhen setting the notification to off in Bulk Edit Notification Settings > Courses I am teaching, the notification option no longer appears when you edit notifications under Edit Individual Course Settings. This does not occur when you set a notification to off in Bulk Edit Notification Settings > Courses I am taking.0047482Fix targeted for future release
Overwriting a Content Item Attachment Fails to work if User Changes the Link Title

When editing a content item attachment to be overwritten, if the Link Title doesn't match, the file will not be saved and overwritten with the new version.

Workaround: Update the attachment without changing the Link Title. Afterwards change the Link title.

0047477Fix targeted for future release
Multiple Choice Answer Numbering does not line up with Answer TextWhen a Multiple choice Question is created and Answer Numbering is chosen, the numbers next to the Answers do not line up with the text of those Answers.
click image to enlarge
0047469Fix targeted for future release
View Grade Details Causes Error if There is no AttemptWhen attempting to View Grade Details for a student who has not yet submitted an attempt, an error is thrown:
Error Index: 0, Size: 0 For reference, the Error ID is xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. <timestamp>
0047467Fix targeted for future release
Play Button Unresponsive on Audio Embedded into Test Question Text

When an audio file is embedded into the Question Text field of a Question in a Test, the play button is unresponsive and the file cannot be played.

Workaround: Upload media files to Box and embed using advanced share features. Remember: Blackboard is not a streaming server!

0047466Fix targeted for future release
Students with Disabled Enrollments Receive Manager Role in Discussion Board Forums

If a student's enrollment is disabled in a course, s/he is given the Manager Role for the course's discussion forums. This is reverted if the enrollment is re-enabled.

Note: Students who are disabled cannot access course content or tools.

0047463Fix targeted for future release
Courses set to use Term Availability Cannot be Made Unavailable in Search ResultsCourses that set to Use Term Availability cannot be made unavailable on the Course search results page. The page will just refresh with no change.0047454Fix targeted for future release
Content Collection Issues for Some Users in Chrome

The Content Collection tab (e.g., My Bb Files) will not load in Chrome for some users. For those same users, attempting to access My Content from within a Course Content Collection will throw an error.

Not all Users are affected by this issue.


Will Not Fix

functions as designed

Group Discussion Board Created even when Discussion Tool is UnselectedWhen instructors create a group and unselect all group tools, a Discussion board is automatically created with the name of that group, even if this option is unselected.0047420Fix targeted for future release
Cannot Select Images in Content Editor using Chrome 58 or Higher

In Chrome (versions 58.0 and newer), you cannot select Images in the Content Editor by left-clicking on them.

Workaround: First right-click on the image, then left-click on the Image.

0047414Fix targeted for future release
Setting Blog Gradable After Posts Already Completed does not show Posts in Grade Center as Needs Grading

If a blog is set to be gradable after there are already posts made by students, those posts do not show up in Needs Grading.

Workaround: The Posts can still be Graded by accessing them via the the full Grade Center. Identify the column for the blog and the specific field for a student. Click the action arrow and choose Grade User Activity.

0047408Fix targeted for future release
Grade Center does not Load if NULL is Entered as Column Name

If a Grade Center Column Name is manually entered as "NULL", the Grade Center will not load and continuously displays "Loading Grade Center....".

Workaround: Navigate to Manage > Column Organization and Hide the Column.

0047406Fix targeted for future release
When a Course Link is Edited it Moves to the Bottom of the Content Listed

After editing & saving an existing course link, the link will drop to the bottom of the content item list.

Workaround: Move the course link back to its proper place after editing and saving.

0047376Fix targeted for future release
Math Editor Images do not Display Correctly in Discussion BoardMath Editor images in the Content Editor do not display correctly in discussion boards if they were created in an earlier version of Blackboard.0047354Fix targeted for future release
Create Rubric Window not Displaying Rubric Detail Menu if Window is not Expanded

When creating a new (or editing an existing) rubric from within an assignment, the toolbar to add a row or column is missing.

Workaround: Expand the size of the Create Rubric window and the Toolbar will appear.

0047349Fix targeted for future release
Cannot Click Radio Button to Select Answer on Assessment

Students cannot select certain answers for an Assessment. When clicking the radio button, nothing happens.

Workaround: When attempting to answer the question, click to the right of the radio button (typically about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch to the right of the radio button) until it works.

0047337Fix targeted for future release
Paragraph Tags are Incorrect When Text is Copied From Notepad into the Content Editor Using Chrome

Create multiple paragraphs of content in a text editor (e.g., Notepad). When the text is copied into the Bb Content Editor using Google Chrome, the result is one paragraph instead of several separated by line returns.

Workaround: Manually correct the text in the Content Editor.

0047320Fix targeted for future release
Discussion Board Content Items Change Order After EditingAfter editing and re-saving the description of a Discussion Board in a content folder, the item moves to the bottom of the page, forcing reorganization of the order after each edit.0047312Fix targeted for future release
Collaborate Ultra Recordings not Copying over to New or Existing Courses

Bb Collaborate Ultra recordings in a source Course do not make it into the Destination Course (whether new or existing) when a Course Copy process is finished.

Workaround: Create a content item link that points to the desired Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording(s).

0047310Fix targeted for future release
Course Menu Disappears if Browser Window or Monitor Display Has Reduced Resolution

When the browser window becomes too small, the pull-out tab to show or hide the course menu may not be visible on the left as expected. Users must scroll to the right to see it.

Workaround: A fix has been applied to address this issue.

0047306Fix targeted for future release
Adaptive Release Grade Column Settings do not Remain if Grade Section is ChangedWhen editing the Adaptive Release grade options in a previously set up item, the Grade Center column information is cleared to 'None' with no indication to the user.0047303Fix targeted for future release
Error Message Displays when Student Attempts to Edit and Save a WikiWhen a student attempts to edit and save a Wiki, an error message occurs.0047301Fix targeted for future release
Embed Video HTML is Removed When Submitting a Content Item Using Firefox

Embedding a video using a URL in the Content Editor of a content item does not work on some Browser and Operating System combinations; the HTML used to embed the video is removed from the Content Editor when editing the item after the embed attempt.

The following OS/Browser combinations have been confirmed to exhibit this issue:
Windows 7 & Windows10 / Firefox (54.0.1) Windows 10 / IE11 (11.1480.14393.0) Mac 10.12.6 / Firefox (54.0.1)Workaround: Use an unaffected browser.

0047257Fix targeted for future release
Announcements Don't Display while Date Management Process is in ProgressAnnouncements that have been posted to Courses are not appearing as expected. Students are receiving the emails, but the content is not appearing through the Announcements tool. An error message may read "Date Management process is currently in progress for course COURSE NAME. Please wait until it is complete."0047251Fix targeted for future release
Content Inserted into Mashup in Discussion is Scrubbed for StudentWhen an Instructor adds content as a mashup in a discussion, it works correctly. When a Student does so, it fails. The HTML for the Instructor is complete while the Student's is being scrubbed and does not contain the necessary HTML to launch the video.0047245Fix targeted for future release
Unable to Submit Assignment on Chromebook due to Error Saying no File ChosenStudents are not able to submit Assignments with Chromebooks. When submitting the Assignment, the file does not upload, and a message is displayed: "No File Chosen."
The issue cannot be replicated on anything other than a Chromebook.
0047242Will Not Fix
Pressing Enter does not Create a Line Break between Two Characters Styled Together in the Content Editor

In the Content Editor, pressing Enter to create line breaks between two characters that were selected and styled together does not function properly. The Content Editor only creates paragraph tags. The result is only one space no matter how it is formatted in the edit window.

Workaround: Utilize the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ENTER to force the VTBE to create a break tag (<br>).

0047207Fix targeted for future release

Question is Added to the Wrong Position on the Test Canvas when Building a Test

When building a Test and moving a question up in order, a new question is added to the bottom of the list (instead of after the moved question) when attempting to add the question in between.

0047196Fix targeted for future release
Content Editor Scrolling Sensitivity Causes IssuesWhen working with more than a screenful of text in the Content Editor, if text is selected in the middle or at the bottom the text can rapidly scroll upwards or downwards causing difficulty in editing.0047154Fix targeted for future release
Users with a Custom System Role are Unable to Perform Course CopiesUsers with a Custom System Role are unable to perform Course copies. They will receive a Java Runtime Exception error.0047153Fix targeted for future release
HTML Code is Changing when Content Item Name is ChangedIf you edit the Name of a content item that contains embedded HTML code, such as YouTube or Vimeo video, the video will disappear because the HTML was altered from its original form.0047120Fix targeted for future release
Almost all Actions in the Export Course > Manage Package Contents Window Generates a java.lang.NullPointerException ErrorA NullPointerException error may be generated when attempting to use different actions (e.g., sorting by size or file name) to Manage Package Contents window when using Export Package in a course. The only unaffected actions are opening a file or a folder.0047115Fix targeted for future release
Web Links with an Apostrophe in the Name do not load

When accessing a Web Link that contains an apostrophe in its name (e.g., "UMBC's Homepage) and set to open in the same window, the page does not load with the external link.

Workaround: Remove the apostrophe in the name AND select the 'Open in New Window' option to allow the page to load with the external link.

0047060Fix targeted for future release
Reloading Discussion Board or Forum after Submitting a new Post Generates "Failed to Save" Error MessageReloading the page after submitting a reply to a Discussion Board or Forum post produces a "Failed to Save Message" error. However, the reply is still created.0047018Fix targeted for future release
Embedded Flash Videos Do Not Display in SaaSEmbedded flash videos will not display when added in Course Content items, Wikis, and Assignments. They display without issue in preview mode within the text editor.
Workaround: Please use UMBC Box to host and embed multimedia references.
0046998Fix targeted for future release

Announcements Linked to Unavailable Content are not Visible to Instructors Until the Content is Visible

When an Announcement includes a Course link to an unavailable content Item – for example, something controlled by adaptive release, that Announcement becomes completely hidden until the content is made visible.0046125Fixed

Course Name Link in Breadcrumb has Unwanted HTML Title Attribute Showing

Unwanted HTML code is displayed in tool tip when the user mouses over the course name in the breadcrumb trail (ex. "<span class="courseName">Course Name</span> <span class="courseId">courseID</span>")0046118Fix targeted for future release
Submissions that are DOCX File Type that Contain Images do not Display in Crocodoc ViewerWhen an assignment is submitted as a .DOCX file type that contains images, the images are not converted in Crocodoc and the Inline Viewer does not display the assignment.0046079Fix targeted for future release
Rubrics Used to Grade Attempts are Missing Selection CriteriaWhile using a Rubric during the grading process not all entered data is saved/recorded. The grade score value may be saved but the individualized feedback (column/row) may be lost.0045997Fix targeted for future release
My Grades not Displaying in Global Navigation when All Courses is SelectedSome users are reporting that they cannot access their grades from the Global Navigation menu. When clicking on My Grades, the default filter is "All Courses". When "All Courses" is selected it states "No grades are available yet...". If you click on "Last Graded" all grades are displayed.0043739Fix targeted for future release
Rubric Criteria Values not Maintained After EditBb will revert a point-range rubric from 3-decimal places to 2-decimal places if the rubric is edited after creating. The total weight will show as 99.99 and the rubric itself cannot be re-saved.0043570Fix targeted for future release
Possible Points Calculation Incorrect in Weighted Columns by Category

The Points Possible of a Weighted Column appear to be incorrectly calculated when using a Category that has more than one Column assigned to it.

This is a misunderstanding about how Equal Weighting works in contrast to Proportional Weighting. See Bb's documentation.


Will Not Fix

functions as designed


Email Notifications are not Received for Announcements Edited After a Course CopyStudents do not receive email notifications for announcements when instructors add date restrictions for those announcements if they were copied from another course.0041739Fix targeted for future release
Opening Test in a New Window Displaces Question Progress BarWhen creating a Test that is set to ‘Open test in a new window,’ the Test timer/question completion status bar does not display appropriately. The bar displays on the right hand side of the screen and stays in the middle of the screen while scrolling.

Workaround: Display questions One at a time instead of All at once.
0041581Fix targeted for future release
Rubric Criteria Reorder Panel Loads Below RubricWhen creating or editing a Rubric, clicking the Criteria button opens the Reorder Rubric Criteria panel to allow reorganization of the Rubric Criteria. The Reorder Panel loads at the top of the Rubric table and easily visible in older versions of Learn. In recent versions, the Reorder Panel loads below the Rubric table. In this placement, most Users need to scroll vertically in order to see that the Reorder Panel is available.0038839Fix targeted for future release
Back to Course Button does not Close the Test Window when Test is set to Launch in a New WindowWhen a test is set to launch in a new window, the "Back to Course" button does not close the test window. Instead, the course content is displayed, but the top tab frame is missing.0034957Fix targeted for future release





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