Linking a Box directory (folder) through Blackboard allows one to synchronize content through Blackboard in real time (e.g., for updating lecture notes on the fly)

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Sharing a Box directory

  1. Log in to your UMBC Box account by selecting Box from the grid drop-down menu on your myUMBC home page.

  2. From within one’s Box account, click on the New button pull-down and select Folder.

  3. Title the folder in the Folder Name field.

  4. In the Invite People field, paste in the collaborator (UMBC) email addresses into the Names or email addresses field (comma separated). These email addresses should be those of your course participants.

  5. Choose the appropriate level of access for your sharing needs.

    1. Tip: Hover over the i beside the words Learn More for a pop-up list of privileges.

  6. Click Create (The directory is now created).

  7. Click on the three dots (...) to the right of the directory name, pick More Options from the drop-down menu, and select Sync.

  8. Click Share beside the newly created directory.

  9. The default access level for your folder is Shared with People in your company (that is, anyone at UMBC can access your folder using the generated link). Clicking on the current access level and selecting People in this folder will restrict the list to the collaborators you’ve invited.

    1. Tip: You also have the option to Set Custom URL and Set Expiration Date

  10. Copy the link for the configured directory from the Shared Link field. You can copy the link by clicking on the Copy button.

Linking the Directory through Blackboard

  1. Open the desired area of Blackboard and embed the link.

    1. Example:

      1. From a Content area (e.g., Course Documents), select Build Content > Web Link.

      2. Provide a Name for your directory (it can be the same as its name in Box).

      3. Paste the URL into the URL field (you can paste by right-clicking in the field and selecting Paste from the menu that appears).

      4. Click Submit.

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