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MATLAB handles a range of computing tasks in engineering and science, from data acquisition and analysis to application development. The MATLAB environment integrates mathematical computing, visualization, and a powerful technical language. Built-in interfaces let you quickly access and import data from instruments, files, and external databases and programs. In addition, MATLAB lets you integrate external routines written in C, C++, Fortran, and Java with your MATLAB applications.

MATLAB software is export controlled under 5D992.c as mass market encryption. This category allows for taking it out of or using it outside the US with No License Required (NLR) except to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Sudan. UMBC students from these countries can have access as long as the software is not accompanied by production, development and use technical data. If you have any questions, please visit UMBC Export Control web site, or contact UMBC's Export Control Office at 410-455-5642 or

EligibilityFaculty and Staff for academic use

Latest Release

System Requirements

The system requirements for the latest MATLAB release is available here. System requirements for previous MATLAB releases are here.

License Type & Licensed Components

This is a centrally managed and stand-alone license type.

MATLAB Licensed Components

Installation Instructions

You can obtain the license key by clicking here. Installation instructions can be found below depending on the type of installation needed:

  • For a faculty/staff/student machine, please follow the MATLAB stand-alone install instructions.
  • If you are installing MATLAB on a UMBC-owned machine that stays on campus (like a desktop computer or departmental lab computer), please follow the MATLAB Lab install instructions.
  • If you are reactivating an expired MATLAB, please follow the Reactivating MATLAB instructions.

UMBC CIRC Software Workshops: Basic MATLAB Programming

UMBC CIRC Software Workshops: Advanced MATLAB Programming

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License Key:

Download Software:

  • MATLAB Website

    Platform: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Campus Multi-user Unix Systems


  1. Where can I find the installation key for MatLab?

  2. In case someone else is looking for the installation key, it's located here, along with the downloads:


  3. Unknown User (jon4)

    Any chance we can get Matlab 2014a which was released two months ago?