MATLAB install instructions

This license is for active UMBC faculty, staff, and students and is intended to be used only for academic/course work and not for commercial purposes. According to the MathWorks Community Help file MATLAB can be installed on up to three machines, but only run on one at a time. Upon leaving the university, you must cease using the license and remove the installation from your personal non-UMBC owned computer.

  1. Sign in to myUMBC and then click here
    • If you don't have a UMBC MathWorks account: Click Sign In. In the new page that opens, just below the email text box, click Create one! and then proceed to step 2.
    • If you already have a UMBC MathWorks account: Click Sign In and type in your credentials. Once you are signed in, proceed directly to step 6. 
  2. Type in your UMBC email address and fill in all the requested information that is displayed on the page. Click Create when you are finished.
  3. MathWorks will ask you to verify the UMBC email address you provided in step 2. Follow the directions that are displayed on the page to verify the email address.
  4. Fill in the required information that is displayed on the page and click Create when you are finished. In the School/University section, type in University of Maryland Baltimore County. For Associate Your Account to a License, type in the appropriate faculty/staff or student stand-alone Activation Key.
  5. Click Downloads application.
  6. Download the MATLAB installer. After downloading the installer, click on it to run it. 
  7. Enter the credentials for your UMBC MathWorks Account, click Sign In, and select Yes to accept the license agreement and then click Next to continue the setup.
  8. Select the appropriate license, click Next, and follow the remaining onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

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