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Reasons for Form:

To declare, change, or update the major(s), minor(s) and certificate(s) you are completing at UMBC. This form updates the information on your transcript and your degree audit and allows you to be assigned to appropriate academic advising resources.

Special Note:

  • Advisor's signature is required if you're declaring any of these majors: Acting, Africana Studies, Business Technology Administration, Computer Science, Design, Education, All Engineering Majors, Pre-Engineering programs, Health Administration & Policy Program, Information Systems, Individualized Study Program, Music, Translational Life Science Technology, Visual Arts


The webform is accessed by a student who is looking to update their major, minor, or certifications.

They will answer and select from the following questions and dropdown lists.

Fill out the advisors that are required for that major that are planning on taking or removing.

The form will then be reviewed and signed by the advisor(s) if needed.

The Registrar's Office will then review the final completed document.

Resources needed to fill out the form: 

Student Campus ID

Advisor Name and Email

Major Degree (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts)

How to fill out the form:

The webform is accessed by the Student where they will then fill out the required data on the web form.

Once the web form is completed they will be sent to the document where they will be required to complete the rest of the information needed as well as provide comments if necessary.  

Advisor(s) will review the students major, minor, or certification decisions and sign.

Finally, the registrar's office will review the completed form and update the student's degree.

Additional Info.

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