MATLAB install instructions

This license is for active UMBC faculty, staff, and students and is intended to be used only for academic/course work and not for commercial purposes. NOTE: MATLAB activation keys are no longer required to install or renew stand-alone MATLAB installations. For MATLAB installation and licensing issues, please submit an RT ticket to receive assistance.

  1. Sign in to myUMBC and then click here to sign in to your UMBC MathWorks account. 
  2. To download MATLAB, in the My Software page of your UMBC MathWorks account, click the down arrow next to the MATLAB license that is listed.
  3. Download the MATLAB installer. After downloading the installer, click on it to run it. 
  4. Enter the credentials for your UMBC MathWorks Account, click Sign In, and select Yes to accept the license agreement and then click Next to continue the setup.
  5. Select the appropriate license, click Next, and follow the remaining onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

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