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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is continuously improved with new features, enhancements, tweaks, and fixes released regularly. All Release Notes are posted on Blackboard's support site with highlights gathered here:

April 2021

  • Moderators can see up to 25 videos at a time in Gallery view
  • Whiteboard editing tools are easier to see. 

  • The Clear whiteboard tool is now a trash can to better represent that the tool clears the entire whiteboard and not just a selected element. To delete just one thing off the whiteboard, select the item and press Delete on your keyboard.
  • The Remove attendee option is now the last option in the Attendee controls menu. The option is now also red to make it easier to see.

March 2020

  • Collaborate Support chatbot is now also available on some error pages, as well as on the Report an Issue panel.
  • By default, sessions that last longer than 12 hours are disconnected. While sessions can be scheduled for any length of time including no end date, the system assumes that staying in the session for more than 8 hours is unintended and disconnects the user from the room. Attendees can rejoin the session, if needed.

January 2021

  • Collab attendees can get support troubleshooting common issues while still in their session. With the new access to support, attendees can troubleshoot first and contact their institution administrator for support after, if they still need. You can find the new Chat Support feature at the end of the My Settings panel.
  • Moderators and session owners will know at-a-glance if a recording is locked or public. Locked means only course members can view the video. Anyone not enrolled in a course can't view the video even with a link. Public means anyone with a link can view the recording.

December 2020

  • Chat mentions
  • Message formatting

October 2020

  • Updates to the library of words removed by the profanity filter now include English, Spanish, and French.
  • Check if a recording is still processing or ready to watch from the Recordings page

September 2020

  • Collaborate reminds moderators to start recording the session before they begin. As soon as moderators join the session, Collaborate presents a recording reminder. The reminder is visible until the moderator starts the recording or closes the reminder.
  • Private recording links

August 2020

  • Chat profanity filter

June 2020

  • Download poll results 
  • Share document camera
  • Instructor access to download recordings without enabling participant access
  • Whiteboard improvements: Easier to select and rotate items

April 2020 

  • Supersize webinar to 500 people

October 2019

  • Share video in Chrome tab
  • New & improved emoji support

August 2019

  • Additional browser pop-up notifications

July 2019

  • Share files with breakout groups

June 2019

  • Inactivity reminder / disconnect

April 2019

  • Custom polling questions
  • Network connectivity indicators

March 2019

  • Native WebRTC-based support for users in Safari 11/12 & Microsoft Edge
    • Native WebRTC-based support for Safari in iOS 11/12 in BETA.
  • END OF SUPPORT FOR FLASH (IE 11 & Safari 10)

February 2019

  • Track attendance & push data to Bb Attendance tool

November 2018

  • Upload captions (*srt) to recordings
  • See when someone is typing in chat

October 2018

August 2018

  • Session timer

July 2018

April 2018

  • Export session attendance reports as a CSV file

February 2018

  • Phone only-dial in (users will be anonymous)
  • Edit recording names
  • Application sharing bandwidth improvements
  • Single menu for settings, feedback, status

January 2018

  • File conversion improvements to support screen readers & accessibility.

December 2017

  • Maintenance fixes for infrastructure improvements.

November 2017

  • Updates were postponed

October 2017

  • Renamed Participants to Attendees.
  • Audio via phone does not require continued use of web browser after initial login for phone/PIN sync.
  • Private chat is available to all Attendees (except phone) by default.
  • Moderators can limit private chat via Session Settings.

September 2017

August 2017

  • Private chat tutorial
  • Improvements to chat & breakout groups

July 2017

  • Mobile app
  • Private chat
  • Session support for up to 500 participants

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