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Stand-alone installations:

Stand-alone installations of MATLAB will need to be reactivated with your UMBC MathWorks account once per year (created in steps 1- 4 in the stand-alone installation instructions). To reactivate a stand-alone install of MATLAB, please follow the instructions below (NOTE: If the license has already expired, skip step 2 and then proceed directly to step 3):

1. Open MATLAB.

2. Go to the Help Menu and then select Licensing.

3. Click on Activate Software.

4. Select Activate using Internet.

5. Restart MATLAB for it to recognize the updated license.

Network license installations:

Network license installations of MATLAB automatically remain active via our central license server. If you receive licensing related errors on your network license installation of MATLAB, please make sure you are either connected to the campus network or the UMBC VPN.