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 A new report, "Courses by DFW Rate & Avg Grade", has been published in REX.  The "DFW" rate, is the percentage of grades of D, F or W.  The "Average Grade" is the average of the numerical grade values for grades A-F (4-0).  This report lists courses and sections for a particular term, sorted by the DFW rate, or other criteria such as average grade.

What questions can you answer with this report?

  • What are some courses that have potential for course redesign?
  • What are some courses that may be impacting student retention?
  • How are students faring in our largest classes?

Parameters can be set at the top of the report to change the selection criteria or the output.  The selected parameters will be shown in the report header.

TERM- Limit the selection to one of the terms in the past 5 years.  It defaults to the latest Fall/Spring term for which grades have been given.

COURSE CAREER - Limit the selection to courses, not the student, at the undergraduate, graduate or continuing education level.  Default is undergraduate courses.

SUBJECT - Limit the selection to a single subject, but the default is all subjects.

CRS LEVEL - Limit the selection to a single or multiple course levels, but the default is all levels.  For example, show only 100 level courses (be sure Course Career is undergrad).

GENDER - Limit selection to grades of only one gender, but default is all genders.

ETHNICITY - Limit the selection to a single or multiple ethnicities, but the default is all.

MIN GRADE COUNT - Limit the selection to only courses with the number of grades over a certain threshold.  The default is 1, thus all courses.

SORT COURSES BY - Determine in what order the courses will be listed.  They can be listed from highest to lowest, or lowest to highest, based on the selected criteria. 

DFW Rate - The number of D, F and W grades divided by the number of grades given for a course.  This allows for the selection to be for the courses with the highest rate of DFW.

Grades Given - The number of grades given, which will only match enrollment if everyone is given a grade.  This allows for analysis of the largest or smallest courses.


DFW # - The actual number of DFW grades given.  This allows for the identification of courses which give a high or low number of D, F and W grades.

 Average Grade - The average of the numerical value of grades, similar to a GPA for a course.

 LIMIT TO TOP - Show only the selected number of courses.  The default is to show the Top 100.  Note that all the courses can be shown, but would require 18 pages.  So it may be better to limit to a small number and choose a specific sort order, or change the selection criteria if looking for a particular set of data.

 The output of the report shows the courses and the + can be used to expand to show the underlying sections.  Cross-listed, or combined sections, will show only under one course, but all cross-listed sections will be shown independently when expanded to show the sections.  By hovering the mouse over the course number, you will be able to see the name of the course.  Hovering over the section will show the instructor name.  It then shows the number of sections underlying each course, and at the course level, the overall DFW % rate for the course, as well as the number of grades given, the number of DFW grades and the average of the A-F grades.  The top of output shows the overall DFW rate and average grade for all the courses that met the selection criteria.

 The following is an example of a bullet graph used to show average grade.  It is reads the same way when applied to the DFW rate.

 The top line shows the average grade for the full selection as a dark grey bar on the scale of 0-4.  The next two lines, with the red horizontal bars, are the average grades at the course level.  The grey vertical bar on the graph is the overall average (from the first line), allowing for easier comparison of the course average with the overall average.  The graphs with the blue horizontal bars are the expanded sections related to the course with the 1.56 average grade.  The vertical bar for the section is colored red to match the average grade for the course.  This allows for the comparison of the section rate with the course rate.  The graph for the DFW rate works the same way, with the vertical bar showing the average from the level above and the horizontal bar showing the actual course or section average.  In that case, the scale is from 0-50% to allow for more visual distinction at the smaller numbers.

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