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DescriptionThe SAS System is an integrated suite of software for enterprise-wide information delivery. The functionality of the system is built around the four data-driven tasks common to virtually any application -- data access, data management, data analysis and data presentation. Applications of the SAS System include executive information systems; data entry, retrieval, and management; report writing and graphics; statistical and mathematical analysis; business planning, forecasting, and decision support; operations research and project management; statistical quality improvement; computer performance evaluation; and applications development.
EligibilityAvailable to all members of the campus community.
VersionSAS 9.4 
System Requirements

SAS System Requirements

License Type  

This is a stand-alone license type (SAS Licensed Components)

Installation Instructions

SAS 9.4 Windows install instructions

TutorialsUMBC CIRC Software Workshops: SAS Enterprise Guide
Renew an expired license

How do I renew the license on my SAS Software?

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Download Here: SAS

Platforms: Windows, Linux