IBM discontinued 32-bit versions of SPSS after SPSS 26.

DescriptionSPSS empowers you to reach the in-depth answers that come only from using advanced analytical techniques. Get the information you need with data access, data preparation, analytical reporting, segmentation and predictive modeling. Leverage your data and knowledge using SPSS -- and ensure you get better analysis through prediction.

Faculty/Staff and Students for academic use on both UMBC-owned computers and personal computers.

System RequirementsPerform a search for your desired version of SPSS here to find the appropriate system requirements.
License Type & Licensed Components

This is a centrally managed and stand-alone license type.

SPSS Licensed Components

Install Instructions

SPSS install instructions

Renew expired licenseHow to renew an expired SPSS license

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SPSS for Faculty/Staff

SPSS for Students

Platform: Windows, Mac