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Summer2020 evaluation window:

Summer 2020 Student Course Evaluations will run from:

Summer Sessions:

Session 1 – 4 week, June 15 through June 19

Session 1 - 6 week, June 29 through July 3 

Session 1 - 8 week, July 13 through July 17

Session 1 - 12 week, August 10 through August 14


Session 2 - 4 week, July 27 through July 31

Session 2 - 6 week, August 10 through August 14

  • Online evaluations can be completed on any device (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Surveys can be accessed via the email link, via a BlackBoard building block link, and a “Student Course Evaluations” link on myUMBC on the survey launch date.
  • Both students and instructors use their myUMBC credentials to login to their "profiles."
  • Once logged in, students see a list of their enrolled courses for which they can complete a survey.
  • Instructors can monitor response rates live as they occur.  

All surveys will close at 11:59pm on last day of the survey window. Per faculty handbook policy, survey responses will be available online only after all campus grades have been posted. Electronic Direct Instructor Feedback Forms (DIFFs) will be visible only to the instructor and will also be available to the instructors for download after all campus grades are posted. Please download and save a copy for your records.

DIFF's are only available in BLUE and are removed by the end of the next Fall or Spring semester’s evaluation period. For example: 

  • Spring, prior Fall and Winter semester DIFF's will be removed.
  • Fall, prior Spring and Summer semester DIFF's will be removed.

For more information about the Student Course Evaluation Survey, please visit the Institutional Research, Analysis & Decision Support (IRADS) website.

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UMBC is using the eXplorance Blue system for Student Course Evaluations:


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