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Winter 2020 evaluation window:

January 20, 2020 - January 24, 2020

Reports will be published after the Registrar has processed and posted all grades for students. Instructors will receive an email link to access the SCE data for their courses.

DIFF's are only available in BLUE and are removed by the end of the next Fall or Spring semester’s evaluation window. Be sure to download your DIFF's and save a copy because they will no longer be available once the next evaluation window begins.


  • Spring, prior Fall and Winter semester DIFFs will be removed.
  • Fall, prior Spring and Summer semester DIFFs will be removed

For more information about the Student Course Evaluation Survey, please visit the Institutional Research, Analysis & Decision Support (IRADS) website.

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UMBC is using the eXplorance Blue system for Student Course Evaluations:


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