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Hiding Column Does Not Hide Grades from Students

Selecting Hide Column from the contextual menu only makes the grade column invisible to those who can edit the Grade Center, not to the students. If you wish to make a grade column unavailable to students in the My Grades tool either choose Show/Hide to Users from the contextual menu or:

  1. Select Edit Column Information from the column heading's contextual menu
  2. In the Options area Edit Column page, select No for Show the Column to Students
  3. Click Submit

Making an Assignment Grade Column Unavailable to Students Does Not Make Their Scores Unavailable

If the grade is for a Blackboard Assignment, even selecting No for Show the Column to Students will not prevent the student from seeing the number of points earned when they view the Assignment page itself. Either make the Assignment unavailable or create a separate column to enter grades for said Assignment.

Hiding a Student Does Not Make the My Grades Unavailable to That Student

Selecting Hide User from the contextual menu next to a student's name only makes the user invisible to those who can edit the Grade Center.  My Grades cannot be made unavailable on a user-by-user basis, only course-wide.

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