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UMBC has announced it will now support transcription or closed captioning to improve equal access to the screencast resources faculty develop. Once faculty have submitted their recordings through TechSmith Relay and the video has successfully uploaded into Box, faculty will need to share the video with "People with the link" and then complete this form. One may submit up to 4 video URLS at a time via the RT form.

Note: DoIT will only provide captions/transcriptions for videos < 15 minutes.

Completed transcripts will be available as PDF attachments to the RT ticket when resolved and can be downloaded from the RT thread. Please be aware that DoIT is unable to support transcription or closed captioning for materials that are not the intellectual property of the faculty requesting the service. Please also understand that closed captioning requires additional post production steps. During the initial pilot DoIT will be embedding the captions. After this initial implementation, faculty and staff who request closed captions are responsible for embedding the SRT file. Detailed directions for this process using YouTube are available from their help page. This screencast illustrates how to burn the subtitles into a video using Adobe Premier.

The naming convention for files will be username_abridgedfilename_RT#_term (where "term" = FA2016, etc.)


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