VoiceThread is a collaborative, asynchronous tool that acts like a video conference over time (not at the same time) or a discussion board that allows you to hear and see others, not just read what they write. All participants can navigate at their own pace and leave comments about any added content (e.g., images, documents, and videos) via microphone, webcam, telephone, text or even another uploaded file. Users can annotate on the screen while commenting, and pick which comments are shown through moderation. VoiceThreads can even be embedded to show and receive comments on other websites and exported to MP3 players or DVDs to play as archival movies. 

With VoiceThread, faculty and students can:

  • Demonstrate procedures to help students prepare for a practical exam.
  • Explain decisions when selecting subjects for a painting’s composition.
  • Flip a classroom experience to support multiple learning styles.
  • Foster greater community in large, lecture-based classes. 
  • Interpret linear composition of a painting or note other elements.
  • Debate the pros and cons of a controversial issue.
  • Practice foreign language skills during role-play.
  • Report on field experiences to a national park.
  • Critique a classmate’s composition.

Getting Started with VoiceThread:

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Troubleshooting and System Requirements

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Did you know?

You can easily return to this site by going to umbc.edu/go/voicethread-faq.

System Requirements

VoiceThread will work in any modern web browser and on almost any internet connection.

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