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UMBC supports Webex video and audio conferencing giving all faculty, staff and students accounts to host virtual meetings. Any UMBC account holder can schedule meetings and make use of the many advanced tools within the program to share their screen, and collaborate with members of our community. Having an account allows UMBC community to schedule and host meetings but participants may also be external to campus.

UMBC's Webex agreement allows for every individual meeting to have up to 500 participants.

Everyone also has their own personal Webex room (e.g.,<username>) with an easy to copy and remember name and a phone number and access code that can be used for audio only conferences as well. To make scheduling easier we have integrated Webex with our Google calendar system. Webex is also available via the myUMBC "Apps" menu.

If you have any problems or questions about Webex, please go to and submit an RT ticket and we will be happy to assist you in setup, or in training you or your teams so that you can take full advantage of this service.  


For the best experience, DoIT Recommends accessing Webex through Google Calendar or the Webex app.

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