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Webex Teams is an application that ties to UMBC's campus Webex account and everyone in the UMBC community already has access this software.

The Webex Teams app is a collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere. With the Webex Teams app, you create secure virtual work spaces to simplify day-to-day interactions with messaging, file sharing, calling, video meetings with screen-sharing and digital whiteboards all from a single application.

With Webex Teams users can:

  • Schedule, host or join Webex meetings using their UMBC Webex accounts.
  • Create Spaces for collaboration.
  • Chat with teammates or other users on campus similar to Google Hangouts or Slack.
  • Make or receive phone calls on their UMBC extension.
  • View meetings scheduled on their Google Calendar.

Webex Teams 101

  • Ways to connect:
    • For Windows or macOS - download the Webex Teams app here.
    • For Apple or Android mobile devices - download the Webex Teams app from your App store.
    • All other platforms - through web browser at
  • Spaces: A space is a secure, digital workspace equipped with video meetings, messaging, calling, file-sharing, and white boarding. All of your work takes place within spaces. There are two types of spaces, personal spaces and group spaces. There are also Teams which contain spaces.

  • Teams: Teams allow you to create multiple spaces under a common theme. If you find that you begin to create many spaces with the same people in those spaces – it may be time to create a team. Teams are usually created for one of two reasons: you have grown out of space or you have a specific communication structure in mind for a large project or group. An example of a team might be - a group will be working on a project for a long period and there are different activities or sub projects that will be conducive to different spaces.

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