Interface Options

You can control certain aspects of your desktop using the menu bar at the top of your eLumin desktop instance. From right to left as marked on the below screen-cap, you can:

  • Log-Off the desktop from the Profile menu.
  • Launch the desktop into fullscreen mode (press ESC to exit).
  • Adjust the settings on your virtual desktop connection (including mounting your local microphone).
  • Copy and paste content from your local computer into/from the desktop.
  • Mount and access UMBC provisioned cloud storage, including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Printing to Your Local Printer from the Virtual Desktop

1) Open the Print utility within the application you need to print from.

2) In the Print Dialogue window that appears, select DCV Printer as the destination printer and click Print to proceed.

3) The document you printed will then appear in a new tab in your local web browser. From here you can print directly to printers available on your local device.

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