A paid internship at The Erickson School would offer an ISD graduate student the opportunity to observe/practice the "delivery" element of ADDIE and further develop confidence, technical skills and expertise as an ISD practitioner in both synchronous and asynchronous online course delivery.

The Erickson School is looking for a intern who can perform the following for 1 - 3 courses:
  • monitor the online discussion board for technical problem areas/concerns
  • graph/chart DB responses to identify, measure, and evaluate distribution 
  • respond to students' "other" technical questions and concerns
  • monitor and run synchronous sessions with guest speakers
  • assist in pre-course set-up in Blackboard 

Interested Applicants should send their resume to Melissa Roane, The Erickson School Director of Innovative Learning Solutions at  melissar@umbc.edu

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