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Page: 10-11-11 LIMS Meeting Notes
Reports and Announcements ASTG Gathering feedback from the forum GIST discussion ASTG has been asked to possibly work with RSTG to look at GIST GIST training has moved over to ILLiad Atlas people UMBC will move ahead with investigating GIST for possible i
Page: 2.10 Library Web Group Policy & Function Statement
Page: 2007 Minutes and Agendas
January January 31st Agenda February February 22nd Agenda February 22nd Minutes March March 14th Agenda March 14th Minutes April April 12th Agenda April 12th Minutes May May 9th Agenda May 9th Minutes June July July 10th Agenda July 10th Minutes August Se
Page: 2008 Minutes and Agendas
Januray February March March 3rd Agenda April April 2nd Agenda April 2nd Minutes May June June 3rd Agenda June 3rd Minutes June 17th Agenda June 17th Minutes July July 2nd Agenda July 2nd Minutes July 16th Agenda July 16th Minutes August September Septemb
Page: 2009 Minutes and Agendas
January January 5th Special Furlough Meeting Minutes January 7th Agenda January 7th Minutes January 28th Agenda January 28th Minutes February February 9th Agenda February 9th Minutes February 26th Agenda February 26th Minutes March March 3rd Agenda March
Page: 2010 Minutes and Agendas
January January 26th Agenda January 26th Minutes February February 24th Agenda February 24th Minutes March March 9th Agenda March 9th Minutes April April 6th Agenda April 6th Minutes April 20th Agenda April 20th Minutes May May 4th Agenda May 4th Minutes
Page: 2011 Minutes
January January 4th Meeting Minutes January 25th Meeting Minutes February February 8th Meeting Minutes February 22nd Meeting Minutes March March 8th Meeting Minutes March 29th Meeting Minutes April April 14th Meeting Minutes April 28th Meeting Minutes May
Page: 2012 Minutes and Agendas
  January January 19th Meeting Minutes February February 1st Meeting Minutes February 16th Meeting Minutes March March 15th Meeting Minutes March 28th Meeting Minutes April April 4th Meeting Minutes May May 7th Meeting Minutes May 24th Meeting Minutes Jun
Page: 3M Selfchek Service Agreement Procedures
The 5 page 3M Selfchek Service Agreement is sent to Alla Noyvert usually the end of July-beginning of August: the service agreement renewal authorization form must be filled out (by Collection Management Librarian) and faxed to 3M  fax #888-263-1916 The 3
Page: 5 Library Website Designs Worth Talking About
Brian Mathews talks about library websites he likes. The comments have good info too.
Page: 9-6-11 Meeting Minutes
Reports and Announcements ECTG/ASTG/CPC are co-sponsoring a forum.  The task group chairs are planning.  The Task Groups agreed to reserve and then offer some seats so that members of MLA/TSD could attend attend.  ECTG -- SFX will be migrating to the clou


Page: A few more thoughts on library websites
More Brian Mathews and websites. Good examples
Page: A&R
Page: A-Z Index
Page: About Government Document Weekly Reports
Starting from May 2011, we stop to process Government Document Weekly Reports Reasons: 1. No longer need to claim any un-received microfiches or prints because almost all of those un-received titles have on-line accesses for UMBC users.   2. The items and
Page: About USMAI Daily Reports
About USMAI Daily Reports (Ping Xu, July 2009) Due to a position vacancy, the USMAI Daily Reports were not been checked from March 2007-May 2009. I have investigated the Reports from Jan. 2009 to June 2009. Although there were few spots need to pay attent
Page: Accompanying Materials
General Instructions If a book comes with accompanying material, it will stay with the book. This includes CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, cassettes, disks, maps, pamphlets, etc. The format is irrelevant; all accompanying formats will stay with the book. Pl
Page: Acquisitions
Acquisitions Procedure   Structure--Setting Up Collections Dspace ETD Load Procedures New User Notices Processing New Submissions Editing Metadata Determining if a Work can be Included in MD-SOAR Adding a Work To ScholarWorks@UMBC Electronic Thesis and Di
Page: Acquisitions Acronyms, Initialisms, and Terminology
Acquisitions Acronyms, Initialisms, and Terminology A/V---Audio/Visual materials. Special format materials such as CD's, CD-ROMS, and videos. AMA, An online bookstore. B & N---Barnes & Barnes & Noble's online bookstore. BC---
Page: Action! Library Media Service
Full service library DVD vendor.
Page: Active Learning Resource Lists
These pages have many resources and strategies for incorporating active learning techniques. University of Minnesota CTLT Northwestern University Library http://libguides.northweste
Page: Activity ID for Books Reimbursement - MD Foundation check
An Activity ID is put on the Deposit Transmittal Form that must to be matched an Activity Name on the MD Foundation check. See detail on the list of Activities ID link. FYI:  Activities ID
Page: AddAll Used and Out of Print Search
First stop for out-of-print searching. You can search up to 10 different out-of-print databases all at once
Page: Added Copies
Added copies are orders for a 2nd copy of items we already own, or an order for two copies of an item that we don't already own. When searching these, we need to insure that we end up with the correct number of copies and that the copies are located in th
Page: Adding a department to ILLiad
As new departments are added to campus, or we have someone register from a department that is not represented in ILLiad, you will need to add the department to both the ILLiad logon pages and to the staff client.   If patrons can't find their department l
Page: Adding a request for a patron
This is a short tutorial on how to place a request for a patron within the staff mode of ILLiad.
Page: Adding a Work To ScholarWorks@UMBC
Gather information sources. This might be citations that the author provided, the publisher's record for the item, and the document itself. When entering information, copy and paste from information sources to avoid typos whenever possible.  Review the pu
Page: Adding Add-Ons to Illiad
Video Tutorial showing how to Add Add-Ons to Illiad (by Robin Moskal) Website for Downloading Add-Ons Written Instructions for Adding Add-Ons (links t
Page: Adding Addons tutorial
Addons can be added to ILLiad to make searching easier for ILL staff.  For example, if you add an Amazon tab to your ILLiad interface you can go directly to Amazon, rather than open an additional window in your browser.   (Addons need to be added to each
Page: Adding AddonsTabs to ILLiad
Addons can be added to ILLiad to make searching easier for ILL staff.  For example, if you add an Amazon tab to your ILLiad interface you can go directly to Amazon, rather than open an additional window in your browser.   (Addons need to be added to each
Page: Adding Annotations in Wink
Once you have clicked finalize capture, you have the choice of adding annotations to your tutorial. To do this, click on the frame that you want to have annotations on. Note: Frames can have as many annotations as you want. In the properties box for the s
Page: Adding notes to summary of holdings for MD Shared Distributed Journal Collections Project
Procedure for adding notes to the summary of holdings for the MD Shared Distributed Journal Collections Project
Page: Adding the WebCirc module tutorial
This is a short tutorial on adding the WebCirc module. The ILLiad WebCirc module allows site
Page: Adding View & Edit Restrictions
You can set restrictions if you only want certain people to be able to view or edit a page. NOTE: You must be logged in and have editing permission for a page in order to add restrictions. Navigate to the page you wish to restrict Hover over
Page: Adding Voice in Wink
Once you have finalized your capture (and added anotations if necessary), you may add audio to the tutorial. Click on the frame you want to add sound. Unlike Captivate and other editing softwares, Wink only allows you to add audio to one particular frame.
Page: Addon for catalogUSMAI
Go to the ILLiad Addons Directory
Page: Addon for FindIt
Go to the ILLiad Addons Directory
Page: Administrative Offices
Payroll and Personnel Operations Forms for Staff Use USM Board of Regents: Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Library Organization Chart Student Assistants Libra
Page: Adobe printing problems
Printing Adobe documents in a larger or smaller font. Open document Place article on page by moving side and up/down bars within Adobe Increase font as desired (the larger the font, the less of the page/s will show Cursor on page, click once so that entir
Page: Advanced Book Exchange (ABE)
An online combined booksellers database.
Page: Agenda for April 28, 2010
MDPlan - Nichole Doub, Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory Emergency preparedness Centered on people in the building Evacuation Fire drills, exits, meeting places Medical procedures Include list of supplies in the first aid kits (and their loc
Page: Agenda for July 1
Review current draft of plan Table of contents What still needs to be completed Are we missing any sections? Assign duties for completing the first version Gail: Kelly: LaTanya: Lindsey: Steve: Susan: Tom: Set due date for sections completion DATE: Set da
Page: Agenda for June 10, 2010
Review and discuss: Guideline 551 changes Salvage Team duties Review timetable suggestions Look at current drafts of floorplans Brainstorm sections to include as first version recommendations LaTanya's suggestions Disaster supply cabinet Distribution of c
Page: Agenda for March 25, 2010
I. Introduction - what experience do you have with disaster or emergency preparedness?  Classes, conferences, building policy, utilizing policies already in place, etc. II. Review charge, mission, and meeting schedule.  Assign minute takers for non-worksh
Page: AJ's Stationers On Line Ordering
 Log into your account Click "Browse Catalog", located on the left side of the website Click on  "View" located on the right side of the website.  Your screen will change. Please note the first 3 letters are always the prefix for the item number.  Skip th
Page: Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery Acquisitions Department
Page: ALCTS Transforming Collections Grant
Here are the resumes and cover letters: 7/18/12 Alisha Abrams resume cover letter. Alisha.doc resume.alisha with MLS.doc 7/19/12 Rakhi Bharekar Resume_Rakhi.doc COVER_letter.docx COVER_letter.docxreferences.docx 8/3/12 DIANE M. TRAVIS CL digital collectio
Page: Aleph adding multi-volumes
Aleph adding multi-volumes
Page: Aleph and USMAI Consortium
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures
General Loaning Items Loaning Items - Reference Returning Items https://wiki.
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Blocks
Soft Blocks Soft Blocks are blocks that we can set and take off. They show up on the Blocks tab in Loan and can be found by clicking on the Patron tab, choosing Global Patron Information in the Navigation (left) pane and then clicking the Global Blocks an
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Borrower Circulation Summary
The Borrower Circulation Summary is the only way in Aleph to print a list of items a patron has charged out.  It may be accessed at three locations in the Circulation Module of Aleph - Loan, Return, and Patron.  Procedures for accessing and printing at ea
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Catalog Item
Catalog Item Instructions Occasionally, a patron will come to the circulation desk with an item that is missing a barcode, or one with a barcode that Aleph does not recognize (an "Unable to find item." message will be generated). If a patron is waiting to
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Claimed Returned Items
UMBC Items Click on the Patron tab. Bring up the patron record by: Scanning the patron barcode. Entering the patron’s system ID (000000xxxxxx). Entering the patrons UMBC alphanumeric ID (prefixed with BC-).  Patron name (click on the button with 3 dots on
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Damaged Items
Returning Damaged Items If a patron returns an item which has damage beyond normal wear and tear: Check the item for damage notes.  Look carefully at the item being returned. An item that has damaged notes on the item record will display a popup screen wh
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Downtime
Occasionally, network problems here or at College Park will cause Aleph to be unavailable. When this happens,  Loans - Electronic Downtime Sheet If the computers at the Circulation desk are still working normally: Open the excel file on the desktop names
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Fines
Note that only fines owed to UMBC can be paid at UMBC. If a patron owes a fine on a book that belongs to another campus, that campus will send them a bill. If needed, give the patron the contact information for that campus. Look up the patron's account in
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Holds
Checking Out Holds Can the patron's red ID in Aleph. A notice will appear saying "Patron has book(s) on hold)." Find the book or books on the hold shelf. They will be filed under the patron's last name. Be sure to check for more than one book, and for ILL
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Loaning Items
Aleph Loan Procedures Click on the Loan tab (tab 1, or press F5) Scan the barcode on the patron’s red campus ID. If the barcode is unreadable, enter the alphanumeric ID number, prefixed with ‘BC-‘. If this doesn’t work, click the ‘…’ button and search for
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Loaning Items - Reference
General Guidelines: Reference material check-out is limited to faculty and graduate students Normal check-out is for 48 hours, but with the Librarian’s discretion, may be extended to up to five working days plus the weekend Patrons may renew materials wit
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Media Returns
The following types of Media materials can be returned at the Circulation desk: CDs DVDs VHS tapes (do not sensitize!) Headphones These should be returned as normal in Aleph, and placed in the Media returns box. When returning these items, make sure that
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Missing Items
If a patron reports that they are unable to find a book: Bring up the item record in Aleph Verify that the item is owned by UMBC. If not, ask if the patron would like to request the item from another campus. Verify that the item is not currently checked o
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Patron Accounts
Confidentiality of Patron Accounts Patron account information should never be shared with any person other than the patron. See Library Guideline 201 for more information. There are several ways to bring up a patron's account in Aleph: Scan the red UMBC I
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Patron Registration
Before registering a new UMBC faculty, staff or student, search Aleph to verify that there is no existing record for the patron. First, check using the barcode, then the Local ID and finally the patron’s name. Ask the patron for their red UMBC ID. Go to t
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Patrons with Multiple Affiliations
Some patrons are affiliated with more than one USMAI institution.  For example, a person who is a graduate student at UMBC, can also be a staff member at Morgan. In such cases, the patron may have ONE home library which controls their circulation privileg
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Renewing Items
Renewal Policy Materials can be renewed in two ways: The patron can bring the material to the library to be renewed in Aleph. The patron can renew material on-line. There is no limit to the number of renewals of UMBC books by UMBC Faculty,          Staff
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Returning Items
Note: See this page for information on Media returns. Note: See this page for information on damaged items. Click on the Return tab (tab 2, or press F6). Click on History. If there are items listed in the Return History, click “Clear”. Press F4 to get bac
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - Searching Item Records
There are several ways to search for an item in Aleph, but they all start the same: Click on the Search tab (tab 5, or press F9). The Navigation pane will show three options - Find, Browse and Show.  You can start a search in either Find or Browse. Find I
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - UMBC Loan Privileges
UMBC Loan Privileges   Borrower Type Loan Period Place holds on USMAI items? Recall UMBC books? Renewals Loan Limits Faculty Staff Fixed date - April 1 Yes Yes Yes No TAs Faculty/Staff date for UMBC items Graduate dates for USMAI items Yes Yes Yes No Grad
Page: Aleph Circulation Procedures - UMBC Patron Statuses
UMBC PATRON STATUSES   STATUS NUMBER STATUS DESCRIPTION EXPIRATION DATE ACTIVE STATUSES 11 BCFAC UMBC Faculty 15 months 12 BCEMRT UMBC Emeritus Faculty 4 years 21 BCSTF UMBC Staff 15 months 31 BCGRAD UMBC Graduate Students current Grad due date 32 BCTAS U
Page: Aleph Passwords - updating Log into Aleph, right click on the key in the lower right corner.  The password prompt will appear and you change the password.  Remember to write
Page: Aleph Passwords - updating at expiration
Page: Aleph Passwords - updating when expired
Page: Aleph Template creation and sharing
Directions on Aleph Template creation are contained in the Aleph system documentation posted on USMAI Cataloging support pages.  At this time, Aleph 20.0 User Guide Cataloging p. 102-103.  Aleph Templates are created locally and must be copied to I drive
Page: Aleph User IDs and Password Guidelines
Accounts will become unusable: 1. After three consecutive login failures 2. After being unused for 180 days (accounts previously used). 3. For new accounts, if they are not used within 30 days of being created.  (When you get a new account please login as
Page: Alibris
Used/rare bookseller that specializes in providing out-of-print books to libraries. We have an account with this company for online VISA ordering.
Page: All
Page: Alla's page
Page: Allocate Leftover Transfer Funds
Obtain the final revenues budget summary from the previous fiscal year. Highlight any amounts in the Free Balance column that are not zero. Use the money cup to locate the budgets in the Aleph Acquisitions/Serials module For each amount that’s not zero on
Page: Amazon Searching Procedures
To Search Amazon: Open Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. From the Acquisitions homepage, click on "Amazon". Then click on the "BOOKS" tab. Click on Advanced Search. Search each title in by title, author, ISBN, and publisher. If you find a m
Amazon Canada.
Amazon England
Our primary vendor for out -of -print books. Our 2nd primary vendor for rushes. Also carries classical music, popular music, videos, and most everything else.
Page: Advanced Search Books
Very substantial database with valuable information on the status of publications.
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Page: AMST 392 Lewis Hine Photo Assignment
Students from Dr. Orser's American Studies 392 class will be visiting Special Collections to view 10 Lewis Hine photographs.   Make sure each student registers (if they've never been here) and signs in. Some students may email the accession numbers and we
Page: Annual Report (draft)
Data Bases - Joyce: The Library has adequate resources for an undergraduate curriculum. However, faculty and graduate students agree that we are sadly lacking in databases and resources necessary for a research institution. There have been resolutions in
Page: Answers to certain requests - can copy and paste
Response to Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia: UMBC has online access to this encyclopedia and the article you want should be there. Search for the title in the online catalog and follow the link.
Page: APC Title Lists
CREATING A LIST OF APC TITLES FOR DISPLAY ON THE WEB 1.Search the UMBC catalog only (you can limit by collection as well as format).  2. Leave the search boxes b
Page: Appraisers
 If an appraiser contacts a collection management staff member in reference to a donation, inform the appraiser that we must have written consent from the donor before releasing any information pertaining to the gift/evaluation.
Page: Approving a Requisition
Navigation: My UMBC-Topics- Human Resources & Finance - PS Finance - then Log In. PS Menu will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on Purchases - Add/Update Requisition 1.      Check the paper copy of the Requisition in OPEN status: Requisition I
Page: April 12, 2012 Meeting Notes
Departmental Minutes  April 12th, 2011   Kathrine Sylva is coming to the Library the week of April 16-20.  She will be with Technical Services on Tuesday, April 17, 2011 from 1:00-4:00.  She will begin in Acquisitions at 1:00, they will explain the orderi
Page: April 14, 2010 Meeting Minutes
1. Announcments -- L. Aldana provided updates on the most recent LEC meetings.  The minutes have not been posted for those meetings. 2. Reusing computer equipement -- LITS is going to take the extra unused computer (Alicia's old one).  M. Chang is also as
Page: April 2009 Discussion & Updates
Non-Meeting Communication This April, we are not having a meeting.  Please use this space to ask any questions, address any issues, to give your department reports, and to share new information from working groups.  Scroll down to your desired area, and e
Articles received through Ariel need to be printed out and then scanned into Odyssey to be delivered to UMBC patrons. On the Ariel Borrowing workstation Open Ariel Receiving Print received articles Paperclip articles and put in basket at Odyssey workstati
Page: Article Exchange (OCLC)
Article Exchange    (use this link to access Article Exchange)   Sending Lending pdf files through ILLiad: Save article as pdf file in I/ILL/ILL/Lending PDF Articles Return to transaction click on "Mark Found Scan Now"
Page: Articles (Borrowing, Lending, Document Delivery)
Page: Articles - Creating Borrowing String in OCLC Requests
Articles: Material should be requested from libraries in the following order: 1st - University of Maryland libraries (College Park at the end of the string of U of MD libraries) 2nd - Other MD libraries (Hopkins (JHE) should usually be last in the string
Page: Articles - If a patron deletes an article from their ILLiad account
   If it's within the 30 days the article is on the server the patron can go into their ILLiad account click on My items/renew, click on Received Articles.  At the very bottom of the list of articles you will see this note: "In the event that you accident
Page: Articles - ordering directly from publishers and vendors
Sometimes it's cheaper, easier or more convenient to order articles or books directly from the publisher or vendor. When ordering directly from the publisher we don't have to pay copyright fees.  The Library subsidizes up to $50 per article. Within the IL
Page: Articles - processing purchased articles
Purchased articles will be delivered to ILL either as pdf attachments to ILL email or delivered in paper format by AR staff. Most articles will be pdf files. Processing PDF articles: (Should come to email as attachment
Page: Articles - When you can't open them
When a patron can't open up an article, one of the things you look for is if the orginal request arrived as an article instead of a book.  If it goes through odessey that way, the article can not be open.  You must change the status over from loan to arti
Page: Assistance in Preparing for Budget Meetings
A budget meeting date is possible to view on the library corporate calendar. I will send an e-mail announcing/reminding the date a week before. 1.    The Operating fund ledger must reflect expenses for received merchandise up to date. The Summary and ledg
Page: AT&T Anywho Info
Page: Attachments
Attach a file (document, image, PDF, etc.) Attaching file without editing the page Navigate to the page you want the attachment to be associated with. If the attachment is something that will be used throughout the space, consider attaching it to the Home
Page: Audio Cassettes
Effective 9/24/2008, the library will no longer purchase audio cassettes. If Acquisitions receives an order for one, we'll simply inform the requestor of the policy and let them know that we can order the item on DVD if that's ok with them. In the extreme
Page: Aug. 7, 2013 department meeting notes
    Department: Set-up for closure of department during painting completed. Closed 8/16/2013. Painting for SpecColl & Admissions on track. RLC will be closed next week-no entry. Lynda out of office Aug.12th-15th. LEC minutes:         Another vision of goa
Page: August 20, 2009 TS Meeting Minutes
TS Meeting 8/20/09 Meeting Minutes taken by Darlene Houck Present:  Alicia, Darlene, Tricia, Jen, Jo Ann, Ping, Michelle, Pat, Vicki and Lynda. 1. Taking Minutes - It will be done alphabetically by first name (Lynda will mail out the list). 2. Reports and
Page: Aux Amateurs de Livres International
Specializes in books published in France.
Page: Award Winning Books Ordering
Ordering Titles for the Friends of the Library Award Winning Books Search title in online catalog. If UMBC owns a copy don't order another UNLESS it's only held in Special Collections or RCLC, then do order a copy. If UMBC doesn't own the title, search Am


Page: B. Contact Information for other USMAI Library Circulation Departments
USMAI Circulation Department Contacts Campus Codes -USMAI BC - UMBC BL - UB Law BS - Bowie CE - Chesapeake Lab CP - College Park CS - Coppin ES - Eastern Shore FS - Frostburg HS - Health Sciences ML
Page: B: Drive and PastPefect
The PastPerfect client is pre-configured to connect to the B: drive network share. Use the Network Shared Drive instructions to map your B: drive and then PastPerfect will be able to connect with the database. 
Page: Baltimore Sun Archives
The holdings in the Baltimore Sun Archives include: Print: Special Collections holds a substantial run of the print holdings of the Baltimore Sun (1837-1968)and the Evening Sun (1910-1964). The Serials department holds a microfilm copy of the Baltimore Su
Page: Baltimore Sun prints subject listing
Folder # of Photos AAI. Corp 6 ABC Television Network 11 Acadians 6 Acne 2 Acrobatics 8 Adoptions 20 Aerial Nurse Corps of America 4 Aeronautics/ Air Raid Warning 6 Aeronautics/ Medicine 3 Aeronautics/ Research 6 Aeronautics Accidents/Flying Tiger Line 19
Page: Barnes & Noble
Our primary vendor for rush orders. Includes databases of popular books and music.
Page: Barnes & Noble Searching Procedures
Open Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. From the Acquisitions homepage, click on "Barnes and Noble". Then click on the "BOOKS" tab. Click on "More Search Options" to search in Advanced Search mode. Search each title in Barnes & by title, auth
Page: Basic Borrowing Work Flow in ILLiad - Receiving of requests
When processing requests received by UMBC patrons a standardized workflow pattern helps create efficiencies to streamline the ordering.   By separating requests out by ease or difficulty of processing allows the easier requests to be processed and sent ou
Page: Basic Capturing in Wink
Start up Wink When the program starts, go to file, and click on new Check mark the box that says start by capturing.... Unclick record audio. Click hide wink window From the pull down menu, choose window. Click choose and choose the corresponding window y
Page: Basic Cataloging Resources
Page: Basic wiki instructions for Collection Management
Adding Forms: There is a Forms page in the Collection Management section of the wiki.  To add a new form to that page follow the directions below. Attaching a file (document, image, PDF, etc.) Navigate to the page you want the attachment to be associated
Page: Basics of Lending In ILLiad
Lending Basics at UMBC: Things you need to do/know -- Does your scanner scan in color?  If not you’ll need to read the information on “conditionaling” a request. Is Odyssey scanning operational? Open your library homepage, so you can check your holdings i
Page: Batch Deletion of OCLC Holdings
Prior to going into OCLC, save as a .txt file the OCLC numbers of bibliographic records whose holdings you wish to delete. One number per line. No prefixes, numbers only.         You might be asked to save the file in a particular folder such as –  I:\BMS
Page: Batch searching
General process In the Connexion client, under the Batch menu, select Enter Bibliographic Search Keys. Select Import, and select the text file you’d like to import. A prompt will ask if you want to delete the original import file. Make sure to select No.
Page: Beginning of the Fiscal Year Procedures
These procedures have to be done in order at the beginning of each fiscal year: Allocate Leftover Transfer Funds Create new Foundation Fund Spreadsheet for the New Fiscal Year and Set Balances Check and Correct Foundation Fund Balances in the Database Sen
Page: Best Video
Includes an 87,000 item online database of videos.
Meta search site that allows you to compare prices between various online book vendors.
An online combined booksellers database.
Page: Bibliographic Verification Utilities
Page: Billing Manager upgrades - ILLiad
When Billing Manager needs to be upgraded we can do it ourselves by following these instructions: FIRST: Open Customization Manager    (for those who have access to CM) Click on System/Versions/VersionBillingManager The latest version we are using should
Page: Blackwell's Online Bookshop
Blackwell's United Kingdom branch online.
Page: Blocking "bad" libraries.
Go into Maintenance  in ILLiad and  look up the symbol. From there you can check a box that will block the Symbol. (I typically will add a note in the 'note' field to denote why they are blocked). What happens: The requests don't bounce. They will actuall
Page: BMS
Page: BNA CM Load Procedure
Save the file received from BNA to your hard drive. Be sure to use a file name that clearly identifies the date range included in the file (so as not to inadvertently load the wrong data). Check BNA Excel file for missing data. Find missing titles by look
Video vendor that specializes in used, discontinued, and hard-to-find videos.
Page: Book Arts Title List
CREATING A LIST OF ARTISTS' BOOKS TITLES 1. Search the UMBC catalog only (you can limit by collection as well as format.) 2. In the first search box, choose "Sub
Page: Book Labeling Procedures 20170307
Book labeling procedure 20170307
Page: Book Purchase Recommendation Form Albin O. Kuhn Library
Page: Book Sale
Book sales have been suspended as of 2010
Page: Book sale form locations
1. Faculty Review Form template - I/ILL/CM/Book Sale/facultysignupsheet.xlsx (it is in Excel)
Page: book sale notice for Insights and Retriever
To Whom It May Concern: Please include the following library book sale announcement in the next two issues of Insights: THE UMBC LIBRARY BOOK SALE will be held in the rotunda of the library, Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, October 8
Page: Book sale procedures
Arranging for the Book Sale: 1. Choose the potential dates for the book sale at the beginning of each semester to reserve the Rotunda. (Should consider CM staff and student availability. Check regarding vacations.) Email the following staff with several p
An online combined booksellers database.
Page: BookFinder4U
Page: Books - Charge out in ALEPH
Open ALEPH 500 16.02 LIVE  Select 'Circulation"  User name:    available elsewhere Password :    available elsewhere Select LOAN ( icon with right arrow)  On Patron Bar field put UMBC ILL Bar code: 21429006606483 and click a little blue arrow next to it. 
Page: Books - Checking in from Lending Libraries
Checking Books in from Lending Libraries:  ILLiad: Borrowing section of ILliad Click on Borrowing menu Click on “Check In From Lending Library” Scan or type ILL # (Not Transaction) Check how many pieces are part of material (ex. 2 volumes; # of scores; di
Page: Books - Checking In Items returned from the Borrowing Institution.
From the Lending ribbon on the Main Page, click Lending Returns. The Lending Returns Batch Processing form appears. There are two methods you can use to locate the transaction record for the item you wish to check in: Scan the Barcode on the Printed Label
Page: Books - Dissertations and Theses
Ways to locate holdings and/or fulltext electronic theses and dissertations.    Ohio Link Worldwide ETD center  contains over 35,000 titles dissertations and theses written at Ohio universities Ethos Project http://ethos.
Page: Books - Free E- books - full text online
Internet Archive The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide
Page: Books - ILL purchased -checking circulation statistics
Get into the Circ module in Aleph Click on the binoculars Click on [F] Find In Advanced Search make sure the base is MAIBC Search title, and author if necessary Hit enter or click ok Title appears near top of screen if there is only one holding Double cli
Page: Books - Placing Holds and Hold-Recalls for ILL Patrons
You can request materials 2 different ways: Through the online catalog: Look up the book, click on Request item Key in patron barcode (from ILLiad patron information) and patron name Place a hold on the requested material (UMBC as pickup site) logout Thro
Page: Books - Processing Renewals Through ILLiad
  Renewals: Renewal OK   Open record Look at bottom for note regarding date renewed If date is different from our Due Date – change the due date Email patron by clicking Send Email/Note. Type note that renewal was approved and give the new due date. Chang
Page: Books - Processing Returned UMBC Books
It is very important to pay really close attention when you're Returning items; the audible beep from the barcode reader is not enough!  You have to verify every Return after it is finished! The best way to assure something has been returned is to look at
Page: Books - renewal through ILLiad - Instructions for patrons
Patron renewal of books through ILLiad website (they need to be logged into their ILLIad account: If the patron has material checked out through ILL, the following tabs will appear on the left side of their screen: View Checked Out Items (If nothing is ch
Page: Books - Rush purchases of ILL-requested materials for library collection - procedures
Purpose:  Materials requested through ILL are by their nature needed: Because our library doesn't own them I need it NOW for my research!  Materials requested through ILL may be difficult to obtain for many reasons including: Recent publication date Title
Page: Books - Shipping
Charge out books on ALEPH.  Barcode for LENDING is 21429006606483. After charging them out give ibooks to Lending staff ( Natalya) for updates on ILLiad. Stamp each book with the due date and the ILL stamp.  The due date will be four weeks from today's da
Page: Books - Shipping back to lending library
  For INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL you need to use the Custom form.  A&R has the forms.  Use the small form for under one pound packages and big form for over one pound. Fill it out and place form on the package and stamp it with AIR MAIL stamp. Put the package
Page: Bookscanner Instructions
BookDrive Model B Scanning Procedures To Capture Images Switch on the left computer and then the right one. Switch on the monitor. Turn on the BookDrive using the surge protector switch found on the right side of the table. Remove the camera lens caps and
Page: Borrowing
Page: Borrowing Daily Tasks
Processing new and outstanding requests through ILLiad. Processing returned borrowed books for shipment to Lending libraries. Processing incoming borrowing books from Lending libraries.  
Page: Borrowing Daily Tasks: ILLiad
Clear Users Process "Awaiting Copyright Clearance" requests Process "Awaiting Request Processing" Process "Multiple Requests" - 5 per day or all if time allows Process "Pre extensive searching" Order "NLM" requests Review "Checked Out to Customer" request
Page: Borrowing material(such as musical scores)from the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library at UMCP  (for the Clarinet collection)   Not all scores have been cataloged in the
Page: Borrowing Queues
Awaiting Copyright Clearance (New article requests 5 years back plus current year. Current year 2013, 2008 through 2013 have to go through copyright.) Open queue sort by article title cancel duplicates highlight all requests with dates prior to the approp
Page: Borrowing Recall Billing Procedures
Interlibrary Loan Recall Billing Procedures: Interlibrary loan staff determines when a patron needs to be billed for a recalled ILL book. When a patron needs to be billed, ILL staff will notify Circulation Billing Staff through email. The following inform
Page: Borrowing-mail merge fix
Problem: Mail merge is grayed out   To repair: In ILLiad click "print shipping labels" Click yes to open the template Merge is grayed out: Click on Tools Click on letters and mailings Click on mail merge Go to step 3 and click radio button for use same li
Page: Bowker's Books In Print Professional
a.k.a. BIP - Information on books published and distributed in the U.S. Over 1.6 million titles including books currently in print, forthcoming books six months in advance of their publication, and books-out-of-print since 1979.
BSCAN Scanning Procedures: Settings: Do Not Change! You should scan most pages in Bitonal (black/white), Shades of Gray for some necessary illustrations, Color only for necessary illustrations – usually scientific. Place Pullslip on scanner (must be place
Page: BSCAN trouble shooting
I. Commands on left side disappear (this is due to a miscommunication between BSCAN and Windows) close BSCAN open C drive open BSCANILL Click on APPS click on ILLSCAN Delete all files but "New.bsj" file This should reset BSCAN. Open BSCAN and all should b
Page: Business Finders & Yellow Pages


Page: C. Opening and Closing Procedures and Key Cabinet Organization
Page: C2. Circulation Closing Procedures
CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT CLOSING PROCEDURES $ Turn off the Circulation Desk and Return Desk computers: Exit from Aleph. Exit from the USMAI catalog page. Click on Start, chose Shut Down. At the prompt "What do you want the computer to do?", choose Shut Down
Page: C4. Procedures for Key Checklist
Please perform the following procedures regarding the Key List each night when you are closing the building:  Check the "Key List" each night for keys NOT signed in.  Check the key cabinet for the missing key(s).  If the key is found in the cabinet, mark
Page: C5. Key Cabinet Organization
KEY CABINET ORGANIZATION (AS OF 10/2/07) Pegs Description # of keys Key ID # 1 Self-Check Cabinet 1 CAT30 2 Kitchen - 7th floor 1 L7093 3 ---     4 Circ file cabinets and paper storage cabinet 5 AA296,5A5,5A4,1A2,BP604 5 ---     6 Room 122 Assistive Techn
Page: Calendar of Accounting Activity through a Fiscal Year.
JULY Closing of June Ledgers Reconciling Ledgers against PS reports for period 12 when they are available Preparing folders, binders and report covers to use in a new fiscal year Closing all POs for a previous fiscal year. Making Requisitions for blanket
Page: Cambridge
We subscribe to the Complete Cambridge Histories Online: Title list as of 6/18/12 MARC Records set as of 6/18/12 (These are not OCLC records, but they include the ISBNs for the ebooks.)
Page: Canceling an unfilled request
To cancel an UNFILLED without having to open up in First Search: Before cancelling the request, go to SHOW>OCLC Request>Delete That will delete the record in OCLC. Then you can delete the request in ILLiad with a 'reason for no.'
Page: Casalini Digital Division
Specializes in all Italian language materials published in Italy, the Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino, and the Italian cantons of Switzerland and Malta.
Page: Cash Receipt Books
  When nearing the end of a cash receipt book a new one needs to be requested.  The supervisor of the Library unit needs to use this template to request a new one.  cash receipt book request.doc
Page: Catalog USMAI Searching Procedures
Click Here for an Interactive Tutorial Search the order in catalogusmai database via the WebPac ( by Title, Author, and ISBN until
Page: Cataloging
Page: Cataloging Materials Selected for Reserves
Cataloging Materials Selected for Reserves 1) If selected by Drew, he will place a note in the order that says "Reserve (Reference), Cat. for Stacks” or will flag the material for Reserves when he reviews it.  2) If selected at time of order, Acquisitions
Page: CCC Get It Now
The Get It Now Service (GIN) is provided by the Copyright Clearance Center and makes purchasing articles much easier since you don't have to go looking for publishers urls and websites.  The prices for GIN are comparable or better than the publisher sites
Page: CD Call Numbering and Labeling
Call numbers As of August 2011, all CDs will be giving an accesion number at the point of cataloging. This includes non-music CDs. Note: This replaces the previous system of giving music CDs a generated call number and non-music CDs a LC call number. The
Page: CD Searching Procedures
We do not want to be wedded to the information provided to us by the requestor; label and title are often incorrect. To give us further information about the requested item try the following: If an ASIN or Amazon link has been provided,search
Page: CDM Promotional Plan & Responsibilities 9-2-09
Janet Hack, Joe Clark, Lindsey Loeper met on Wednesday 9/2/09 to discuss promoting the launch of CDM Friday 9/4/09 Susan, Janet and Vicki Sipe will meet to discuss training Vicki and Susan will be trainers We need to pin down days for Lib staff training,
Page: CDs - Copy-cataloger Workflow and Guidelines
  Students are instructed to bounce out FAC/STAFF or Special Collections items (refer to for cataloging ins
Page: CDs - Student Workflow and Guidelines
Note: Any FAC/STAFF or Special Collections materials should go to a copy-cataloger. Searching guidelines Search ALEPH If held by MUB, give it to the e-resources/media librarian, who will run it past the media librarian for evaluation. If held by another U
Page: Change Orders Procedure
CHANGE ORDERS If you need to modify your Purchase Order, you will need to submit the change to Procurement by entering a requisition in PeopleSoft. When entering the description on the Maintain Requisition Page, you will need to type CHANGE ORDER and what
Page: Changing an Order's Budget or Adding a Budget While Receiving
Changing an Order's Budget or Adding a Budget While Receiving: Click "Budgets" on the line item screen. Highlight any incorrect budget and click "Delete Budgets". Add the new budget in the "Budget Code to Add" field. To do this you can click on the gray b
Page: Changing an Order's Vendor While Receiving
To Change the Vendo: The following steps may be used when changing between BC-B5, BC-B9, and BHB ONLY! If any other vendor is involved, we have to figure out why we are receiving the item from the wrong vendor, so you need to get help in figuring this out
Page: Changing Page Order
Changing parent page while editing the page Make sure you are in edit mode for the page you wish to move. Below the editing pane there is line of text that shows the current location of the page: wiki-location.png To change the parent page, click 'Edit' T
Page: Charter Web Advisory Group MIT Libraries
Page: Check a PO Status and Activity Summary in PS
Navigation: Purchases - Purchase Orders - Review PO Information - Activity Summary 1.     Enter "PO number" as appropriate.  2.     Click the "Search" button. One line will be displayed after this. 3.     Click on this line to display Activity Summary scr
Page: Check and Correct Foundation Fund Balances in the Database
For reasons unknown, the foundation fund balances are often a bit off from the official foundation fun balances. To compare the database amount to the amount they’re reporting: Use Microsoft Access to open the Foundation Fund Database at: I:\ACQ\AcqStatis
Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Check, Check
Check the following on each order: Stamping and notations should have been done correctly. Catalogusmai searching should include notations with the date and initials. Bookis the only format. Move any that are for non-book materials (DVD, VHS, Microform, p
Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Check, Null
Check the following on each order: Stamping and notations should have been done correctly. Catalogusmai searching should include notations with the date and initials. Fund Codes must be correct. Priority orders must have a purple priority flag. Bookis the
Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Complex
Check the following on each order: Insure that all priority orders have a purple priority flag. Insure that all orders are for books. Move any that are for non-book materials (DVD, VHS, Microform, plays, music CD, cassette, CD-Rom, DVD, and music scores)
Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Null, Null
Check the following on each order: Stamping and notations should have been done correctly. Catalogusmai searching should include notations with the date and initials. Fund Codes must be correct. Priority orders must have a purple priority flag. Book is th
Page: Checking Book Invoices Procedures
To Check Book Invoices: Log in to the Aleph Acquisitions Serials Module. Enter the vendor code in the first field of the invoice bar and the invoice number in the second field of the invoice bar. Click the arrow. Your invoice should open. Verify that you
Page: Checking Student Amazon Searching
Amazon Checks Insure that the information in the Amazon record matches the order. If there are discrepancies, search BIP, and Barnes & until you find a match. If you find a better match, print and attach that record to the front of the order, an
Page: Checking Student Barnes and Noble Searching
Barnes and Noble Checks Insure that the information in the Barnes and Noble record matches the order. Search numbered series if new information appearing in the Barnes and Noble record leads you to think it might be a series. Use the Series Searching Proc
Page: Checking Student Collection Manager Searching
Collection Manager Checks Insure that the information in the selected CM record matches the order. If there are descrepencies, search and Barnes & until you find a match. If you find a better match, print and attach that record to the
HOME PURCHASING REQUISITIONS REVIEW REQUISITION INFORMATION REQUISITIONS  (From the menu located across the top of the page select “Document Status” Enter the 10 Digit Requisition ID# Click the “SEARCH” Button  - (located at the bottom of the page) The “R
Page: Checking Web Order Status
To Check Web Order Status: Sort out the stacks by status. i.e. Now in library, already in library, etc. Access the I Drive. Go to the Orders folder and look for the bookRequest2new Microsoft Access file. Open it. Make sure you are using the right file and
Page: Cheers
Page: Christina's page
Page: CIDE Members
Becca Hertl and Aimee Plaisance are currently serving as co-chairs. If you have questions for the group as a whole, email Joanna Gadsby Reference Becca Hertl Reference Brianna Hughes Technical Services Paula
Page: Circulating Media Equipment
The following guidelines apply to the equipment (i.e. DSLR cameras, projectors, camcorders, sound recorders) that will circulate from the Media desk: Workflow: When equipment is purchased, the Media Librarian will bring one copy of the manual for each typ
Page: Circulation
Circulation Desk Manual & Policies Aleph Manual Student Employee Manual Other Procedures   New Stuff Wireless printing is now working! Search Circulation Pages    
Page: Circulation - Daily Use Lockers
Daily Use Locker Rules Daily Use Lockers may be charged out to UMBC students, faculty and staff. The loan period is 1 day; due before closing the following day. Daily Use Lockers should not be renewed - they are for short term use.  If a patron wants a lo
Page: Circulation - Front Desk Code of Conduct
Those of us who work at the Circulation Desk are often the first point of contact in the Library for students, staff, faculty, and visitors.  Below are some common-sense guidelines for all of us to follow to insure we make a lasting and consistent good im
Page: Circulation - Group Study Rooms
Rooms 210, 211, 212, 213, 247, 374, 453, 455, 457, and 458 are available only to groups of students, for 2 hours at a time. Signing Out Verify that more than one student will be using the room. Ask if they have a room or floor preference. Open the Group S
Page: Circulation - Guest Accounts
Guest Accounts are temporary usernames and passwords distributed to non-UMBC patrons who wish to use the computers or WIFI in the Library. They can be generated at
Page: Circulation - ILL Webcirc Procedures
Loans Ask the patron for their red UMBC ID and pull the ILL items to be charged out. Click on Illiad Web Circulation on the bottom bar of the monitor. Click on the Check Out box under Quick Tasks. Scan the barcode or type in the TN (transaction number) lo
Page: Circulation - Memorandum of Understanding
This memorandum aims to clarify the role of each public service area in the library.   The Circulation Desk will assist users with the following: Library and campus directional needs Check out and return of UMBC owned general circulating material, other p
Page: Circulation - Other Procedures
Page: Circulation - Paying Fines by Campus Card
Note: Please consult the procedures for paying fines in Aleph. Take the patron's campus card to the Diebold machine on the side desk. If the patron is not sure how much money is on their card, press Inquiry and swipe the card to get the current balance. I
Page: Circulation - Paying Fines by Credit Card
Note: Please consult the procedures for paying fines in Aleph. Verify that the patron's name matches the name on the card. Take the patron's credit card credit card processing machine on the side desk. Press the green enter button to wake it up, if necess
Page: Circulation - Self-Check Machine
The self-check machine should be shut down at closing and turned on in the morning. Use the Admin card to shut it down, or restart it. If the machine is frozen and must be manually restarted, wait 30 seconds between turning it off and turning it on again.
Page: Circulation - Special Borrower Registration
For an explanation of Special Borrower privileges, see Library Guideline 256. For a list of Special Borrower types, see Special Borrower Types. Note: Only staff should register special borrowers. Students should ask an available staff member for help. Spe
Page: Circulation - Special Borrower Types
Note: All Special Borrowers (except High School Students) MUST present a valid government-issued photo ID at the time of registration. Borrower Type Patron Status Card Type Initial Cost Renewal (same card) Renewal (new card) ID Required Default Expiration
Page: Circulation - Telephones
All phone calls to the Circulation Department come in on extension 5-2354.  If the call is not answered by the 4th ring, the call will roll to extension 5-2355.  All desk trained students are expected to answer the phone.  Try to answer the call by the 3r
Page: Circulation Desk Manual & Policies
Frequently Asked Questions General Information Printing Office Equipment Directions General Matters Front Desk Code of Conduct Guest Accounts Which Departments do What Basic Aleph Procedures  Common Tasks Loans Returns Renewals Holds Searching for Books P
Page: Circulation Desk Overview
Working the Circulation Desk The Circulation Desk is one of the busiest parts of the library, and is often the first or only point of interaction that many patrons have with library employees.  First impressions are important, so we must always try to be
Page: Circulation FAQ - Directions
Where are the restrooms? On each floor, the men’s room is to the left of the front elevators and the ladies’ room is to the right of the elevators.  There are also rest rooms in the Serials stacks (A - Journal of D side), opposite the Honor’s College Loun
Page: Circulation FAQ - Equipment
Where can I find a ... Stapler There is one on the Circulation Desk next to the Information Kiosk and one in the 1st floor Print and Copy Center.  Hole Punch / Pencil Sharpener There is a 3-hole punch in the 1st floor Print and Copy Center and on the Seri
Page: Circulation FAQ - General Information
General Library Information What hours are you open?  Where can I get a copy of the hours? A list of library hours can be found on the front end of the range of bookshelves closest to the return desk.  Today’s hours are listed on the library homepage (htt
Page: Circulation FAQ - Printing
Printers and Copiers How can I print in the library? When you’re ready, click on print and choose the printer you want to use.  Select LibraryPrinter on to print in black and white.             Select
Page: Circulation Student Employee Manual
Administrative Matters Absences, Time Off, and Closures Breaks Timesheets Paychecks Evaluations Stacks Maintenance Stacks Maintenance Work Priorities Floor Pickups Putting Carts in Order Shelfreading Shelving Sorting Looking for Missing Books Circulation
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Absences, Time Off, and Closures
Weather & Emergency Closures There are four sources of information regarding campus closure due to weather or other emergency conditions: myUMBC ( The UMBC Hotline (410-455-6789) The E2Campu
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Breaks
If you work a shift of three or more hours, you can take a 15-minute break. If you work a shift of six or more hours, you must take a 30-minute meal break in addition to the optional 15-minute break.  If you work a shift of eight or more hours, you are al
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Evaluations
Student workers are evaluated at the end of each Spring and Fall semester.  Student duties are weighted as follows: Stacks Maintenance:  50% - This includes sorting, shelving, shifting, shelfreading, and book pickup on your assigned floor. Circulation Des
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Floor Pickups
Be sure to check your assigned floor once per shift for books that have been left on tables, the floor, or the ends of shelves. These books should be placed back on the shelf in proper order. If you don’t have time to shelve all of them, place them on the
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Looking for Missing Books
Missing books are generally the responsibility of the search student, but if you are helping a patron locate something, these hints could be useful. Before leaving the department to look for a book, look it up in Aleph and confirm that it is not currently
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Paychecks
Paychecks can be picked up in room 158 between 1:00 and 4:00 PM every other Friday, and from 10:30 to 4:00PM on the following Monday. After that, the checks will be mailed to your home address.
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Priorities
Assigned floor pickups - once per shift Shelving Sorting & putting carts together Shifting (if relevant) Shelfreading  
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Putting Carts in Order
After being sorted onto the sorting shelves, books are then placed in strict call-number order and loaded onto shelving carts. When making up a shelving cart, please keep the following in mind: If all of the sorting shelves for a given floor are full, be
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Shelfreading
Shelfreading is an absolutely essential task. A mis-shelved book is a lost book, and shelfreading is how we find them and make them available to patrons. Please keep the following in mind while shelfreading: Work from left to right on each shelf, checking
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Shelving
Shelving is your most important duty. You will be expected to shelve at least one cart for every shift you work, as long as there are carts to shelve. You should strive for accuracy when shelving books. Remember – a mis-shelved book is a lost book! It’s b
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Sorting
Returned books are placed onto the sorting shelves in the Circulation department in preparation for loading on to carts for re-shelving. When sorting, please keep the following in mind: Always start with the oldest sorting cart. Don’t sort books into call
Page: Circulation Student Manual - Timesheets
Student employee work hours are recorded both electronically and on paper. It is important that you remember to sign in and out and the beginning and end of every shift, and that you submit your electronic timesheets at the end of every other week. Paper
Page: Class Guides and Subject Guides
Alfgren- Class guides 2008-09 AMST 490 ARCH 340 CMSC 601
Page: Closeout schedule 2011
End of Year Closeout Schedule 2011 Monday, June 1 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule. First day to create FY12 Requisition. Thursday, June 2 Submit RX t
Page: Closeout Schedule 2016
  Monday, June 6 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule.   Friday, June 10 This is the last day to submit Requisitions and Purchase Orders for FY 2016. Mche
Page: Closeout Schedule 2017
  Monday, June 5 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule.   Friday, June 9 Library picnic!!!   This is the last day to submit Requisitions and Purchase Order
Page: Closeout Schedule 2018
Friday, June 1 This is the last day to submit Requisitions and Purchase orders for FY2018. Monday, June 4 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule.   Friday,
Page: Closeout Schedule--2009
End of Year Closeout Schedule 2009 DRAFT Monday, June 1 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. First day to create an FY10 requisition. Wednesday, June 10 Last day for VISA ordering (except rushes). Monday, June
Page: Closeout Schedule--2010
End of Year Closeout Schedule 2010 Monday, June 1 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule. First day to create FY11 Requisition. Tuesday, June 2 Submit RX to
Page: Closeout Schedule--2011
Closeout Schedule—2011 End of Year Closeout Schedule 2011 Monday, June 1 • Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule. • First day to create FY12 Requisition. T
Page: Closeout Schedule--2012
Closeout Schedule 2012 Friday June 1 • First day to create FY13 Requisition. Monday, June 4 • Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule (done already) Wednesda
Page: Closeout Schedule--2013
Closeout Schedule 2013 Monday, June 3 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule. Friday, June 7 Last day for VISA ordering (except rushes) Monday, June 10 Mich
Page: Closeout Schedule--2014
Draft Closeout Schedule 2014 Monday, June 2 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule. Friday, June 6 Last day for VISA ordering (except rushes) Friday June 13
Page: Closeout Schedule--2015
Draft Closeout Schedule 2015 Monday, June 8 Robin sends a notice to liaisons regarding the end-of-year delay in rush ordering. Example wording for this is at the end of the schedule. Last day for VISA ordering (except Barnes & Noble and Amazon) Friday Jun
Page: Closing Out the Web Order System
After notifying the liaisons, take the web order system down so that no orders can be placed or modified. Open the status table and identify the two oldest fiscal years still included in the database. Delete data from the oldest fiscal year: Run delete qu
Page: CNN
A News Web Site
Page: Collection Building NYP (item not yet ordered)
Note: This procedure is for orders NOT yet placed because GOBI or another database has given it a "Not Yet Published" status. Each week, gather the orders from the Not Yet Published tray in front of the High Volume Ordering Technician's desk. Search the t
Page: Collection Building NYP (item ordered)
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the System Number in the System Number field (you will need to look up the title in catalogusmai first), located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the
Page: Collection Building NYP Follow-up (BNA)
Follow-up on NYP collection building orders should be done on a monthly basis. Each month, search the orders in the file for the previous month, and all of the orders in the "No Due Date" folder. If you find any priority orders, it's a mistake. Immediatel
Page: Collection Management
Page: Collection Management Forms
Donor Gift Form Gift Logs Calendar Photographs Deed of Gift
Page: Collection Manager Searching
Go to the Acquisitions homepage. Click on Gobi (in the common links toolbar). Enter Account Number, user ID and password. Click go. At the top of the page there is a quick search bar, search here by ISBN. If you have searched by ISBN, then a matching reco
Page: Color Copying
In order to use the pharos system to make photocopies of color documents... Log into the printer using the Pharos system using your UMBC username and password (if it's not up, press home and choose pharos) Press the "Copy" button on the left side of the p
Page: Committee of Social Media and Outreach
Committee Members Jess Batychenko Beverly Conner (Co-Chair) Joanna Gadsby Susan Graham Brianna Hughes Lindsey Loeper (Co-Chair) Aimee Plaisance Simmona Simmons Tiffany Wilson   Objectives of the New Committee: To develop best practices for outreach events
Page: Committee on Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity
Committee Members Work Plan Charge: Create a diversity statement for the library; research and suggest policy changes to improve the recruitment, hiring, and retention of diverse staff within the library; provide equitable access to information and servic
Page: Committees
Page: Communications Plan
Internal: Group wiki page - meeting minutes, proposals, etc. Library-wide forums Building signage: Commonvision design templates for consistent and clear messages; slogan External: Library website linking to: MyUMBC page and promoted posts Insights  Email
Page: Communications WG
The Communication Working Group is no longer active. (May 4, 2011) Welcome to the Communication Working Group! The Communication Working Group is a new working group at the library formed to analyze communication in the library and propose to LEC channels
Page: Compact Disk Source
Full-service library CD and DVD vendor.
Page: Computer helpful tools
Page: Computers
Page: Conference Calls
There are several ways to arrange for online conferences.
Page: Confluence Sample Page for Acquisitions Users
h3. {note}This page is a sample example of the various macros being used on the Acquisitions Confluence Page. As such, it should be used as a reference point when creating or editing material in Acquisitions Confluence. For advanced macros and features, c
Page: Content DM
Meeting Minutes 4/16/08 Minutes
Page: CONTENTdm Launch Schedule
Joe Clark, Janet Hack, and Susan Graham met 8/4/09 to discuss promoting the launch of the Digital Collections site. Roll Out Dates / Schedule for actions Late August: Janet will put links to Digital Collections site on Library site & in RefDBs Library hom
Page: Copy of Procedures - Payment Processing
Beginning in November 2011, Special Collections can now accept payment with UMBC id card, check, and credit card. The Gallery may also accept cash payment. Payment by credit card: Credit card payment is accepted for off-campus or preapproved large orders
Page: Copy of Wiki Help
Note: You can only perform tasks in the Staff Wiki if you have been given the appropriate permission Confluence User Guide Confluence Notation Guide
Page: Copy-cataloging individual ebooks
Searching ALEPH Best searches: OCLC number provided by vendor (either in spreadsheet or in MARC records provided) vendor number (i.e. ebr#######) ISBN provided by vendor Title URL (am: or am= command line search) (If there’s no record for an electronic ve
Page: Copyright Procedures
ILliad Borrowing: Process Copyright Submit copyright orders Put dates you need: Quarter 1 = 12/31/ (previous year) to 4/1/(current year) Quarter 2 = 12/31/ (previous year) to 7/1/ (current year) Quarter 3 = 12/31/ (previous year) to 10/1/ (current
Page: Cornell University Library
Simple, pleasing design. Easy on the eyes – not cluttered. Could use a spotlight, though.
Page: Count Statistics Procedure
  Daily Truck (Blue) A truck has a Daily Cataloging Truck” tag; and the“Labeled” line has been initialed and dated. A. Counting 1. Usually there are two category books on daily truck: General Collections -- Stacks/Folio; standing orders; replacements. Ref
Page: Course guides in English - Fall 2009
ENGLISH 301 course guide
Page: Create new Foundation Fund Spreadsheet for the New Fiscal Year and Set Balances
The Acquisitions Librarian should receive foundation reports from Library Administration by the beginning of the fiscal year showing the new year’s spendable income, and total spendable income (which includes any carryover from the previous fiscal year).
Page: Creating a Page
Using Add Page Function At the top of the page, hover over wiki-add.png then click on 'Page'. The new page will open for editing. Name your page (see 'Page Titles', above) Add content using either the Rich Text or Wiki Markup Editors (see 'Edit a page',
Page: Creating and Customizing Email Notification Letters and Routing Instructions
ILLiad allows Lending and Borrowing to send customized emails to patrons or other libraries.    See attachment for step-by-step instructions and tutorial.   Customized Email Notification Letters tutorial and step by step instructions.docx We can create as
Page: Credit Card Payment
We can accept credit card payments for ILL.   UMBC accepts all types of credit cards: Visa, Master, Discover and American Express.  Debit Cards and PayPal are not accepted.   1.  A Credit Card Payment form should be completed and signed by a card holder a
Page: CSULB Library Web Site Policy Statement
Page: Current LEEC Members
Name Department Kathleen Bruce Circulation Beverly Conner Media Tricia Flester Technical Services Susan Graham Special Collections Paula Langley Circulation Simmona Simmons (Chair) Reference Katy Sullivan Reference    
Page: Current Members
The current members of the Information Literacy Working Group (ILWG) are: Drew Alfgren Joanna Gadsby Gergana Kostova Lindsey Loeper Sarah New  Nicole Smith Katy Sullivan (chair) Semhar Yohannes  
Page: Current Projects
Name Contributors Formats Progress Notes Hughes Co. Glass Negatives SC: Susan & students scanning, prelim metadata, upload master files to server, upload images to CDM using template BMS: Glass negatives scanned: ~1200 in CDM; 2182 master files scanned an
Page: Custom Link Archive - EDS
Custom Link Archive - EDS


Page: Database Maintenance
Page: DBM and Serials Work
Notes from the Serials/DBM Meeting List of RCLC Journals
Page: DCT - Brainstorming
Charge: Need clarification on scope, etc.  So far:  "develop and expand the Library's digital collections and promote greater faculty and student use of this resource." Can we define what we consider the library's digital collections? This can be defined
Page: DCT - Other Library Digital Collections Sites
Here you can paste websites of other Libraries with Digital Collections.  Please note the name that they use for their digital collections. Yale: Digital Collections   University of Utah: Digital Collecti
Page: DCT Minutes, 6-17-2009
Digital Collections Team Minutes June 17, 2009 Present: Susan Graham (chair), Lynda Aldana, Tom Beck, Michelle Flinchbaugh, Janet Hack, Lindsey Loeper, Vicki Sipe Welcome and Review Susan moved the CONTENTdm files back to the I drive. Susan confirmed that
Page: DCT Minutes, 6-3-2009
Present: Susan Graham (Chair) Lynda Aldana Tom Beck Joe Clark Michelle Flinchbaugh Steve Jones Lindsey Loeper Vicki Sipe Steve Jones has replaced May Change as the LITS representative; Janet Hack is on vacation and Gergana Kostova will be joining the DCT
Page: DCT Minutes, 7-1-2009
Digital Collections Team Minutes June 17, 2009 Present: Susan Graham (chair), Lynda Aldana, Tom Beck, Joe Clark, Michelle Flinchbaugh, Janet Hack, Steve Jones, Lindsey Loeper, Robin Moskal, Vicki Sipe Terry Owens, DRUM Coordinator, McKeldin Library, Unive
Page: DCT Note Taking Rotation Schedule
Digital Collections Team Note Taking Rotation Schedule (ABC order by first name, starting w/Lindsey) 1.      Lindsey Loeper 2.      Lynda Aldana 3.      Michelle Flinchbaugh 4.      Steve Jones 5.      Susan Graham 6.      Tom Beck 7.      Vicki Sipe 8.  
Page: DCT_Coll Brainstorming
University of North Carolina does a lot of wonderful things with their digital collections.  A new feature is having RSS feeds attached to collections that will continue to grow.  See their home page select "
Page: DCT_Coll Note Taking Rotation Schedule
Lindsey Loeper Heather Moss Joanna Gadsby Shu Qian Susan Graham Tom Beck Vicki Sipe
Page: DCT_Coll Subgroup
Digital Collections Team - Collections Subgroup Mission To further develop our online collections by planning, coordinating, and carrying out: scanning projects, metadata creation, workflow development, grant applications, collaborations & partnerships, o
Page: DCT_Coll Subgroup Workplan
Goal Responsible Parties Status Priority / Time frame Revise Digital Collections Best Practices Document: include equipment and software we have; include basis for determining priority: uniqueness, national/world importance of the collection, curriculum s
Page: Dec 4, 2013 Tech Services Meeting Minutes
Department Potluck – Wednesday, Dec 18 at Noon, Darlene will be around with sign up sheet.  We will have gift exchange.  All wishing to participate, bring wrapped gift worth no more than $10.  Ping holiday card went around for signing.  Lynda will forward
Page: December 1, 2010 TS Meeting notes
Notes from Dec. 1, 2010 meeting 1. TS will have a holiday pizza party on Dec. 14 (Tuesday). Staff are encouraged to bring some light snacks for the party. Darlene will take care of getting a quote for the pizza and collecting money. 2. Office Christmas de
Page: December 5, 2011 Meeting Notes
1. Reports and Announcements Hughes Work -- Down to @ 60 images that need to be rescanned.  Lindsey and Vicki will take care of them.  There are about 50 other images that need to be done but the major work has been completed.  This is great news.  Hopefu
Page: December 9, 2009 TS Meeting notes
Agenda Technical Services departmental meeting 12/9/09 1. Reports and announcements • Student Party - Tuesday 12/15 which is the student study day. Darlene will check several places to find the best deal on pizza. Michelle is bringing soup. Tricia and Vic
Page: Deed of Gift - Institutional or Society Records
Deed of Gift - Institutional/Society Records The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) gratefully acknowledges receipt from:             Name:                                                                                                       
Page: Deed of Gift - Personal
Deed of Gift The University of Maryland, Baltimore County gratefully acknowledges receipt from: Name:                                                                                                                       Address:                           
Page: Deed of Gift - Photograph Collections
Deed of Gift - Photograph Collections The University of Maryland, Baltimore County gratefully acknowledges receipt from: Name:                                                                                                                       Address:  
Page: Deleting Cancelled Orders in Aleph
Sign onto the Aleph Acquisitions Serials module and switch to the Order Search tab. It is the one with the picture of a file folder. Highlight index list under order search. The following fields should be filled in: Index - should be title Sublibrary - sh
Page: Deleting Items, Arrivals, and Invoices
All deletions require that you look at all of the following records and insure that they have the correct values: General Invoice and line-item records. You must insure that the line-items exist or don't exist as appropriate (there must be a line-item att
Page: Deleting Old Encumbrances
After Year End close-Out is completed by ITD, the report BC-06-m-update will be available in task manager. The Acquisitions Librarian can print this report. Locate all encumbrances on the report that are more than 2 years old. This can be done by looking
Page: Department Chairs and Directors
Update the list during the late summer before the start of classes.   College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:
Page: Department Liaisons - Academic
Check with each academic department in late summer for liaison name and contact information. Steps to setting up an academic department liaison   Set liaison up in  YBP - GOBI approval plan system set up GOBI approval ordering account
Page: Departmental Laptops
Laptop Custodians: Department Custodian Cost Manufacturer Model UMBC Tag Serial Circulation Gail Blacker $903.68 Dell Latitude E5440 00861866 3NPWN12 Reference Daniel Gallaher $903.68 Dell Latitude E5440 00861870 9WPWN12 Reference Daniel Gallaher $903.68
Page: Departments
Page: Departments - Adding to ILLiad
To add a department to ILLiad - Open Customization Manager Click on System/General/CustomDropDown Click on New Record GroupName = Department LabelName and LabelValue both = department's name Save Refresh ILLiad To Edit a department name: Double click on t
Page: Deposit accounts and vendor purchases (includes articles for ILL)
Information on accounts and payments for ILL and Cataloging
Page: Deposit Descriptions list and Chart Strings
Circulation Department:                                                                         Fines                                                                   410- 1111-10225-000-4876318 Lost Book                                                  
Page: Deposit Transmittal Forms
Regular Deposit Form Project Deposit Form Books Reimb. Deposit Form
Page: Desk Procedures - Greeting Visitors
Two people are required to be at the desks at all times during open hours! One to collect materials, make copies and page materials One to watch patrons: Please watch patrons carefully! Pay attention. Sign-in Procedures 1.  Ask if patron if s/he is a firs
Page: Desk Procedures - Paging Materials
1.  Ask patron to complete a call slip including: Collection Name Call Numbers Date Author Title Patron's full name Check at bottom whether they are faculty, staff or student Desk attendant/staff member paging the materials should initial the slip and fil
Page: Desktone
What is Desktone? Desktone is UMBC's virtual computing environment. When you connect to the Desktone server, you'll be able to access a virtual desktop that behaves just like the old lab image. In addition to having specialized lab software such as MatLab
Page: Determining if a Work can be Included in MD-SOAR
  Unpublished Works If a work is unpublished and authored by faculty or students, the author is the copyright holder. Email and ask. If we have an e-mail or other documentation from them authorizing the submission, the item(s) can be included in MD-SOAR.
Page: Developer's Workstation
PC (Developer's Workstation) Hardware Software Flat-bed Scanner Color printer (LIBREF_HP4600dm) Two-sided printing available Black & White printer (LIBREF_DellM5200_1) Two-sided printing available Headphone with attached microphone Speakers Adobe Acrobat
Page: Digital Collections Team
***Note: The original Digital Collections Team has broken into two separate groups.  For the Institutional Repository Working Group, please see
Page: Digital Scores
{search-form:autoSubmit=true}{search-input:type=hidden\|match=label\|value=digital_scores} {search-form} {search-results:fields=title\!Digital Scores}
Page: Digital Signage Proposal
Last Spring the PR & Marketing Committee recommended the purchase of electronic signage to provide users and staff with up-to-date information as they walk in the door.   As you know, we suggested the Phoenix Piitch ultra-thin touch screen kiosk for the t
Page: Direct Order of articles
Sometimes it's cheaper, easier or more convenient to order articles or books directly from the publisher or vendor. When ordering directly from the publisher we don't have to pay copyright fees.  The Library subsidizes up to $50 per article for faculty an
Page: Directory of Open Access Journals
This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.
Page: Disaster Preparedness
Charge To prepare a customized disaster preparedness plan for the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery. Mission The Disaster Preparedness Working Group will bring together invested participants from throughout the Library to prepare a disaster plan that is spe
Page: Disbanded Working Groups
Page: Discovery Tool Webinar Schedule and Feedback Guidelines
  Webinar Schedule Unless noted below, the webinars will be held in Room 353G. Discovery Tools Vendor  Links Date Time Location Additional Inoformation Summon SerialsSolutions
Page: Discrepancies
This procedure should be followed for orders that mostly, but not completely, match bibliographic records. Overview of the Issues to Consider and Resolve Does the order match the bib record? Examples of what you might find: The discrepancy was caused by a
Page: Discrepencies between the "P" report and the Associated change in the Materials Budget Balance
When A & R pays invoices in Aleph, the next day, they reconcile their payments to the change in Aleph materials budget payments. They get the "P" report, approv-p, and it shows the total amount of all invoices paid the previous day. They find the change i
Page: Displays
Display Name Location Size Description Atrium Library Atrium 1920x1080 General Library content and events Circulation_Main Circulation Desk 1080x1920 (portrait) Circulation desk content DML DML 1920x1080 DML content Circ-Small Circulation Desk 1024x1280 (
Page: Disposal of Gift Paperwork
Per Larry Wilt: We are to dispose of all gift paperwork prior to 1980 (except for Sunpapers) We are to dispose of the following gifts prior to 1988: Anonymous donors Corporate donations under $500 Deceased donors All Academic departmental donations within
Page: DMWG
Document Management Working Group The Document Management Working Group is no longer active (May, 2010) Charge: Improve library communication by creating a more organized, secure space for external and internal Library documents. Investigate a variety of
Page: Document Delivery
Page: Document Delivery for Faculty, Graduate Students and all Shady Grove Students
Article Requests originate in Borrowing Borrowing staff search the online catalog and forward to Document Delivery any requests for articles that appears to be available at UMBC.   Borrowing staff should note UG in the call number section of the request f
Page: Document Delivery Problems
Students cannot find the issue for article: 1. Lending staff will recheck catalog to make sure issue is owned. 2. Lending staff will recheck stacks. 3. If issue is owned but staff cannot find it, recheck shelves the next day. 4. If issue is still not avai
Page: Document Delivery Procedures for Borrowing
In ILLiad Borrowing - Awaiting Requests Processing:  Requests for journal articles that may be available in our serials department should be routed to Document Delivery Processing. Lending Technician will process Document Delivery requests. I:ILL/ILL/Manu
Page: Document Delivery-print pull slips - problems
Have you moved the requests directly into Awaiting Document Delivery Processing or into Awaiting DD Stacks Searching?  What you might be doing: If you move them into the Awaiting Processing they think they still need to be searched in the catalog (some li
Page: Document Management Resources
Chart outlining various aspect of Document Management: Wikipedia Chart Document management planning process: Microsoft Technet What can I do with Google Docs?
Page: Documentation
Page: Documents
Page: Documents Archive
Confluence Wiki Page Guidelines for Library Working Groups and Committees
Page: DocuSeek Film & Video Finder
Search site for independent documentary, social issue, and educational videos.
Page: Dspace ETD Load Procedures
Required for this procedure: Notices from Proquest that files are available. Filezilla. Proquest FTP login info. ETD Directory on hard drive with pdf and xml subdirectories. 7-Zip. Adobe Acrobat Standard. Modify Acrobat settings: When you're in Acrobat, g
An online video vendor in Spain.


Page: E-book Ordering
E-book Ordering Ebook ordering in Gobi (ebook must be able to be filled by EBSCO, JSTOR, Project Muse, Wiley) You can retrieve ebook requests from GOBI the same way you retrieve books. Search title in USMAI catalog using normal procedures If there is a bi
Page: E-Books
  Purchased e-books owned by the library can be found by searching the library catalog.    
Page: E-Books lending
Springer allows ILL for individual chapters.  Here are the instructions for how one library has does it: Connect to Springer database. Download individual chapters as pdfs, labeling them in numerical order (01, 02, 03,etc...) Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, comb
Page: E-Reserves
Page: E-Resources Team
Introduction to e-resources materials: "E-resources" is a broad category of digital materials, including (but not limited to) ebooks (reference and non-reference), streaming media, electronic serials, and databases In EDS.  The E-Resources Team's mission
Page: E. UMBC Borrower and Special Borrower Information, TAS Library Privileges, Permission to Pick up Books for Others
Page: E1. UMBC Borrowing Privileges
Borrowing Information: Library Card information: USMAI & Recipr
Page: E1b. BALC Procedures
Loan Procedures for BALC (Baltimore Area Library Consortium) Reciprocal Borrowing The students, faculty, or staff directly affiliated with the following BALC institutions (listed below) are permitted to borrow materials from the UMBC Library general circu
Page: E2. Special Borrower Information
Guideline 256 - Special Borrower Privileges
Page: E2a. Special Borrower and High School Registration Form
Special borrower registration form High School Registration Form 
Page: EAD Implementation and Feasibility Study
Special Collections Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery Prepared by Lindsey Loeper, Visiting Librarian May 2008 Background Encoded Archival Description (EAD) is a version of XML created by archivists to define the elements and relationships within archival fi
Page: East View Information Services
Specializes in materials published in Russia, the CIS, and China.
Page: eBeam instructions for Rm 259
  Projector setup Place Tabletop Projector in proper location given by marks on table, Connect Black power cable and Black video cable to Computer 2 on projector Turn off Ceiling projector by pressing and holding the "STANDBY" button on      SHARP Project
Page: eBeam Instructions for Room 353G
  Projector setup Turn on tabletop Projector by Pressing the  "( | ­)" button     *If desktop is not displayed: Ensure "VGA-A" input is selected,     Press "Fn+F8" until display is shown Adjust Projector placement (as needed). eBeam Physical Setup  Plug i
Page: EBL
PDA Profile 2008-2010, inclusive, titles only from the following publishers: Cambridge University Press Elsevier Ltd. Harvard University Press Johns Hopkins University Press Oxford University Press Princeton University Press University of Chicago Press Ya
Page: eBook - ebooks
Page: Ebooks & Streaming Media
  Active Ebooks & Streaming Media Vendors Vendor Frequency Record Source Notifications Known Issues EBL   OCLC yes   USMAI EBL   CLAS no CLAS processes record once a week; we can't edit these records in-house. EBSCO   OCLC yes   Sage   OCLC yes Not all th
Page: Ebooks - DDA/PDA books - tracking purchases
The Library has several PDA/DDA (Patron Driven Acquisitions) agreements.  After Library vetting and approval of the publishers list and dates available, vendors download their publications lists into the library catalog.  As patrons discover and use these
Page: The World's Leading Source of eBooks
Page: Ebrary
Reference Titles ebrarytitles2010(1).xlsx (paid reference titles) Copy of 81274_UMBC 042511_umbc_Invoice_042511.xls
Page: ebrary Discover
More than 20,000 e-books available to read for free. Fees for printing and copying.
PDA Pilot v.1 560 titles active on 11/8/11. Contact at EBSCO: Susan Feeney Hendry Senior Account Executive EBSCO Publishing 800-653-2726 ext. 2453 Special processing notes: batch code: EBSCOPDA11-09-11 Added IPS:PA for PDA in the ite
Page: EBSCO Discovery Service
Documentation relating to the investigation and possible implementation of the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) EDS Data Partners - December 2011USMAI E-Resource Subscription Coverage in EDS (without UMCP) - updated January 9, 2012 Answers to some USMAI ques
Page: EBSCO Discovery Service Custom Catalog Questionnaire (Final)
EBSCO Discovery Service Custom Catalog Questionnaire From UMBC Sept. 5, 2012 Tasks to Perform Thank you for choosing EBSCO Discovery Service's Custom Catalog. Before we begin designing your catalog database, we first need information from you about your d
Page: EBSCO Institutional Repository Questionnaire
The final version of the questionnaire was sent as a pdf.  The file is attached to this page.    In initial conversations, only the Hughes Collection was to be loaded by EBSCO.  An error was made and they loaded ALL digital collections.  We went forward f
Page: EDI Receving Procedures
BNA Receiving/Invoicing Procedure 1. Open Aleph Acquisitions Module. 2. On invoice write BC-BNAEDI or BC-BHB. Circle the invoice number on the upper right hand corner. Enter what you just wrote on the INVOICE (BC-BNAEDI or BC-BHB) in the "Invoice Bar" poi
Page: Editing ILLiad webpages
Editing ILLiad webpages in ILLiad Web Editor On desktop click on ILLiad Web Editor shortcut (little globe)   (only on Robin's workstation at this time)  - (also saved on desktop as ILLIad Webpages folder) ILLiad Web Previewer opens up Click on Folder Clic
Page: Editing Metadata
The MD-SOAR Metadata Policy, here is sometimes helpful when determining what element to use or not. All elements marked DO NOT USE in it are NOT indexed. To edit an existing m
Page: Editing Pages
From the page you wish to edit, click on wiki-edit.png In the editor, use the links above the editing pane to switch between 'Rich Text' editing (WYSIWYG editor, similar to Microsoft Word) and 'Wiki Markup'. NOTE: Switching between 'Rich Text' and 'Wiki M
Page: Editing pdf files using Adobe Acrobat Pro
This works very well for flipping pages right side up and many other editing features. Instructions: Open Adobe Acrobat Pro (Only on station B) Open the file Click: View, Tools, Pages Box on right side: click “Rotate” This will allow you to select pages y
Page: Editing sets in MARC Edit
These instructions cover both adding and deleting ebook records. Information specifically concerning streaming media is in green. Editing sets in MARC Edit Note: I use "set" and "batch" interchangeably. Create a folder for the record batch. If you have mo
Page: Editing the Org Chart
Accessing the Admin Chart The Org Chart on the website is showing data from a Google Sheet, here is the link:
Page: EDS FAQs
  EDS FACT SHEET – basic functionality (Not including specific problems)   EDS has the catalog plus 85 databases currently enabled (20% public resources) in the main profile (Onesearch) after the most recent database review, which trimmed 46 databases. Ma
Page: Educational Music Service
Supplier of printed music.
Page: Electronic Resources Working Group
Charge: The Electronic Resources Working Group will bring together individuals from across the Library who work with electronic resources. The group is to propose best practices for managing electronic resources from the point of discovery to end user acc
Page: eLibrary - Open eBooks Directory
Page: Email - Scanning and sending articles via email
ILL Lending Email Scanning SCANNING 1. Run the ScandAll21 application by double-clicking its icon on the desktop. Open the Thumbnails pane by selecting View/Thumbnails... 2. To begin scanning, select Scan, To the main window. 3. Align the page y
Page: Email an article as PDF\\ Email an article as PDF If you load a PDF file on your ILLiad server or another FTPsite, you can quickly send an email to the borrowing library with a direct link to
Page: Email Routing - Borrowing
How to Use Email Routing
Page: Email Routing - Lender Update to Shipped
How to Use Email Routing Lender Update to Shipped Use this for requests fla
Page: Embed a Librarian in Your Blackboard Course
Page: Emergency Plan - Students
Emergency Plan: STUDENTS  Follow these steps when responding to disasters/emergencies that affect the materials in  Special Collections: 1. Evacuate immediately if your personal safety is in danger 2. Remain calm! 3. Immediately notify a supervisor **If t
Page: Encyclopedias
Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (6th) is available through the A-Z journal list, because it is accessed through Ebsco databases.  The entries are all available fulltext, so re-direct the patron back to them.  These are encyclopedia entries so are usually
Page: Eresources Workflow documents and notes
The EBook Work Flow The ebook meetings are open to any one working with the acquisition and set up of ebooks. This group is working to streamline the interdepartmental process associated with ebook purchases. NEXT MEETING 10/26/2009 11-12pm in room 353G E
Page: ERM Best Practices
Tips for making the most of the EBSCO Essentials ERM Initial and date all notes  
Page: Establishing a New Fund
Web Order System (for book funds only--skip this step if establishing a serials fund)  Establish the new fund: Use Microsoft Access to open BookRequest2New.mdb. Use the drop-down to switch the left pane to tables, if not already on tables.  Double-click o
Page: Esterum
A German company specializing in Russian books.
Page: ETDs
Procedure for ETD Transfer, Conversion, and Load into CONTENTdm Required for this procedure: Notices from Proquest that files are available. Filezilla. Proquest FTP login info. ETD Directory on hard drive with pdf and xml subdirectories. 7-Zip. Adobe Acro
Page: ETDs Scanned in House
If there is a permissions sheets, review to see if we have permissions. If it's paper format, scan it to a pdf file. Save the pdf in the ETD permission on folder on the i: using a file name in the format: Last name_first name_year_ETDpermission. Find the
Page: Evaluating Book Gifts Guide - In house use only
As of 2/1/16 Collection Management no longer provides a monetary evaluation of donated materials to the donor.  The evaluation is for campus use only. Overriding criteria: How much could a bookstore sell it for? Be slightly conservative: evaluation, must
Page: Events To Attend
Events we have attended so we can be aware in subsequent years: New Faculty Orientation (full-time and part-time) Contact Person Director of Faculty Development Center) Part-time event occurs in Jan. & August Graduate Department/Student  Orientations  (Co
Page: Examples of Spec Coll Site differences
Universities whose SC pages are different from the Library-wide site 1.  Beineke Library: b.  Yale Libraries: 2.  Corne
Page: Expenditure Logs for Rental Copiers
Please make sure that a log has a following information: 1. date of payment 2. invoice date 3. invoice number 4. invoice period of coverage 5. invoice total $amount 6. $ total balance of a contract Please note. If an invoice has a billing problem, and  yo
Page: Exporting from OCLC Connexion to Aleph
After identifying a usable, matching record on OCLC Connexion, you will export it into Aleph.  Records are unusable if they are: incomplete (see guidelines for the format you are cataloging)  the language of cataloging is not English (value of "eng" in th
Page: External Sign Submissions
Library digital signage is intended to support library services, events, and space. As such, library content will always be favored. The Signage Work Group will accept signs from outside groups and organizations provided that they will be of interest to U


Page: Facets
Includes an online database of videos.
Page: Faculty book sale preview notice for Insights
Albin O. Kuhn Library Book Sale for Faculty (9/28 to 10/2/09) The Library invites faculty to a faculty-only review week of weeded and book sale books. Materials may be reviewed and requested for departmental libraries, or may be purchased for your own use
Page: Faculty FAQ on Requesting Library Materials
  How do I request that the library purchase a book? Who decides if the book will be purchased or not? Why worry about things already owned by other USMAI libraries? What are priority levels? When and how should I use them? How do I request an item for re
Page: Faculty Notification - Not Yet Published & Will Be Ordered upon Publication
*Note: This procedure is for orders NOT yet placed because Collection Manager or another database has given it a "Not Yet Published" status. Immediately give all Priority orders that have a status of not yet published to the Special Ordering Technician. E
Page: Faculty Notification - Out-of-Print Search Unsuccessful
Find items in the regular out-of-print files that we have been searching for over a year. Insure that we have not heard from the faculty member within the last year. Date stamp the date in the date slot of the "Out-of-Print Search Tracking Slip." Photocop
Page: Faculty Notification--OP Search Unsuccessful
Find items in the regular out-of-print files that we have been searching for over a year. Insure that we have not heard from the faculty member within the last year. Date stamp the date in the date slot of the "Out-of-Print Search Tracking Slip." Photocop
Page: Faculty preview notice for listservs
Send out one week before booksale.  Also, ask Janet to send in for the faculty myUMBC spotlight. (must be done the Friday before the week before the preview.) In recent years the Library has offered various weeded or duplicate-donated-materials to academi
Page: Faculty Resources
Quick Links: Course Reserves  Ask a Librarian Library Instruction form Media booking form Book and Media purchase request form Library liaisons login Study room application Library hours Support for Teaching: Place Library materials on Reserve for your cl
Site for comparing 62 vendors' prices for new and used books.
Page: File Lists
Page: Film Reels and Title List (in Room 154)
16 mm films stored in room 154 List of films I:ILL/CM/films stored in AOK-list of titles 16mm.pdf Shelving locations of film reels I:ILL/cm/film reels stored in 154.pdf films stored in AOK - list of titles 16mm.pdf film reels stored in 154.pdf
Page: Films Media Group
Specializes in educational videos.
Page: Find open computers
Open library computers and other equipment are listed here:
Page: Find outdated pages (test)
Page: Finding and fixing orders completely arrived with order status "SV." (draft-not ready for use)
Login to Aleph Acquisitions. Click the file folder to go to order search. Set "Index" to "ON" (order number) and "Enter Starting Point" to "BC". Set "Sublibrary" to "BC-BC." Set "Order Status" to "SV". Set "Arrival Status" to "C". Set ""To" Order Date" to
Page: Finding DataSources for printing in ILLiad
Find data source pop up file c/Illiad/print click on file you want (Stacks.dbf), etc. this needs work!!!
Page: Fine and Fee Schedule
Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery Fine and Fee Schedule as of Sept 2017 Item Fine Rate   Minimum fine   Maximum Fine Lost Item charge Processing Fee Circulating Stacks $0.50/day $2.00 $20.00/item $100.00/item $35.00/item Leisure Reading $0.50/day $2.00 $2
Page: Firm Orders, NTAS Orders and Special Promotion Orders
Process these orders are same way. 1)      Open a box and pull out 2 copies of the invoices (an original, a copy). 2)      Unpack books and arrange in (rough) alphabetical order on the receiving table. 3)      Using a copy of the invoice, match each invoi
Page: First year experience library sessions (FYE, IHU, TRS, FYS, PHED)
Lesson plan for IHU sessions (Jigsaw activity) Lesson plan for IHU sessions (Instagram activity)   Teaching responsibilities
Page: Fix for title in Aleph showing in Browse search result all in caps
Sometimes a title from a record that originally loaded into Aleph all in capital letters continues to display all in capital letters in the Browse search, even after overlay by another record.  The title is stuck in the Aleph title index in its original a
Page: Flag Key
Library Note: The following notes in an order indicate that the item gets the following flags Catalog for permanent reserve–Manilla and Pink flags Fac/Stf--Red flag for Special collections (Faculty/Staff Publications) Hold--Yellow flag Replacement--Replac
Page: Follow-up on items with In-Process status
Ask the Database Maintenance Librarian for the IPS "In-process" report. This report should include the following information: Problem Report - Report title: IPS "Inprocess" report Sublibrary - BC-BC IPS: IP Update date: 2 months before the current date. (
Page: Foreign Vendors
Page: Forms for Staff Use
Security Incident Report (Staff) Laptop Loan
Page: Forward a fax phone call
Sometimes a library will try to send a fax and will use the ILL phone number by mistake.  When this happens you can transfer the call to a fax machine on campus.  They will accept the fax and forward it on to the appropriate person.   transfer to 5-2828.
Page: Free article access
 Unpaywall  -   Legal, fair, and sustainable Millions of research papers are available for free on government and university web servers, legally uploaded by the authors themselves, with the express permission of publishers. Unpaywall
Page: free book give away procedures
Monday mornings CM staff will take a book truck full of books and put them on the shelves in the rotunda. The first CM staff to arrive in the morning will check the "Free" books in the rotunda and clean up. The last CM staff to leave for the day will chec
Page: Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and many more ebooks
Page: French and European Publications - Librairie de France
A U.S. based store offering specializing in French books since 1935.
Page: French Book News
Have listings for American and online booksellers of French books under directories, booksellers.
Page: Fundamentals of Ordering
We order books, e-books, videocassettes, DVD's, scores, music CD's, CD-ROM's, maps, microfilms, slides, and access to World-Wide Web resources. Ordering consists of deciding if we should place orders, actually placing orders, and notifying concerned parti
Page: Fundamentals of Receiving
Receiving is the process we use to formally "accept" library materials that we have ordered. Receiving is the process we use to formally decide if we should pay for the library materials. This is all just common sense if you think about it in terms of wha


Page: Gale
Gale Virtual Reference Library Note: To get a complete title list or number of titles, either follow the instructions below or click on "Title List" at the top right of the screen in the GVRL database. MARC Records To obtain records and/or URLs: http://ac
Page: Gallery
Page: GEMM Guide
Combined online catalog of music vendors, including: discounters, importers, independent "mom and pop" stores, used traders, collectors, labels/publishers/manufacturers selling directly, and artists selling directly
Page: General DBM Procedures
Page: German Language On-Line Book and Video Sources
List of sources that sell German books, music and videos.
Page: German Virtual Catalog
Page: Getting Help
Get help now Students who need immediate help should go to the HelpDesk on the 1st floor of the Library or to one of the departmental service desks on the 1st floor. The HelpDesk can be reached at (410) 455-3838 Report a broken computer The QR reporter al
Page: Getting IT Help
LITS Helpdesk (x5-3040) Call the LITS Helpdesk to get immediate assistance from a technician. DoIT Helpdesk (x5-3838) Patrons with account issues should be directed to the DoIT helpdesk on the 1st floor, as LITS does not administrate the account system. S
Page: Getting Meter Counts from Public and Department Photocopiers
How to Get Meter Readings 1.       Take a clip board, pen and Meter Reading form.  (Use either the Weekly Machine Reading, form or the Monthly Meter Reading, form.  Weekly meter readings are taken from the publicly used machines every week and the monthly
Page: Getting Printer Counts
Getting Counts Ricoh C4502 In order to get the printing counts, go to each of the links below and hover over Status/Information in the left hand menu. A menu will appear; select Counter from that menu.  Ricoh C4501 and Ricoh C300 For these two machines, y
Page: Gift Book Guidelines
THIS IS COPY of older guideline–useful for the list of materials which can go directly to the book sale.  If any of the materials described in that list show up on the shelves of Gift Books to be cataloged, they should not be cataloged.  Bring them to the
Page: Gift Copy Cataloging
Gift copy cataloging procedure 2016.docx
Page: Gift journal processing procedures
Because these shelves are used for other purposes by CM they are only a temporary storage for these journals, so Serials staff should process them in a timely manner.   Shelves in room 157 are numbered. CM staff only will put gift journals on the shelves
Page: Gift Logs
Page: Gift Paperwork Processing
Gift Paperwork 1. Gift Receipt Form: Completed by donor or whoever receives the gift in CM office.   (See form #1. Also on shared drive: Shared\ill\manual\gifts\donor.inf -original to Donor upon receipt, if donor is present.  If donor is not present, plac
Page: Gift Receipt Form
Gift Receipt form:  I;ILL/CM/Gifts/Forms/        see Attachments under View
Page: Gift Selection Guidelines
Various types of gifts are received from donors, inventoried, acknowledged and reviewed for the collection.    Serials The Library no longer accepts all serials gifts. The Serials Librarian will review a list of the offered items and specify what the libr
Page: Gifts
Page: GIST - Get It System Toolkit
This is a really cool thing we are investigating.  Going to the IDS Conference in August to hear more.
Page: GOBI - Approval ordering system
GOBI website GOBI instructions - detailed GOBI instructions - simple
Page: GOBI - to view titles ordered by department
To check departmental GOBI ordering:   Log into GOBI Click on the Search tab Click on Library Activity Click on open orders and invoiced Under Date Range go to the Order Date box and leave it at >=, but use the date 07012011 (which will search from the be
Page: Gobi Searching
Go to the Acquisitions homepage. Click on Gobi (in the common links toolbar). Enter Account Number, user ID and password. Click go. At the top of the page there is a quick search bar, search here by ISBN. If you have searched by ISBN, then a matching reco
Page: Goodies List for October 20, 2010 -- March 3, 2011
Wednesday Morning Treats October 20, 2010 - March 9, 2011 10/20/10 - Lynda Aldana 10/27/10 - Pat Brown 11/3/10 - Jen Fitch 11/10/10 – Tricia Flester 11/17/10 – Darlene Houck 11/24/10 - Vicki Sipe 12/1/10 - Jo Ann Smith 12/8/10 - Christina Williams 12/15/1
Page: Google Books
Page: Goucher Library
Page: Goucher Special Collections
I like the color blocks and how they organize info
Page: Government documents
Page: Government documents shelved in Technical Services
Federal government documents related to cataloging/classification from Library of Congress are shelved in Technical Services. Reference staff brings them to Database Maintenance Coordinator when they are received. • 852 in HOL: o 1st indicator: 3 o subfie
Page: Graduate Student Resources
Research Resources Core research toolbox: catalogusmai - the USM Library Catalog Research subject guides E-journals by title
Page: Graduate students outreach project
Dec 17, 2009 JG This is what I have written so far for the introduction to our proposal. It is a very basic beginning. Feel free to edit and change. JG The Reference and Instruction department at the Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery offers services for u
Page: Grants Advisory
This informal advisory committee will work to foster a mutually supportive, interdepartmental, and collaborative environment to discuss grant projects throughout the Library. Co-chairs: Michelle Flinchbaugh and Lindsey Loeper E-mail list: aok-grants@lists
Page: Graphic Novels best practice 20180226
Graphic Novels best practice 20180226 Vicki Sipe Graphic novels can be fiction or non-fiction. There might be text, or not. It might be a single story, a collection of stories, or previously published issues of individual comic books. The common element i
Page: Guideline 400 - Library Emergency Response Plan
Guideline 400 – Library Emergency Response Plan Purpose of the Plan A Building Emergency Response Plan is a strategic plan to provide the procedures necessary to cope with most types of emergencies with respect to a specific building. The purpose of this
Page: Guidelines & Procedures Manual
010 Revising Guidelines Log-in required Governance 161 AOK Library & Gallery Assembly Bylaws 163 Ground Rules for Working Groups 171 Faculty Senate Elections Planning 101 Library Vision for FY2009-2012 107 Library Policy Committee Communication 110 Dissem
Page: Guidelines for Library Publications
This is now under discussion
Page: Guidelines for selecting from duplicate gift titles
These guidelines are geared toward the inclusive selection practices of UMBC Library for duplicate gifts. There may always be exceptions to these guidelines. The Collection Management Librarian should be consulted when there are questions. The adding of d


Page: Hal Leonard Online Music Stores
Links to a couple of dozen online music vendors.
Page: Harrassowitz Booksellers & Subscription Agent
Specializes in German language materials.
Page: High School Groups
These IHU library lessons have been modified for high school groups. Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Answer Sheet
Page: Holiday and Other Closing Notices
READ these instruction before proceeding! These holiday notice changes are for the main ILL page. After updating the dates co
Page: Holiday Closings
It's important to plan in advance for library-closed dates for ILL! Webpages: There is closing information on the ILL Webpages wiki page  - Holiday and Other Closing Notices READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PAGE Change the dates Send the text to the web libra
Home page: Home
Page: Home Cornell University Library
This search box that's translucent on top of an image is really different and a great way to get more out of our space. I found it really startling at first though.
Page: How Readers Navigate to Scholarly Content
Page: How to Accept Credit Card Payments
We can accept credit card payments at the library.  UMBC accepts all types of credit cards: Visa, Master, Discover, American Express.  Debit Cards and PayPal are not accepted. 1.  A Credit Card Payment form should be completed and signed by a card holder
Page: How to Arm or Disarm Entrance to the Working Area
Press  COMMAND  button ARM / DISARM  options will appear on a display Choose ARM when you leave;  DISARM when you enter the area Put your personal security code Press  COMMAND  button again Choose ALL  to DISARM Say NO to ARM Room 123 – YES Room 158 – YES
Page: How to Check a Requisition Status
Navigation: My UMBC-Topics- Human Resources & Finance - PS Finance - Log In. PS Menue will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on Purchases - Requisitions - Review Requisition Information - Document Status Enter a "Requisition ID number" as appro
Page: How to check the deposit in the PS
check the deposited in the PS
Page: How to Create a Requisition for a Purchase Order in PS
Make a Requisition for a PO in PS
Since it's found money, it would be like the lost and found books that are either added to the collection or put into the book sale (Per Robin Moskal) 1.        Write a receipt using A&R receipt book for Lost & Found money. Give a white receipt copy to a
Page: How To Get New Loading Dock Parking Permits
Page: How to get to PeopleSoft Main Menu.
Go to My UMBC. Log in Go to Topics and chose Financial Services and Accounting Then go to People Soft Finance. The main menu of People Soft will appear on the screen.
Page: How to make your Dell Invoice online
Click on link and  fill out the form, then click on submit in a while the invoice emerges on the screen. Print it.
Page: How to obtain an invoice from Dell Use the link above. Fill out the form, which appears on the screen. 
Page: How to prepare deposit paperwork
Check the Receipts: A person preparing a deposit must carefully check a receipt and get back for explanations to a department if there are some errors or mistakes on a receipt. Note: There are 3 copies of a receipt in a receipt book: white copy is payor's
Page: How to Print a PO
Navigation: My UMBC-Topics- Human Resources & Finance - PS Finance - Log In. PS Menue will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on Purchasing - Purchase Orders - Review PO Information - Print PO Purchase Orders Print screen will appear. Click "Add
Page: How to process a request for a Working Fund Check
1. There is a special form to request a Working Fund Check. It is on Financial Services website under Accounts Payable/Forms. It is also saved in A&R shared drive/accforms/ working_fund-master.xls 2. Complete all lines and columns of the form. (Date requi
Page: How to Receive Supplies
1) Open a box and pull out of an invoices or a packing slip. 2) Unpack supplies on the receiving table. 3) Use an invoice or a packing slip, match each invoice or packing slip item to a supply. 4) Make check mark on the invoice or packing slip for each it
Page: How to send a fax overseas
Page: How to use a shared e-mail folder libsupplies
1. Please remind Library staff to use a new electronic Supplies Purchase Request form while requesting any kind of supplies from A&R. 2. Please handle messages in
Page: Hughes Data Dictionary
Hughes Field Explanations Local Element Name DC Mapping Vocab/ Encoding Scheme Supplied by Comments/ Instructions Examples Title Title None Cataloger Create brief specific descriptive title, enclosed in square brackets.  Include descriptive phrase, then p
Page: Hughes Image Collection
Beginning in CONTENTdm Project Client Working in the Hughes Collection Best Practices for Hughes July 2011 Churches Monuments Searching OCLC Authorites for Hughes Searching TGM for Hughes


Page: I Drive Structure
I: -AllLibrary (Limit to only documents of library wide interest???) --AllShare? AllEdit? ------Budget ------Campus ------Computing ------Forms ------Library Resources ------Planning ------Policies ------Projects --LibDocs? AllView? ----Budget ----Campus
Page: I drive suggestions
The intended purpose of the I Drive Guidelines is to encourage decluttering and improve access to department files. This will improve efficiency by making it easier to locate files. Problem files accumulate over time sometimes there are multiple versions
Page: IDS Project
Workflow Toolkit      
Page: IFLA Vouchers - how to purchase
  OCLC members in the United States and Canada may purchase IFLA vouchers from OCLC. Member libraries can pay for IFLA Vouchers through their monthly OCLC billing or via Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM). OCLC has added this purchase option to help s
Page: ILL
Page: ILL Office
Page: ILL Statistics
Page: ILL webpage information
ILL webpages are accessible, only with permission, on the F drive. The main page ILL page  is W:\ ill\index.php   Edit the page in Notetab or Notepad.
Page: ILL Webpages
Page: ILLiad - All
For ILLiad Borrowing see Borrowing For ILLiad Lending see Lending For ILLiad Document Delivery see Document Delivery
Page: ILLiad - Creating a Group
Groups can be used to do create customized search statistics in the ILLiad Report.  (Like the USMAI group) In the Main tab, click on System in the ribbon at the top. Click on Group Maintenance. Look for the list of Groups on the left. Look just above that
Page: ILLiad 8.0
link to Atlas ILLiad 8.0 manual
Page: ILLiad Addons
Page: ILLiad Addons Tabs (UMBC added)
UMBC specific AddOns information to be used in ILLiad System/ AddOns Management. URL for (open URL linker/SFX/FindIt) is WorldCat Local is http://umbc.wo
Page: ILLiad Borrowing - All
Page: ILLiad Borrowing: Fixing Display Holdings problem
Open Staff Manager Click on Copy Layout & Grid Settings Select name of person from whom to copy settings and then name of person to whom settings should be copied.           9/20/16 LS
Page: ILLiad Document Delivery - All
Page: ILLiad email templates
All the ILLiad templates are stored in I:\ILL\ILLiad\email. IMPORTANT: When making changes to templates they MUST be saved as .txt (text files).  The easiest place to do this is in Notepad or NoteTab Light.  To edit emails use Word, to edit webpages use n
Page: ILLiad Lending - all
Page: ILLiad PDF to TIFF
Convert a PDF with color to a TIFF with color using Adobe Reader 1.  With the PDF open, click the Print icon 2.  Select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer from the list of printers. 3.  Click the Properties button, then the Advanced tab 4.  In the Out
Page: ILLiad Tutorials (Atlas)
Atlas Tutorials included are *copyright *electronic delivery *searching and sending on OCLC *Customer cancellations *Conditionals *Partial/incorrect *Recalls *Renewals *Un
Page: ILLiad Tutorials (for USMAI)
Adding Addons Addon for FindIt Addon for Catalogusmai Adding the WebCirc module Adding a request for a patron
Page: ILLiad Webpages
Page: ILLiad- Tips
                                                                Catching Mistakes Before the Connexion Manager Runs If you update a request incorrectly, to change the status of a request (i.e. from YES to CANCEL), you must catch the mistake before the OCL
Page: ILWG Work Plan
 The ILWG work plan is available in Google Drive:
Page: Infobell
Links to phone directories in various countries.
Page: Information for Donors
ALBIN O. KUHN LIBRARY & GALLERY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY   Information for Donors      On behalf of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the staff of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery is pleased to accept donations of books, jour
Page: Information Literacy Working Group (ILWG)
Current Members Mission & Goals Work Plan Meeting Minutes Learning Objects Workshops UMBC Library Instruction Site
Page: Information to Share with academic department liaisons
Letter Template - to liaisons This template is used to send a welcome letter to new (or returning) liaisons.     I:ILL/CM/Liaisons Information/Information to share with liaisons ASAP   The letter is individualized to include info on their department, budg
Page: Inputting Special Fund Purchases in the Special Funds Management System
To open the database:  Open Access 2000 Open I:Acquisitions\AcqStatistics\FoundationAccounts  To input data: If the drop-down in the left column doesn't say forms, change it to forms. Double click on “Input Form” (this gives you blank sheets to fill in) U
Page: Insight Media
Specializes in educational videos.
Page: Instruction & Presentation Resources
This is a place for all librarians who are required or interested in doing instruction, training, and presentations to get and share active learning techniques, teaching tips, and additional resources. Feel free to add content. Training, Workshops, & Disc
Page: Instruction for Duplex Printing for Public Machines
1. Press the "Custom Settings" button on the panel. 2. Select the "Key Operator Programs" tab on the screen. 3. Enter the key operation code by pressing the number "0 Five Times" (00000). 4. Select the "Copy Settings" tab on the screen. 5. Select "Initial
Page: Instruction Task Group
Active Learning Resource Lists  
Page: Instructions for Microfilm Scanner 300
1.    Click "Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0" Icon on the desktop 2.    Click "Start From Scratch" 3.    After the program is launched, a new window will pop up, click OK. 4.    Go to "File" on the drop-down menu, choose "Input" and then "Canon MS300 Twain"
Page: Instructions for Specific Types of Book Orders
BNA Forms: Insure that highlighting has been done and that the correct ISBN's are highlighted. If any of the forms indicate that we should order paperback, write paperback on each side of the form, and circle all information pertinent to the paperback and
Page: Integrating the library into blackboard
I. Add library resources to your course Create a link to ... (library resources) E-books E-journals Databases Articles in a database or an E-journal items in the library catalog course reserves items at UMBC digital collections (CONTENTdm) Create a link t
Page: Internal Sign Submissions
Signs submitted by library staff and/or Signage Work Group members should adhere to the Style Guideline for Library Digital Signs and be relevant to our community with an emph
Page: International Book Import Service
A U.S. company that specializes in German books.
Page: International White and Yellow Pages
Links to phone directories throughout the world organized by continent.
Page: Inventory Database Backup & Restoration
Go to Start->All Programs->MySQL->MySQL Administrator Login with root and the long password Under Backup will be a project called "Inventory Backup" That should backup all tables in the inventory database at 2 am daily to the D: drive with a file name tha
Page: Invoice Components (required for it to be paid)
The word "Invoice." Name of company or individual billing us. Phone and fax number (if applicable). FEID or social security number (if applicable). Item(s) description(s). Total cost of item(s). Shipping and handling charges.
Page: Invoice processing
When invoice is received from Lending library: 1. go to ILliad 2. Search by ILL # or title 3. make sure that article came from library that sent the invoice If library sent the book/article but did not update OCLC and we received from another library that
Page: Invoicing Without Receiving & Receiving Without Invoicing & Receiving an Unreceived Item on an Invoice
Invoicing without receiving Receiving as usual, but when asked "Do you want to record the materials as arrived?" click "No." Receiving without invoicing The first field on the Order Bar should be set to order number. If not, use the drop-down to select it
Page: Ithaca College Library
This site features people. Pix of reference librarian and graduating student assistants.
Page: Ithaka's 2006 Studies of Key Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation in Higher Education
Page: IUIS meeting minutes metadata
This project is set up on the 3rd computer in the Reading Room. Lindsey will upload the meeting minutes pdfs into Project Client. You will edit all files within Project Client.  If you need to reference the pdf outside of Project Client (for example, to c


Page: J.W. Pepper
Sheet music (scores). Information, contacts, and an online database..
Page: Jan. 11 Meeting Notes
1. Reports and Announcements Vicki provided an update about the Hughes projects -- Susan Graham is back and is working on creating a project landing page.  Next month they will be going live with the collection.  Vicki is interested in doing some promotio
Page: Janet's AllShare suggestions
I propose that we shift focus to developing a time-table and work flow for converting the Guidelines, Practices and Procedures Manual to Confluence. Proposed AllShare structure  AllShare Library Assembly ByLaws Agendas 2008 2007 2006 etc. Minutes 2008 etc
Page: Jerusalem Books Ltd.
Specializes in books published in Israel. The online catalog of Jerusalem Books is only available to customers with a username and password.
Page: JPC Classical
A German online music vendor
Page: JSTOR Print List Procedure
20161011 Go to Advanced Search page of OPAC (  Open JSTOR Print spreadsheet (in Google sheets)   Copy the ISSN of next it
Page: Julie's page
Page: July 2011 Meeting Notes
*No reports and announcements *Connexion Update -- Alex is testing the new version of Connexion in Windows 7. *YBP testing -- Jen will check to see if there is anew load and let VS know.  VS is following up on the working being done on the YBP loader.
Page: July 23, 2009 - TS Meeting Minutes
TS Meeting 7/23/09 Meeting minutes taken by Alicia McNichols. Taking minutes at at department meetings will rotate among staff. Present: Michelle, Tricia, Jen, Darlene, Lynda, Ping, Alicia, Jo Ann, Heather, and Vicki. Housekeeping Heather will create a Te
Page: July 27, 2010 - TS Meeting Minutes
1. Mouse update - a work order has been put in (where are they coming from?). Since our meeting the man has been here and added more traps around the room.                                                      - Please remember to keep all food covered and
Page: June 10, 2009 Communications Working Group Meeting
Communications Working Group Meeting 10 June 2009In attendance: Daniel Gallaher, Robin Moskal, Shu Qian, Austin Smith, Katy Sullivan, Vicki Sipe (recording), LaTanya West (Chair)  Wiki Training Document Discussion of Wiki Training Suggestions document sen


Page: Kubon & Sagner
Specializes in materials published in East and Southeast Europe.
Page: Kultur Films
An online video vendor specializing in opera, ballet, dance, music, art, literature, and history.


Page: Labeling and Acid Free Tag Printing
Page: Laptop Use Off Campus
Page: Latin American Book Source, Inc.
A U.S. based company specializing in books from Latin America and Spain.
Page: Latin American Book Store, Ltd.
Good alternative source for Latin-American books.
Page: Ledgers Maintenance During The Last Quarter of a Fiscal Year
  Please keep ledgers updated with current transactions on every day basis. Please check ledgers for duplicate entries. Please consult as appropriate if there are any duplicate amounts with the same description.  A PS report will be printed to double chec
Page: LEEC
Library Employee Enrichment Committee (LEEC) Goal The premise for the organization of this [committee] is to provide a mechanism for continuous and systematic planning of activities for all library employees to enhance knowledge and skills that contribute
Page: LEEC April 2009 Minutes
LEEC Meeting Notes Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Director's Conference Room Present: Pat Garnett, Rachel Shapiro, Simmona Simmons(recorder) Larry spoke at the beginning of meeting. He noted that the work from this Committee is very important. He wants us to co
Page: LEEC Audio and Web Conferences
Upcoming Events Please join the Library Employee Enrichment Committee (LEEC) for the following Audio Conferences (based on staff requests) which will all be held at 2pm in Room 259: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Confidence, Credibility, & Influence Skills fo
Page: LEEC May 2008 Minutes
Library Employee Enrichment Committee (LEEC) - Minutes: May 29, 2008 Attendees: Pat Garnett, Rachel Shapiro, June Yang, Simmona Simmons, and LaTanya West LaTanya will serve as chair of the committee from now until June, 2009. Simmona spoke to Jill from th
Page: LEEC May 2009 Minutes
LEEC Minutes May 6, 2009 Present: Robin Martin, Gergana Kostova, Katy Sullivan, Simmona Simmons, Tricia Mott, LaTanya West (Chair) Welcomed new members Robin, Katy, and Tricia to the group and gave an overview of what LEEC hopes to accomplish for staff. T
Page: Legacy e-journals project
These records are set to be removed from ALEPH summer of 2018. JSTOR legacy spreadsheet:
Page: Leisure Reading Cataloging and Processing 2017
Leisure Reading Cataloging and Processing 2017
Page: Leisure Reading Collection - Amazon Wish List
Amazon gift wishlist Leisure Reading Collection Amazon wish list   password is aoklib158   (both gmail account and amazon wishlist account)  
Page: Leisure Reading Collection - Collection Management Procedures
An Amazon wishlist was created to facilitate donor contributions to the Leisure Reading Collection.  All donors will be thanked, as always, by Collection Management and by the Friends of the Library (via Library Administrative Assistant) for purchasing a
Page: Lending
Page: Lending - Creating an ILLiad account for borrowing libraries
Some libraries don't participate in OCLC and therefore don't have an OCLC symbol.  However, they can have an ILLiad account created for them, so that they can request materials directly through the account. If they don't have an OCLC symbol they should co
Page: Lending - Creating invoices for exempt and for profit same symbol libraries
(i.e. MDB)  If you need to create an invoice for a library with the same symbol as other exempt libraries, you must make sure that the "billing category" of the first library on the list in ILliad Maintenance/Edit Address is marked with "Check", regardles
Page: Lending - Lost Book Invoices
To print Lost book invoices Go to Mailings and then click arrow on your right to print each invoice.
Page: Lending - Mail merge - pull slips fix
Problem: Mail merge is grayed out  To repair: In ILLiad click "print stacks search items" Click yes for each template that opens Click merge to new documents When you get the message that it can't do the following" Click on Tools Click on letters and mail
Page: Lending - mail merge - template incorrect-fix
Template Mail Merge Problem - Lending - template - article pull slips Problem: copies template disappeared, and book info was printing onto copy template.  To repair: In ILLiad click "print stacks search items" Click yes to open each template Click "merge
Page: Lending - Mail Merge Fix
 Problem: Mail merge is grayed out   To repair: In ILLiad click "print shipping labels" Click yes to open the template Merge is grayed out: Click on Tools Click on letters and mailings Click on mail merge Go to step 3 and click radio button for use same l
Page: Lending - printing pull slips
After searching requested items in the online catalog you  need to print the pull slips so the items can be searched, and pulled, in the stacks. In ILLiad: On the top ribbon click Search Stacks Click Print stacks search items A MS Word template for each f
Page: Lending - webpage procedures letter
All Libraries Requesting Materials from the UMBC Collections From:  UMBC - the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Albin O. Kuhn                                  Library, Interlibrary Loan Department RE:      Requesting Library Materials from UMBC -
Page: Lending Article Exchange Procedures
Open ILLiad Click on Lending Tab Menu bar at top, click on Lending Select “Update Stacks Search” Key in TN or ILL# When it comes up, click on “Mark Found Scan Now” Click on “Import Document” Search on I/ILL/ILL/Lending pdf When document populates, the “Se
Page: Lending Basics at UMBC
Lending Basics at UMBC: Things you need to do/know -- Does your scanner scan in color?  If not you’ll need to read the information on “conditionaling” a request. Is Odyssey scanning operational? Open your library homepage, so you can check your holdings i
Page: Lending UMBC Dissertations
I. Dissertation noncirculating copy only but available in Proquest.      Advise requesting library to purchase a copy through Proquest.   II. Dissertation noncirculating copy in SC and no copy available through Proquest. Conditionalize library that it may
Page: Liaisons' FAQ
What are the duties of the Liaison? When are the fiscal year 2011/2012 ordering deadlines?      How do Liaisons place orders? How do other people place orders? Why worry about things already owned by other USMAI libraries? What are priority levels? When a
Page: Liaisons' Login to Web Ordering System
Page: Liblicense, Licensing Digital Information, A Resource for Librarians
An extremely valuable resource on licensing.
Page: Library - Morrisville State College
i like their books and articles, reserves, and help icons
Page: Library Assebmly Agenda 091608
Library Assembly Agenda Tuesday, September 16, 2008 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:15    Library Director's Report                         Larry Wilt 2:15 - 2:25    Open Announcements 2:25 - 2:55    Presentation by the Communication & Documentation Worki
Page: Library Assembly
  Welcome to the Library Assembly Wiki Pages Here you will find information on the Library Assembly, including its officers, minutes, and meeting information. FY 2019 Officers Chair:  Vicki Sipe, Catalog and Metadata Librarian,, x56751 Vice
Page: Library Assembly Agenda 011309
Library Assembly Agenda Tuesday, January 13, 2009 LIB Room 767 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:15    Open Announcements 2:15 - 2:30    Library Director's Report                         Larry Wilt 2:30 - 2:40    Photos in the Online Staff Directory Janet H
Page: Library Assembly Agenda 021209
Library Assembly Agenda Thursday, February 12, 2009 LIB Room 767 ** Janet Hack will be available to take staff photos before and after the meeting ** 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:15    Open Announcements 2:15 - 2:30    Library Director's Report        
Page: Library Assembly Agenda 033109
Library Assembly Agenda Tuesday, March 31, 2009 LIB Room 767 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:15    Open Announcements 2:15 - 2:30    Library Director's Report                         Larry Wilt  2:30 - 3:00    Department Reports Accounting & Receiving Acq
Page: Library Assembly Agenda 072308
Library Assembly Agenda July 23, 2008 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:15    Library Director's Report                      Larry Wilt 2:15 - 2:25    Open Announcements 2:25 - 2:50    Department Reports Accounting & Receiving Acquisitions Bibliographic & M
Page: Library Assembly Agenda 102208
Library Assembly Agenda Wednesday, October 22, 2008 LIB 767 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:15    Library Director's Report Larry Wilt 2:15 - 2:25    Open Announcements 2:25 - 2:35    UMBC Staff Awards Michael Dick 2:35 - 2:45    Communications & Document
Page: Library Assembly Agenda 120808
Library Assembly Agenda Monday, December 8, 2008 Library Gallery 2:00 - 2:05    Welcome 2:05 - 2:10    Open Announcements 2:10 - 2:25    Library Director's Report                         Larry Wilt 2:25 - 2:40    Vision Statement Discussion: Please share
Page: Library Assembly events calendar
h5. This calendar can be used to track events held by or for Library staff. Upcoming events will be announced at each monthly Library Assembly meeting. Please contact Drew Alfgren to add an event (x53608 \\ {calendar:id=LibraryAssembly\
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 011110
Library Assembly Minutes Monday, January 11, 2010 Welcome and Open Announcements Library Assembly Special Budget and Blue Ribbon Committee Meeting, Wednesday, January 13, 3PM on 7th floor. Next Library Assembly Meeting, Wednesday, February 10th at 2:00PM
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 011309
Library Assembly January 13, 2009 LIB 767 Officers LaTanya West and Susan Graham were present. Meeting came to order at 2:02 PM Open Announcements -         Anna Keyes' retirement party will be held on Friday, 1/16/09 at noon in the 7thfloor Open Space ar
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 021209
Library Assembly February 12, 2009 LIB 767 Officers LaTanya West and Susan Graham were present. Meeting came to order at 2:10 PM Open Announcements • Janet Hack (JH) is taking staff photos 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and 15 minutes after th
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 033109
Library Assembly March 31, 2009 LIB 767 Officers LaTanya West and Susan Graham were present. Meeting came to order at 2:05PM Open Announcements • None Director's Report Introductions of new employees • Larry Wilt (LW) introduced Lynda Aldana (LA), the new
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 072109
Library Assembly Minutes Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Welcome Introduction of new officers (all were present) Lindsey Loeper (Chair), Pat Garnett (Vice-Chair), Vicki Sipe (Secretary)   Open Announcements None Event Announcements This will be a new topic at Libr
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 072308
July 23, 2008 Minutes for Library Assembly All officers were present. Meeting came to order at 2:05 PM LaTanya West introduced the new FY09 Officers:  Chair : LaTanya West Vice Chair: Marcus Dagold Secretary:  Susan Graham Director's Report Roof Project •
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 082509
Library Assembly Minutes Tuesday, August 25, 2009 Welcome Colleen Walter was introduced and welcomed.  She is one of two GAs working in Special Collections this year.  Welcome to Homira Pashai as well.  She is the other Special Collections GA this year, b
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 091608
Library Assembly | Minutes | September 16, 2008 All officers were present. Meeting came to order at 2:10 PM Director's Report Three Issues from LEC: 1.   Annual Report -         The first draft of the Library annual report (summary of recent accomplishmen
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 092409
Library Assembly Minutes Thursday, September 24, 2009 Welcome Jennifer Lepus, Director, University Health Services was introduced and welcomed.  She is presenting information on H1N1 and campus preparations.  Open Announcements Please remember to provide
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 102009
Library Assembly Minutes Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Welcome and Open Announcements Lindsey Loeper noted the e-mail from Jennifer Lepus on Oct. 14, 2009 concerning Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence Protocol.  Please be sure to read the e-mail thorou
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 102208
Library Assembly Meeting October 22, 2008 All officers were present. Meeting came to order at 2:05 PM Director's Report Ice Cream Social -         Larry Wilt (LW) announced that the ice cream social held prior to the Library Assembly (LA) meeting was spon
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 111609
Library Assembly Minutes Monday, November 16, 2009 Welcome and Open Announcements Upcoming Library Assembly Meetings: There will be no December meeting. Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, 2:00 - 3:30pm Wednesday, February 10th, 2010, 2:00 - 3:30pm Wednesday, Ma
Page: Library Assembly Minutes 120808
Library Assembly December 8, 2008 Officers LaTanya West and Susan Graham were present. Meeting came to order at 2:08 PM Open Announcements -         Special Collections Technician, Robin Martin, was introduced to the Assembly.  Everyone wishes her well wi
Page: Library Brocuhure Illustrator file
An editable version of the Library Borchure.
Page: Library Computer Labs
Computer Labs and locations Location Image Lab Computers Printers Other Equipment Notes Floor 1 Slim Fall14 42 PCs 3 3 Standing Scanners. 2 sit-down scanners   Retriever Learning Center (RLC) Slim Fall14 17 PCs 1 32" TV display for most workstations. 60"
Page: Library Computers - Help, How-to, and FAQs
  Most Viewed Recently Updated All Pages Library IT Help Articles
Page: Library Contingency Planning Summer-Fall 2009
[This document provided by Larry Wilt for Library Assembly meeting on 21 July 2009.]   Library Contingency Planning Summer/Fall 2009  In light of the current economic situation, and indications from the state and campus administrations, the probability of
Page: Library Documents
Staff Phone List Staff E-mail List
Page: Library exhibits coordinating
Members of this group will meet to discuss possibilities for cross-promotion or collaborative exhibits planning. Representatives from the Gallery, Special Collections, Media, and Reference will participate. Minutes 1/15/2013  
Page: Library Furnishings
Click on the link to view full-sized image. Photo Info round.jpg General Study Tables 60 in. dia. round Knoll tables with Lombard mission style chairs (some pur
Page: Library Garden User 2.0 Innovative Library Sites (Part 1 - Academic Libraries)
Blog post with links to innovative library websites
Page: Library Guidelines
Objective: Tasked by LEC to review the library’s departmental and administrative guidelines, specifically, looking for issues concerning relevance, wording, applicability, currency and any conflict with campus policy so that the guidelines can be made mor
Page: Library Homepage
Page: Library IT Help Articles
This space is public. No sensitive data please! Add the lits-faq tag for your doc to appear on the How-to front page   Library IT Help Articles
Page: Library IT Help Articles For Staff
These guides pertain to the latest staff image (Spring 2015 and later). Instructions may not be accurate for staff machines that have not yet been updated. Editors: Do not add the lits-faq tag to articles here. They will pollute the patron help page area.
Page: Library Lab Images
Images are the complete set of software installed on a computer. Two computers with the same image will, up to a point, be identical. To see which labs have which images, check out Library Computer Labs. Simplified Lab Image (SLIM) At the request of our u
Page: Library Library Cal State San Marcos
i like the "Resources for:" section. Maybe we have something like already though?
Page: Library Media Forms
Daily Procedure Forms Circulating Equipment Checklist.docx Perimeter & Box Checklist Form.doc Open Stacks Checklist.docx BiAnnualSpaceandEquipmentCheck.docx          
Page: Library Media Staff Manual
A. General Information B. Library Policies C. Opening and Closing Procedures D. Scheduled Tasks and Procedures E. Loaning, Returning and Renewing Media Items F. Holds and Faculty Bookings G. Fines H. ALEPH Downtime Procedures I. Library Media Playback Equ
Page: Library Media Student Manual
Page: Library of Congress catalog
Search page for Library of Congress online catalog
Page: Library Paycheck Distribution
Distribution is handled by Julie Wu (primary) and performed in A&R area. Christina Williams, Darlene Houck, and Alla Noyvert are alternates in that order.  Days and Hours: Friday - 1:00 p. m. - 4:00 p. m.                             Monday following  - 8:
Page: Library Planning Foci
Page: Library Policy and Procedure Wikis
Examples from other institutions: University of Minnesota Libraries Staff Wiki Homepage (Wow!!): University of Connecticut Libraries: http://wiki.lib.uconn.e
Page: Library Strategic Planning Implementation (LSIG)
Group Charge Members: Sharon Anaba, Tricia Flester, Rebecca Hertl, Lindsey Loeper, Sarah New (co-chair), Nicole Smith (co-chair) Minutes
Page: Library USPS Mail Sorting
Library -United State Postal Services /USPS Mail Sorting The mail is delivered to us every day, Monday thru Friday when the University is open.  We sort the mail going to the different departments in the Library and to the mail boxes of staff in the Techn
Page: Library Web Team
Page: Libros Latinos
Specializes in materials published in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean in all subjects and languages, including used and out-of-print. Information, contacts, and an online database.
Page: Licensing agreements - can we copy?
 USMAI License Agreements  All vendors listed on this page allow Interlibrary Loan.
Page: LIMS Orders through UMCP ITD
These procedures govern equipment procurement which is accomplished through UMCP's Information Technology Division, using funds that have been transferred to UMCP for the support of the Library Information Management System (LIMS) run by the USMAI consort
Page: Links to the USMAI EDS WebEx meeting sessions
(You will need to download the WebEx Network Recording Player, if you do not have it already on your computer, to watch the recording.) Friday, January 11, 2013 Thursday, Ma
Page: List of Library Publications
Key Library-wide PR, promotion and marketing materials only.  Informational items about specific services or resources are excluded (departments are responsible for their own materials). Title Short Description/Notes Produced by  Contact URL Update requir
Page: List of our e-book Vendors
Vendor Contract on File with YBP (able to order ebooks in GOBI) Annual Platform Fee Limits Admin Stats Ref Stats Stats URL Stats Login Cambridge University Press       R2, R4, R6, titles owned http://www.ebooks.cambridge.
Page: Loading Holdings to GOBI
YBP will load holdings for free every 4 months. Do not do more than once every 4 months. An Aleph ISBN report automatically runs on the 2nd of each month with the file name ISBNs.bcprint. Find it and click the up arrow, then ok, to download it. Find the f
Page: Local History Resource Wiki
This guide has been migrated to the Albin O. Kuhn Library research guides:    
Page: Local LIMS
Members Name Conact for:  USMAI service Lynda Aldana (Chair) Aleph user requests USMAI and ELUNA passwords UMBC campus contact Paula Langley Circulation   Michelle Flinchbaugh Aleph acquisitions Acquisitions Serials Task Group Alternate UMBC campus contac
Page: Login
Page: LPs
Most of these are older records, to they follow different cataloging standards. There are also many records for the same title, of varying quality. I've suggested searching strategies to minimize the number of hits. Because this will still pull up multipl
Page: Lyrasis
  UMBC has 4 Lyrasis accounts:  monthly alerts with statements come to CM Librarian, be aware you also need to click on the invoice link to see if an invoice is open and waiting.  Send both statements and invoices to Joyce Tenney for payment.  Often you w


Page: Mailing orders with Harrassowitz and Puvill approval slips
Take the Harrassowitz or Puvill form orders from the "P.O.'s to be Mailed" Tray. Separate the purchase order and the form, making two stacks, and being careful to keep them in order. Discard any other paperwork that is attached to them. Make two copies of
Page: Mailing Procedures
Mailing out orders Orders with a VISA or Barnes & Noble cover sheet never get mailed. All mailed orders must have a number in the Campus P.O.# field. Orders with "VISA," "PO REQ," or "Prepay" in the Campus P.O.# field or orders with EDI in the address nev
Page: Main Page - Gutenberg
Page: Managing Academic Department Liaisons and Chairs E-Mailing Lists
In order to send "bulk" emails to academic department liaisons and chairs two listservs were created.  They are accessible through MyUMBC.  The main reason to access the lists is to update the liaisons and chairs information. Log into MyUMBC and click on
Page: MARCIVE GOP Full Records Processing Procedure
ITD loads monthly MARCIVE files in the following order: • On receipt: load the combined files of records for e (Internet only)-documents: full followed by changed. • Load the file of tangible monograph records: full followed by changed, after the weekly S
Page: May 12, 2009 Communication Working Group Meeting
Communications Working Group Meeting 12 May 2009 In attendance: Communication WG: Daniel Gallaher, Robin Moskal, Shu Qian, Austin Smith, Katy Sullivan, Vicki Sipe (recording), LaTanya West (Chair) Document Management WG: Michelle Flinchbaugh, Susan Graham
Page: May 2013
TS Chat This is an attempt at a monthly newsletter for us, by us. Submissions will be made by the 15th of the month with the final newsletter being posted on the last day of the month (hopefully). We want this newsletter to be informative and fun. Share w
Page: May 4, 2011 - Minutes
Announcements: Picnic is Friday June 10th Student Party is May 13th - Darlene will be collecting $5 for pizza and have a sign up sheet for snacks There is a plan for the Library to hand out cookies to students for exams - likely the day before the reading
Page: May 5th 2010 Meeting Minutes
1.Announcements - Ping will be out May 6th - May 24th. She has arranged for all of her work to be covered. If there is an urgent problem, please let Linda know. LEC Updates : Joe Clark's last day will be May 21, Lynda will keep us updated on discussions a
Page: McNaughton Plan Procedures - Discontinued 2012
  General Guidelines for Circulation of Materials in the McNaughton Collection: Books from the McNaughton collection will circulate to current UMBC students, staff, and faculty only. There will be no holds or recalls for books in the collection. The books
Page: Media
Library Media Staff Manual Library Media Student Manual Library Media Forms      
Page: Media Routing and Workflow
MEDIA MATERIALS routing and workflow - UNDER CONSTRUCTION Videos All videos–purchased and gifts–will go to JoAnn for copy-cataloging and call numbering.   CDs All CDs–purchased and gifts–will go to April for copy-cataloging and call numbering. -ROMs All -
Page: Media transfers to Archives
Procedure For both VHS and DVD Use the barcode to pull up the correct record and item. Change location to SPARC (Special Collections - UMBC University Archives) either in item record or in HOL record. Change the status to 03 (Non-Circulating) Email thread
Page: Media/Student Support Services Transcripts
From Jodi: Student Support Services has asked if we can provide some means to house/access available and created transcripts for video materials that do not have sub-titles or closed captions.  We have agreed to do so for materials in our collection.  The
Page: Meeting minutes 2-29-08
Collier Jones, OIT: will provide an overview of the wiki program Confluence and address the group's questions about using a wiki to host library projects. CJ: Confluence excels at serving as a public-facing knowledge provider, but is not as good as a publ
Page: Meeting Minutes 3-6-2009
Agenda: Review of goals/mission of committee Current Activities Logo Discussion Future projects Kiosk project review  Other concerns from members 1. Mission:  to raise awareness of Library services and resources It was agreed that this should still be our
Page: Message Screen Stop Sign
The red stop sign on your Borrowing or Lending Message Screen indicates an error or alert that was encountered following the running of the ILLiad Connection Manager or Odyssey Manager.  This message file should be managed when it occurs. Clicking on the
Page: Michelle's Musing on Google Doc and the UMBC Wiki
In GoogleDocs I easily figured out how to allow a bunch of people to edit or view a doc, and how to publish and keep the published version updated. But there appears to be no quick and simple way to give a bunch of people access to the doc. You can get an
Page: Microsoft Technet
Taken directly from Microsoft Technet at Th
Page: Midwest Tapes
Page: Minimal level videorecording records
In order to minimize the backlog of DVDs that need original cataloging, some DVDs will be minimally cataloged by a copy-cataloger according to the following guidelines: If you have any questions, at any time, just ask the Media cataloger! In Connexion, cr
Page: Minutes
Communication Working Group Meeting Minutes Jan. 14, 2009 Initial Meeting word.gif Feb. 05, 2009 Regular Meeting word.gif Feb. 17, 2009 Regular Meeting word.gif Mar. 26, 2009 Regular Meeting word.gif Apr. 22, 2009 Regular Meeting word.gif Sept. 8, 2009 Re
Page: Minutes 1/15/13
Attendees: Joanna Gadsby, Susan Graham, Emily Hauver, Jodi Hoover, Lindsey Loeper Available Library exhibit spaces: Gallery Contact: Emily and Tom Shows 2 x per semester Reference book display Contact: Joanna One shelf outside the Reference offices, one d
Page: Minutes 3/14/13
Looking into a standing workstation to be shared by TS. Tricia, Jen, and Lynda will be looking into the table, computer, and location for the workstation.  RDA Training over the summer, possibly early July. There will be both brief and more detailed train
Page: Minutes DCT_Coll Subgroup Mtg 6-20-2011
Minutes for Digital Collections Team--Collections Subgroup, 20 June 2011 Attending: Susan Graham (Chair), Lindsey Loeper, Tom Beck, Lynda Aldana, Heather Moss, Shu Qian, Vicki Sipe (Note Taker) Digital Preservation Discussion--Susan Email from Susan 9 Jun
Page: Minutes for July 1 meeting
Review current draft of plan Table of contents - approved. What still needs to be completed Are we missing any sections? Assign duties for completing the first version Gail: Evacuation and Bldg Safety procedures Kelly: Medical and Personal Safety procedur
Page: Minutes from 1-7-08 meeting
All members were present. Wiki status – getting it organized, at least at 1st 2 levels. May explained what the Blackboard Library Community is. Board of Regents Policies: they are broad. There is a policy on records management and a policy on filing an in
Page: Minutes from 2-15-08 meeting
Present:  Janet Hack, Michelle Flinchbaugh, Susan Graham, Lindsey Loeper, Sharon Favaro We discussed Google Docs, Wikis (specifically Mediawiki), and Blogs as ways to create and display library policies and guidelines, and the preservation issues related
Page: Minutes from 2-7-08 meeting
Library Guidelines are our first priority (they need to be revised and made accessible) Recommend to LEC that library guidelines be made made more accessible LEC must deem which documents are current We would prefer not to duplicate information, but to st
Page: Minutes from 4-1-08 Meeting
Present:  Janet Hack (JH), Michelle Flinchbaugh (MF), May Chang (MC), Lindsey Loeper (LL) Heather Moss (HM), Sharon Favaro (SF), Susan Graham (SG) Larry Wilt's (LW) concerns regarding the I-Drive clean up proposal were discussed: He is concerned it will t
Page: Minutes from 6-10-08 Meeting
Present:  Janet Hack (JH), Michelle Flinchbaugh (MF), Lindsey Loeper (LL) Announcements: One no longer needs to log in to view the Library Wiki LEC has approved our suggestions presented to them at the 6/3/08 meeting, including: Making an archive folder i
Page: Minutes May 20, 2010
Disaster Preparedness Meeting May 20 2010 Minutes Going over what will go into disaster preparedness plans. Will pull out parts of existing UMBC Library plans. Went over Index to the proposed plan. Stephen proposed thinking of disasters as comprising two
Page: Minutes_041608
Present:  May Chang, June Yang, Tom Beck, Susan Graham Since there is no metadata librarian, we will have to put in as much description as we can until a cataloger can help assign terms Once a cataloger is available to work on digital projects, s/he will
Page: MIPP International
Books from Russia, Central Asia, Baltic states, Mongolia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova.
Page: Mission & Goals
The mission of the Information Literacy Working Group (ILWG) at the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery is to support the teaching and learning of information literacy on the UMBC campus. The group promotes excellence in the delivery of information literacy i
Page: Missouri Valley Special Collections
Again uses color and boxes to organize info
Page: Mobile Web - Mobile Learning
Links to relevant articles and presentations Going Mobile with Library Services good broad view of the field. Also, see
Page: Mojohelpdesk
To report a serials problem found in the Ebsco A-Z database or the catalog us the link below.
Page: Money Procedures
Book sale Money Procedures: At the beginning of the day: CM staff has to bring cash for change. They will be reimbursed with the first amount made. During the Book sale: Two Collection Management staff will sit at the cash register at all times. Whenever
Page: Monitoring Web Orders
Notice wording should be modified as needed to fit the situation. Open Microsoft Access 2003. Open the file I:\Orders\bookRequest2new. In the "Objects" column, click on "Forms." Double click on "Main Interface." Rushes Click "New Rush Orders". New rush or
Page: Monthly Departmental Meeting Schedule Jan. 2012-Dec. 2012
Meeting dates for the 2012 monthly departmental meetings are listed below.  Unless otherwise noted, all meetings begin at 11:00am and are in Technical Services. 2012 Meeting Dates Notetaker January 11 Lynda Aldana February 1 Pat Brown March 7 Jen Fitch Ap
Page: Monthly Procedures
Processing Monthly Reports (must be done every month) Review the Status of all Active Months in the Reimbursable Fund Database and Prepare and Submit Reimbursement Requests (can be done more or less often) Moving Revenues Money to Materials in Aleph (can
Page: Monthly Statistics
Completing the monthly statistics Separate and Sort the Stat Sheets Obtain all statistic sheets and separate by person and put in order by date. Make sure each person has turned in the appropriate number of sheets. If not, check with the person to be sure
Page: Most Frequently Used Aleph Procedures
Loaning Items Returning Items Patron Accounts
Page: Moving Revenues Money to Materials in Aleph
Find the most recent “mat” and “rev” fund summaries in Aleph Task Manager. Print them: Highlight one, then click “print,” then click “print” again. Highlight the other, then click “print” then “print again.” Prepare spreadsheet showing Revenues money to b
Page: MPA Directory of Music Publishers
The Music Publisher's Association includes both a directory of music publishers and a directory of their imprints.
News Site
Page: Music Dispatch
An online music vendor that provides scores.
Page: Music Library Association
Home Page of the Music Library Association
Page: Music Library Service Company
An online music vendor that specializes in libraries.
Page: Music Selection Resources on the Web
Directory of other music resources.
Page: Music Vendors
Page: Musician's Library
An online music vendor
An online music vendor. We have an account with this company for online VISA ordering.


Page: National Library of Medicine (NLM) - Electonic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) UMBC has a deposit account with EFTS to pay for NLM ILL requests.   Original deposit $500 9/27/16       To deposit funds -
Page: Netlibrary
Page: Network Shared Drives
The W: drive share requires additional setup steps. Follow the normal instructions below and then click here to complete your setup. Click to enlarge images Connecting to a Share Staff can connect and disconnect shared drives using the NetDrives applicati
Page: New Book Purchase Recommendation Form
Page: New Circulation Student Employee Checklist
A printable version of this checklist is available at I:\Circ\Student and Stacks Manager\student employee training checklist.docx I – Administrative Hiring paperwork Training schedule Student folder – Timesheet & Student manual Student manager folder Trai
Page: New Student Outreach
The New Student Outreach is targeting mostly freshmen and transfer students on campus. It is comprised by various initiatives scheduled  during the fall and spring semesters. It was initiated in the Fall 2011. The New Student Support Team members: Gergana
Page: New User Notices
If the user has a UMBC e-mail address, seach the UMBC directory to determine if they are faculty, staff, or student. If the new user is faculty, give them submission privileges for their department's collection: Go to MD-SOAR and log i
Page: New York Public Library
I like the spotlight, but otherwise feel it's too busy.
Page: NLM requests processing
 Processing requests to National Library of Medicine - NLM Within the ILLiad request: click on the NLM Web Form tab (It is on the same ribbon as History Detail, etc.) Once the NLM form comes up: click on the IMPORT FIELDS tab (IN SECOND FROM TOP RIBBON (N
Page: Notes
11/19/09 OCLC Webinar, "CONTENTdm 5.2 Overview" Highlights [Recording of this webinar will be available on the User Support Center]  Project Client Changes:  Automatically checks for software updates; you can download to your computer and run.  It will re
Page: Notes from August 19, 2010 meeting
Departmental Meeting 8/10/10 1. Windows 7 has been placed on all of the machines for the early adaptors in the Library.  This includes 2 test machines in Technical Services.  L. Aldana could not remember the schedule for moving all machines to Windows 7.
Page: Nov. 2, 2009 - TS Meeting Minutes
TS meeting: 11/02/09 Present: Alicia, Darlene, Heather, Jen, Jo Ann, Lynda, Michelle, Pat, Ping, Tricia and Vicki. LEC minutes posted. Blue Ribbon Committee reported to library recommendations for continuing resources minus budget cuts.  Robin and Joyce a
Page: November 2, 2011 Dept. Meeting Notes
Reports and Announcements Cheers -- The Cake Walk will be on November 22, the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving Break. They have not decided about a Holiday Basket giveaway.  The Library Holiday Party is on Friday, December 16 on the 7th floor. Hughes Anno
Page: November 2012
TS Chat This is an attempt at a monthly newsletter for us, by us. Submissions will be made by the 15th of the month with the final newsletter being posted on the last day of the month (hopefully). We want this newsletter to be informative and fun. Share w
Page: November 3, 2010--TS Mtg Minutes
TS Meeting 11/03/10 Meeting minutes taken by Vicki Sipe. Present: Lynda, Tricia, Michelle, Jo Ann, Vicki, Pat, and Jen. Announcements New Digital Media Librarian, Eric Jeitner, starts Nov 29, 2010. New Circulation Billing Technician, Richard Hamilton, has
Page: November Listing of Audio and Web Conferences
All audio/web conferences will be held at 2pm in Room 259 unless otherwise noted. Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Working with Difficult & Challenging People Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Conflict & Confrontation Skills for Women Thursday, November 5, 2009 - WEB


Page: O: Drive and the Codex Server
Codex is a network attached storage server for Special Collection's digital archives. Special Collections staff can reach codex from any computer on campus through its web interface: Or you can use the N
Page: Ocean Books
An Australian based company with a U.S. office that publishes Spanish language books from Latin Amercia.
Page: OCLC and CCC Get It Now
OCLC Online Service Center - to check OCLC subscriptions, track service requests, etc.  Can also log into OCLC Usage Statistics from here     (Robin has passwords for both) https://www
Page: OCLC Connexion Macros
Creating a macro On Connexion, under Tools, Macros, Manage Opens a box allowing the creation of Local Macros. A macro must appear in a macro book. If you do not already have a Local macro book, create one.  Click New Book button to create new macro book.
Page: OCLC Connexion Searching
OCLC Connexion tips Connexion is not case sensitive. Command Line searching: This is a browse search, meaning it searches the terms in the order they appear. sca ti:[title] sca pn:[personal name] sca cn:[corporate name] If you have an OCLC number for a re
Page: OCLC Exporting Macro
Macrobook: BC_Local Macro name: Acq-Exporting   ***************************************************   'MacroName:Acq-Exporting 'MacroDescription:Macro for acq exported records: insert 950, export record, and close record without saving the edit sub main d
Page: OCLC Statements and invoices for billing and statistics didn't work correctly in Firefox but did work in Chrome log in using username and password. Click on billing info
Page: OCLC's Bibliographic Format and Standards
Page: OCM number's for Standing Orders
Page: OCR for Compound Object - Street Life in London
Remember:  all of the pages are images.  So, the text of the book is saved as images.  OCR only the text pages (not the photographs -- their captions are already transcribed). Open the metadata file:  I:\SpecColl\CDM_Metadata\Street Life\Street_Life_MD.xl
Page: October 2012
TS Chat This is an attempt at a monthly newsletter for us, by us. Submissions will be made by the 15th of the month with the final newsletter being posted on the last day of the month. We want this newsletter to be informative and fun. Share with us your
Page: October 6, 2009 - TS Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2009 - TS Meeting Minutes
Page: Odyssey problems
If we have Odyssey or Odyssey Helper problems contact OCLC  1-800-848-5878 .  they have to do it since we are hosted.   As of June 2015, for ILLiad 8.6 Odyssey Helper has changed to Electronic Delivery Utility
Page: Odyssey-resending document
Resending an Odyssey document:  # find TN in Client and change setting to "Awaiting Odyssey Scanning" refresh click on "Awaiting Odyssey Scanning" pull up TN If it doesn't automatically show up already scanned, click on "Import Image" find the TN tif file
Page: Old Circulation Manual Table of Contents
Page: Omeka In Dec 2011, the AOK Library purchased the Gold level plan. This is a yearly contract. 10 sites are available: Brainstorming of possible sites: Library Media; Hughes Company Collection; Photography Collections; Sci
Page: Online Programs - Shady Grove and Distance Education
These programs are online and have a department designation on the ILLiad user registration form: Shady Grove: Social Work - Shady Grove History - Shady Grove Psychology - Shady Grove Industrial and Organizational Behavior Psychology - Shady Grove Politic
Page: OP Book Searching
Out-of-Print Book Searching Check the OP tray, for any new OP Book orders. Start by verifying that the order is OP by checking various sources such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publishers web site. If you
Page: OP CD Searching
Check the OP tray for any new OP CD orders. Start by verifying that the CD is OP by checking various sources like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the labels web site. If you find a new copy of the CD, follow normal
Page: OP Score Searching
Check the OP file and get the oldest search file that contains orders. For example, if it is February, and the May and November files contain orders, search the May folder and then the November folder. Please note: Before searching scores, check for email
Page: OP Video Searching
Check the OP tray for any new OP Video orders. Start by verifying that the video is out of print by checking various sources such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the production companies web site. If you find a n
Page: Order Creation Guide
The following factors impact what values are filled in for orders: Collection Code, Triage level (Rush and Priority), Invalid or Missing Information, Added Volumes, Added Copies, and Replacements, "Give to" Instructions and Location Requests, Payment Meth
Page: Ordering articles
See folder under Borrowing - Articles and books - ordering directly from publishers and vendors
Page: Ordering Cash Receipt Book
Per Alla's email: A custodian of the book makes a request for a new receipt book on the departmental letterhead addressed the UMBC cashier's office.   (Lending associate, ILL supervisor, or CMILL librarian may do this.) Please let them know how many recei
Page: Ordering furniture
Before ordering a small piece of furniture: 1. Please ask the requestor to email Melissa to see if a suitable piece of furniture might be available in storage downstairs. 2. If there isn't anything there, the usual next step would be to send out an email
Page: Ordering Special Borrowers Cards for High School Students
SBC for high school students are to be ordered from the UMBC Commonvision Design and Print Center. After receiving a Supply Purchase Request from Circulation to order SBC for high school students please go to h
Page: Other UMBC Acquisitions Information and Resources
Page: Otis College of Art & Design Millard Sheets Library
Needs a better search box, though
Page: Out of Print book dealers
Out of Print Books AddAll Bookfinder
Page: Out-of-Print Vendors, Online Databases, and Search Services
Page: Overdue letter
Dear ILL, this ILL book is long overdue. We have sent you several invoices for lost book. However we haven't heard from you. Please contact us to explain the reason or pay fees for lost book as soon as possible. If we would not hear from you in a week, yo
Page: Oversize Drawer Organization Project
Oversize Drawer Organization Project GOALS: Get a complete inventory of items in the map drawers Add correct location information to PastPerfect records Ensure that materials in the map drawers are properly housed and stored safely Ensure that drawers are
Page: Overview of Reimbursable Fund Process
Acquisitions notifies the A & R Account Clerk of any new special funds so that she is able to maintain a list of special funds that is always up-to-date. Each day, the A & R Account Clerk reviews the “R” report for purchases made on special funds, highlig
Page: Overview of Tasks and Calendar
At the Beginning of Fiscal Year (July) The Acquisitions Librarian sets each revenues Aleph transfer funds’ initial allocation to the amount of transferred funds leftover in the previous fiscal year. The Acquisitions Librarian also notified the Business Ma
Page: Oxford
Oxford Reference Online Search strategies: search by am: [everything after ?book=] search by ISBN or Title/Author Notes Bi-lingual dictionaries will have a record for each version (i.e. English→German, German→English) When choosing between similar records


Page: P-Card Ordering Procedures
Procedures for specific types of orders: (regular), (Marketplace) Procedures for receiving https:/
Page: P-Card Reconciliation Procedures
Ongoing Reconciliation to PeopleSoft (about once a week) Log into Peoplesoft. Pull up your Reconcile Statement which will show what the bank has so far charged for. Print a copy. Check it against your VISA log, finding each transaction on your log. Insure
Page: Paperport/Epson GT-1500 Scanning Instructions
Epson GT-1500 Scanning Instructions 1) Open scanner top and place document face down on class surface. The leading edge is the upper left hand corner, and is indicated by an arrow. 2) Double click the Paperport icon located on the desktop to start the sca
Page: Paperport/Fujitsu fi 5015-c Scanning Instructions
Fujitsu fi 5015-c Scanning Instructions 1) Open scanner top and place document face down on class surface. The leading edge is the upper left hand corner, and is indicated by an arrow. 2) Double click the Paperport icon located on the desktop to start the
Page: Past Officers
FY18 Chair: Kathleen Hubbard, Circulation Vice Chair: Nicole Smith, Media Secretary: Jessica Batychenko, Circulation FY17 Chair: Jodi Hoover, Media Vice Chair: Susan Graham, Special Collections Secretary: Stephen Jones, LITS FY16 Chair: Nicole Smith, Medi
Page: pasting from Word
h3. This is what happens when you paste directly from Word 2007; copied and pasted into Wiki Markup: Citing References in Text Sources are acknowledged by brief parenthetical citations including author's last name and the publication date (authors' names
Page: Patron Purge Follow Up
PATRON PURGE FOLLOW UP  The Catalog Librarian will supply 2 reports.  1)      OCLC Numbers of all deleted items. Use this report to do a batch deletion of holdings on OCLC.  2)      Patron Purge Item NOT Deleted Barcode.  This report contains the Item Bar
Page: Payments Not Associated With an Item
Payments not associated with an item (eg. copyright clearance payments, credits for erroneous charges not associated with any order, etc.) The application of this procedure is limited to payments that can't be associated with a given item, and payment for
Page: Payroll - Direct Deposit Informations
FYI: Direct Deposit Advice Selection Form Direct Deposit Advice Suppression memo How to check your Payroll Online Updated Direct Deposit Information on Saving Accounts - 2010 New direct deposit form - 2010
Page: PCard - Allocation, Reallocation, Approval of Charges in PSoft
  All Library PCard holders have been given access to view their own purchase transactions. If you are responsible for reallocation and approval of multiple Pcards, you may have access to view multiple Pcard Charges The Procurement Card Allocation and Rea
Page: PCard - Basic Procedures for the Library Cardholders
Library PCard holders: Accounting & Receiving    Christina Williams default chart string 1111-10225-041 $4,999.00 limit per single transaction $8,000.00 limit per monthly billing cycle  Alla Noyvert default chart string 1113-10225-041 CV390000 $4,999.00 l
Page: PCard - Cardholders Reconciliation of Monthly Visa Statement
Each cardholder receives monthly Visa Statement directly from the bank. Each cardholder is responsible for timely and adequate reconciliation. Cardholders reconciliation and supervisory review must be done within 30 days of the billing cycle.   1.Check CT
Page: PCard - Documentation Retention
Purchasing card Program Policy -Section 5.9 states that "purchasing card documentation is to be retained for at least five 5 years after the fiscal year end." The policy can be found on Procurement's web site.
Page: PCard - How to change a Card Limits
1. Go to the Procurement homepage 2. Click on All Forms, and then on Purchasing Card Maintenance Request  3. Complete the header and update the
Page: PCard - Quarterly Certification of Supervisory Review
In complying with PCard program policies and procedures each PCard supervisor must submit a Quarterly Certification form as an additional departmental procedure to help ensure timely and adequate PCard supervisory reviews. This form can be found on Procur
Page: PCard - Supervisory Review of Visa Statement Reconciliation
1.  Check documentation for each transaction logged on CTL: -    purchase information, goods & services signature and receipt should all be      present -   checkmark in upper right corner of vendor contact sheet indicates that       documentation is comp
Page: PDF Articles - Saving
Saving pdf articles for Borrowing: (These are articles coming from Lending libraries as email attachements) Save articles as:  I/ill/ill/BORROWING PDF ARTICLES Use the TN# as the file name Saving pdf articles for Document Delivery: (These are Borrowing re
Page: PDF articles -Receiving and Processing
Processing Borrowing email/article exchange PDF Articles: Make sure TN status is set to “Request sent”   Open email Open pdf file Save to Dropbox/Borrowing pdf In Illiad go to Borrowing Click on Borrowing Click on Check In From Lending Library Type/Scan i
Page: PDF articles -Receiving, Saving and Processing
Go to ILL - Articles-PDF to see more processes
Page: People Soft
Access PS OnLine - My UMBC - Log in - Topics - Human Resources & Finance - PS Finance. PS Menu will appear on the left side of the screen.
Page: Phase Box Instructions
The covering wraps around the book in two sections, Start by measuring the book's width, height, and depth, Decide which section you will cut first, and use the appropriate measurements, Example:  If you choose the section which wraps around the height, s
Page: PmWiki ASTG HomePage
Page: PO Numbers For Serials
BLANKET PO FY 18 VENDOR NAME PS CODE PO# REQ# ALLOCATION DATE OPEN             EBSCO INFORMATION SRVCS BC-EBC26 19281 24716 $2,750,000.00 07/01/2017 OTTO HARRASSOWITZ BC-HAR26 19204 24722 $5,000.00 07/01/2017 LYRASIS BC-LYR26 19336 24719 $600,000.00 07/01
Page: POLI 301 - Research Methods in Political Science
  Data Sources of U.S. and International Political Science Research Resource Subject Coverage Geographic Coverage Data Formats Log In Necessar American Factfinder
Page: Possible Added Volumes
This procedures assumes an understanding of the principles explained in Understanding Cataloging Practices for Serials, Series and Added Volumes. These steps should be followed for orders with numbering, an edition number, o
Page: Powell's Books
Used/rare bookseller that covers all subjects but is particularly strong in technology. Includes an online database of their stock. We have an account with this company for online VISA ordering.
Page: PR WG Charge
This Committee strives to raise awareness of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery's  events, resources, and services. Some strategies to accomplish this are to:  -  review all library materials to convey a positive and uniform message for the library.  - 
Page: PR WG Members
Simmona Simmons (Chair) Tom Beck Joanna Gadsby Susan Graham Gergana Kostova Shu Qian
Page: PR WG Minutes
Meeting Minutes 3-6-2009 Meeting minutes 11.9.10 Meeting Minutes 11.30.10 Meeting Minutes 7.8.11
Page: PR Working Group
Welcome to the Public Relations Working Group Page! At this time the Committee is not operating as a group.  Charge Members Minutes List of Library Publications Guidelines for Library Publications - under discussion Campus Calendar of Events http://r25.mi
Page: PRC Revision Committee
The PRC Revision Committee was charged September 8, 2017 by Patrick Dawson, Library Director. The charge, as reviewed and approved by the LEC is to review the procedures for promotion and permanent status in the Library, and create a manual for use by Lib
Page: Pre-Processing of Gift Books by Collection Management Staff
When gifts come in, they are acknowledged and placed on the shelving in room 154. CM staff pre-process the materials so that only items that are likely to be added to the library's collection will be searched.  Serials need to be sorted separately and giv
Page: Prepare Paychecks for Distribution
                                                                                              A)  Pick up    On payday (ordinarily alternate Friday) at 9:00 - 11:00AM, pick up Library and Honors College paychecks at Human Resources on 5th floor Admin. Giv
Page: Prepare Special Funds Paperwork for Reimbursement
Special Funds list BC-18-TAL BC-18-BELL BC-18-BU BC-18-BUNT BC-18-SAL BC-18-ZCB BC-18-ZBC BC-18-ZDW BC-18-ROTH BC-18-ARN BC-18-MAS BC-18-KUHN BC-18-JAQ BC-18-LIBCD BC-18-LIBDVD BC-18-FRND BC-18-FRND-SPEC BC-18-FRNS-REF BC-18-FRND-DVD BC-18-ALF Reimburseme
Page: Preparing Statistics for ILL and DD services for UMBC students and faculty at the Universities of Shady Grove
An agreement  to provide electronic document delivery of Kuhn Library-owned articles, and  ILL for non USMAI items, for all UMBC affiliated Shady Grove students and faculty was created in March 2008.  The agreement, between the Library and Continuing and
Page: Previous Fiscal Year Procurement Card Charges
Each fiscal year, some VISA transactions are not entered in Aleph in the fiscal year during which they were received after closeout had been done. Wait for the Head of A & R to reconcile the previous fiscal year and give us any additional book or serial c
Page: Price & Availability Inquiries
Price and availability are generally established via GOBI searching, searching, and Barnes & searching. Price/availability inquiries are generally only done when information isn't found in those sources.Before doing Price/Availability
Page: Primary Vendors
Page: Printer Counter Sites
HP Printers:   Name MAC IP (during setup) Serial Number Library-HPm775_RLC 48.BA.4E.DD.D7.7F MXJCKDV1VC Library-HPm775_1-01 AC.E2.D3.DC.6C.13 MXJCL1Y0Z4 Library-HPm7
Page: Printing a Current Liaison List
To Print a New Liaison List for Faculty Mailing Click on My Computer. Click on the Library on Shared\Shared\Dept, otherwise known as the I: drive. Click on the folder named Orders. Double-click on the file bookRequest2new. This has a key icon because it i
Page: Printing and Scanning
Printing, Copying, Scanning, and Saving Your Work
Page: Printing Orders
Open Microsoft Access. Open the file in this directory: I:\Orders\bookRequest2new. In the "Objects" column, click on "Forms". Click on "Main Interface". Click "Print New Orders". An "Output To" window will open. Use the "Output To" window to create a back
Page: Priority Order Follow-up (BNA)
Procedures for Priority BNA Order Follow-Up Cycle through the files for the letters of the alphabet. Try not to work on more than 20 orders at a time. Photocopy Purchase Orders for priority orders placed more than 2 months ago. Search the orders following
Page: Problems receiving Odyssey articles
Receiving Odyssey Articles: Do Not Set OCLC status manually! When OCLC status is "Not Received" or "Received" articles will not go through Odyssey. Received status - Lender should get an error message that Odyssey is not going through. Borrower will theor
Page: Procedure for Adding a New Faculty Publication to ContentDM
Identify the copyright holder and ask them to sign a permissions form, attached. If the copyright holder won't sigh the form, the item can't be added. The signed permissions forms must be kept in the black filing cabinet next to the acquisitions files. To
Page: Procedure for Circulation Problem Truck
The truck contains - A. Call number problems; B. Books that should be Folios; C. Low barcodes. A. Books with label call number problems 1. Call number hard to read a) If the call number shown in the Item window matches the call number on the title page ve
Page: Procedure for processing MARCIVE Shipping List Report
A. Receive Weekly Shipping List Service (SLS) numbers every Friday from Database Maintenance Coordinator unless there are no SLS numbers from References for the week. B. Get USMAI Report Online -
Page: Procedures (Archives) - Document Removal Form
A document removal form, also called a separation sheet, is a "form filed in the original location of an item, indicating that the item is stored elsewhere."  Our document removal form sho
Page: Procedures - Information Sharing
Procedures for calling out sick If you need to call out due to illness or another emergency (e.g. car troubles), please send an email to to inform all managers and personnel who can then make arrangemen
Page: Procedures - Access to non-circulating theses and dissertations through ILL
UPDATED August 23, 2011, LL If a request comes in through either Special Collections or ILL, please first determine that it is not available through another avenue. See "Finding Theses & Dissertations" for additional instructions:
Page: Procedures - Adding links to Wikipedia
A Special Collections staff member will log you in to Wikipedia. Please use the Special Collections account, not your personal account if you have one. Keep a list of the pages that you add references to and give this to a Special Collections staff member
Page: Procedures - Baltimore Sun Ledgers labels
1. Remove the ledger from the phase box. 2. Write down current title and date on the inventory sheet (see attached).  The title should be written on the box already. 3. Erase all writing from the box.  Use the silk eraser! 4. The new title should be writt
Page: Procedures - Checking Open Library, Google Books, Project Gutenberg for online editions
The purpose of this project is to check and see if some of our volumes are already digitized and freely available on the web.  We are going to start with books in the Merkle Collection (500 volume collection of 18th and 19th century English graphic satire
Page: Procedures - Cleaning metadata in PastPerfect
Adding colleges to theses and dissertations in PastPerfect Open PastPerfect Open Library catalog Open Query Field: select Series Condition: Contains text What: UMBC Theses and Dissertations Search Now View Selected Catalog Records Open Custom tab Select E
Page: Procedures - Connecting to O:Drive from the Mac
Open "Finder" on the Mac   2.  Click on "Go" on the top file menu, then select "Connect to Server" from the dropdown
Page: Procedures - Fichter Inventory
Where: Room 217 (must sign out key) In general, pieces on the tall metal shelf and the boxes and framed pieces around it have been inventoried.  Cathy has been working through the green flat files.  Start inventorying:  the large gray flat files the orang
Page: Procedures - Guest Access to Wireless
To create a guest account, login to the following website and follow instructions:
Page: Procedures - Hygrothermograph Monitoring
Temperature/ Humidity Aim points: 70 degrees F, 45% Relative Humidity.  Notify Chief Curator of divergence from aim points, especially large variations of instability. Locations of monitors: Gallery Reading Room (104) 103/scanning room  038/Basement compa
Page: Procedures - ILL Requests
From time to time, users will make interlibrary loan requests for items housed in Special Collections.  We retrieve materials for ILL staff to make copies/scans. If the materials are too fragile, we will make the copies ourselves. When you arrive into wor
Page: Procedures - Monthly Statistics Report
Statistics are kept by staff members at the front desk and at their own desks (for phone and email requests).   A guide to reference questions vs. directional questions is kept in the binder at the front desk.  At the end of each month, statistics are ent
Page: Procedures - Numbering Eisenbud photographic prints
The procedure below outlines the workflow for assigning and documenting a unique number to each of the photographic prints in the Jule Eisenbud collection on Ted Serios and Thoughtography.  DSC_0063.JPG Set up your workstation: You will need cotton gloves
Page: Procedures - Patron Registration Data Entry
Patron Registration Data Entry Open Past-Perfect and click on Contacts Go to the "Find" button along the top Search by last name If the patron is not already in the database, click on "Add" Enter his/her Name For Primary Address, use the permanent home ad
Page: Procedures - Payment Processing
Beginning in November 2011, Special Collections can now accept payment with UMBC id card, check, and credit card. The Gallery may also accept cash payment. Payment by credit card: Credit card payment is accepted for off-campus or preapproved large orders 
Page: Procedures - Processing New Books
When books arrive from Cataloging, place them on the "NEW BOOKS TO PROCESS" shelf.  When ready to process, retrieve books from that shelf and follow these procedures: Stamping: o  We use archival ink that we acquire from the Library of Congress (which is
Page: Procedures - Processing New Theses and Dissertations in PastPerfect
Files relating to theses and dissertations are located: I:\SpecColl\Dissertations & Theses Theses and disserations are shelved in Room 038. Electronic Theses and Dissertations in CONTENTdm Creat
Page: Procedures - Recording a new voicemail message
1.  Look in I:\SpecColl\phone greetings for the correct year's folder.  If there is no greeting made for the current semester, please let a supervisor know.  S/he will rewrite the greeting with the correct semester, the first open date, the last day open,
Page: Procedures - Recording Statistics in SC (Students & Staff)
We keep statistics on all of the questions that we answer, as well as about ILL requests, materials that were used by individuals and classes, classes that visit SC, types of patrons, gallery events, and new acquisitions in the Department.  It is importan
Page: Procedures - Refoldering University Archives materials
One preservation method for caring for paper records is to folder materials in acid free folders.  Acidic paper can "burn" or discolor other paper.  Acid free folders prevent this by removing the materials from potentially damaging folders, but they can a
Page: Procedures - Reshelving Materials
Page: Procedures - Rosenfeld Flag Shelving (temporary)
When you come into work: Check the "FLAGS" box to see if there are any flags to shelve.  This box is located on the "Awaiting New Tags" shelf in Room 104, next to the ILL shelf. The flags will have a handwritten call number on them.  These are for the ROS
Page: Procedures - Scanning ASCB documents
Scan as typical for text documents, including producing a target image, scanning using Photoshop and Silverfast, and straightening the image in Photoshop if necessary. Make sure that the paper is not creased and remove any staples using the archival stapl
Page: Procedures - Upon Arrival
FIRST THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU COME IN FOR WORK: 1. Sign in. 2. Check the ILL box to see if there are any requests.  If so, please complete them. 3. Check the Reshelving Cart.  If there are books to reshelve, please reshelve them. 4. Check the "New Books to
Page: Procedures - Using the Card Payment Machine
Campus/Guest Copy Card Payment Instructions For photocopies: Make sure the screen has the phtocopy & copystnd buttons.  If they are not on the screen from the last sale, press enter. Enter the amount of pages Press "Quantity" button Press "Photocopy" butt
Page: Procedures - Weekly backup and reindex of PastPerfect
This should ideally be done every week. If there have been little or no updates or changes in PastPerfect one week then it is not necessary.  Only the person performing the backup and reindexing can be logged in to PastPerfect. It is helpful to select a q
Page: Procedures for the Receipt of Documenation from A & R
Receipt of Documentation from A & R with a Copy of a Check from the Foundation and Deposit Transmittal Receipt of Documentation from A & R of the Transfer of Funds from another University Unit or Another Library Budget
Page: Processing UPS packages for shipment
Page: Processing A Call Tag
Page: Processing checks
LENDING PROCESSING CHECKS FOR LENDING BILLS. After daily mail is delivered, open payment envelopes and stamp checks with the "For Deposit Only" stamp. If checks received total $25.00 or more, a deposit will be prepared for the following working day. (Note
Page: Processing ILL Shipments
Processing ILL Shipments 1.      Use the slip from  inside the book or, the band on the front cover of the book to enter the address information into the system. 2.      Go to the field "reference number 1" and "reference number 2". Scan the ILL number us
Page: Processing Interlibrary Loan Invoices
Processing Interlibrary Loan Invoices 1.      Collection Management will bring ILL Invoices to Library, Accounting & Receiving for payment.  They will bring the original, a copy stamped with the, Goods & Service, rubber stamp and signed by the appropriate
Page: Processing Monthly Reports
Find the report, BCEND, in Aleph Task Manager on the first of each month Click the up arrow to download the file to your computer. Find the file on your computer. In the directory for the current version of Aleph, the path to it is Acq/files/MA150/print.
Page: Processing New Submissions
Follow the link in the notice and login to MD-SOAR. Scroll down to Workflow Tasks, and below that, Tasks in the Pool. Click on the box next to the new submission. Click "Take Selected Tasks." Scroll down to Workflow Tasks and Tasks You Own. Click on the n
Page: Processing of ILL Purchase Requests in GIST
  Processing of ILL Purchase Requests in GIST Log into ILLiad If there are any requests, the "Rush ILL Requests Acq" queue will be visable under Document Delivery. Open the queue, and then select a request. GIST will automatically search the title within
Page: Processing Payments to the Department of Homeland Security
We make a payment to the Department of Homeland Security, when someone needs to cover the cost of I-129 H-1B Working Visa filing fees.  Complete the Working Fund Request Form. DATE                       REQUIRED PAYEE REASON AMOUNT         4/27/2012 Depar
Page: Processing Unfilled OCLC requests
Borrowing: Processing Unfilled OCLC requests: Resubmitting through OCLC: Click on request Click on OCLC tab within request Select appropriate OCLC record, select new string of libraries, proceed the same as if request was new. Cancelling unfilled requests
Page: Procurement Methods
Blanket Orders We have blanket orders with the following companies: Barnes & Noble Yankee Book Peddler Harrassowitz MIPP International Aux Amateurs de Livers Literal Books Kubon & Sagner East View Publications A blanket order is a purchase order issued by
Page: Progress Report on Library Blue Ribbon Committee Recommendations
Progress Report on Library Blue Ribbon Committee Recommendations   This report summarizes the Library's progress in implementing the Recommendations of the Library Blue Ribbon Committee.  The Library Executive Council, the Library Policy Committee and oth
Page: Project Gutenberg
From Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free electronic books (ebooks).
Page: Promotional Material for Graduate Resources Page
New Library Page for Graduate Students Graduate students can now access all of the Library's most relevant tools and resources for graduate studies in one place. The Services for Graduate Students Library page (
Page: Promotional text for Sept 2009 launch
Library blog: The Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery is proud to announce the launch of UMBC's Digital Collections.   Featuring images and publications from across campus, this new resource will increase access to our unique holdings and expand the possibili
Page: ProQuest (formerly UMI)
Primarily dissertations and microfilms.
Page: Proxy Prefix for off campus access to articles
Here is the information on using the proxy prefix for off-campus access to articles. Prefix: How to use: Paste the prefix in front of the URL for the article E
Page: PUB 150H - Public Affairs Scholars Seminar
Search Tool Titles and Collections Coverage Off Campus Log In Federal Documents (general)       Fdsys Digitized (searchable) documents from all 3 branches of government; mid 1990's to current Code of Federal R
Page: Publicity Program
Please click here to view details on the multimedia workstation project
Page: Publishers' Catalogues
Searchable database of over 7,000 online catalogues.
Page: Pulling Barnes and Noble Purchase Orders for Receiving
On the table, each shipment of materials will be followed by its corresponding invoice/packing slip. Please keep the items in order as it matches the order on the invoice/packing slip. Barnes and Noble PO orders come with packing slips not invoices. The i
Page: Pulling Purchase Orders for Receiving
YBP books that have been received will be placed on a book truck and moved into the Acquisitions area. There may also be books that are placed on the receiving table. Items placed on the table will include single YBP shipments, items from from Barnes & No
Page: Pulling Visa Purchase Orders for Receiving
All books that have been purchased using the campus visa will be placed on the receiving table. The table is located against the wall in the acquisitions area. For the most part, visa orders are those items not ordered from BNA or our foreign vendors. On
Page: Puvill Libros, S.A.
Comprehensive bibliographic services from Spain, Mexico, and Cuba. Information and contacts. Puvill's online catalog is only available to customers with a username and ID.


Page: Quarterly Certification from P-Card Supervisor form
The form is filled out by procurement card supervisors and is sent quarterly to the Provost's Office (to Susan Levazza).  Remember to list all the P-card holders you monitor.


Page: R* Stars Transfer
UMBC's transfer codes: Agency code R41 Object code 8337 Program code - PCA 02440 Transaction code - T/C 410  
Page: Rachel's tips
Please see attachments for Rachel's various tips!
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Page: RAPIDILL billing
UMBC RapidILL is paid for with consortial funds by CLAS.  UMBC is part of the consortial Maryland Rapidill pod. yearly subscription based on Carnegie Classification.  
Page: RDA guidelines
Note: We won't be editing RDA records at this point, merely accepting them for copy. These guidelines are useful in matching records that may look very strange compared to what we're used to seeing. If you have any questions, ask the e-resources/media cat
Page: RDA Resources
RDA resources   From USMAI
Page: RDWG Meeting 9/23/16: Action items
  • Create new test profiles with variations on search settings (i.e. phrase search vs. Boolean, etc.) so that Reference can test them and see if they want to implement new search settings on the default/main EDS profile.     • Send handout to Sarah New i
Page: Receipt of Documentation from A & R of the Transfer of Funds from another University Unit or Another Library Budget
This procedure does not apply to funds transferred from another library budget. When the money is transferred from another library budget, it does NOT go into revenues, it goes into materials, and should be added via a credit invoice.   Money comes from a
Page: Receipt of Documentation from A & R with a Copy of a Check from the Foundation and Deposit Transmittal
Note on the Deposit Transmittal copy received from A & R the Aleph fund(s) the money belongs to. Make copies of Deposit Transmittals for each fund reimbursed. Pull the files for the funds reimbursed. Find the reimbursement request the check goes with in e
Page: Receive invoices in PS
Navigation: Purchasing - Receipts - Add/Update Receipts - Add  1.      Screen to the Select Purchase Order page           *   Enter PO number in the space for ID number.           *   Click on Search button.           *   Activate the Sel (select) check b
Page: Receiving BNA Shipment in A & R
BNA shipment is delivered to us every Monday except Holidays. BNA shipment has Firm Orders, NTAS Orders and Special Promotion Orders, it also has Rush Orders and Standing Orders. Procedures:
Page: Receiving Procedures (Student Procedure for Simultaneous Invoicing and Receiving)
Click Here for an Interactive Tutorial This procedure is to be used when items and their invoice are received at the same time. If items and their invoice are not both on hand, do not use this p
Page: Receiving Visa Order Shipment in A & R
1)    Open box and pull out of an invoice or a packing slip. 2)    Unpack books or DVDs on the receiving table. 3)    Using the invoice or packing slip, match each invoice item to a book or a DVC, verifying title.       (If there is not any paper in the p
Page: Receiving YBP Shipment in A & R
1) Open a box and pull out of the invoices (the invoice only one original invoice that have to make a copy of invoice before process it.) 2) Unpack books and arrange in (rough) alphabetical order on the receiving table. 3) Using a copy of the invoice, mat
Page: Recommended Records Management Guidelines for Cleaning, Organizing, and Archiving Digital Materials on the Library I Drive
Guidelines derived from the UMBC Records Management Policy Please note that these guidelines focus on the I drive, not on traditional paper files which may also require weeding and organization.  While so
Page: Records in the system generated by invoicing and receiving
Records in the system generated by invoicing and receiving -Invoice records represent an invoice. -Line-item records represent individual payments for orders that the invoice relates to.     -Arrival records represent the actual, physical arrival of items
Page: Reference
Reference Training Manual This includes training materials for new student employees, staff, and librarians. Reference Guidelines and Procedures This includes material that is relevant to the
Page: Reference Administration
Reference Desk Handouts Reference Schedules 2012 Minutes and Agendas 2011 Minutes 2010 Minutes and Agendas 2009 Minutes and Agendas 2008 Minutes and Agendas 2007 Minutes and Agendas Reference Annual Reports
Page: Reference Annual Report 1.1.2013 - 12.31.2013
aReporting Term January 1st 2013 - December 31st 2013 Instruction Statistics: Bibliographic Instruction 2013 Total Sessions: 133 Contact Hours: 173.5 Total Attendees: 3258 2012 Total Sessions: 165 Contact Hours: 204.25 Total Attendees: 3817 There was a  1
Page: Reference Annual Report 2012
Reporting Term July 1st 2011 - June 30th 2012 Instruction Statistics: Bibliographic Instruction 2012 Total Sessions: 153 Contact Hours: 183 Total Attendees: 3178 2011 Total Sessions: 145 Contact Hours: 175.5 Total Attendees: 3363 There was a 5.2% increase
Page: Reference Annual Report 2015
Reporting Term July 1st 2014 - June 30th 2015 Instruction Statistics: Bibliographic Instruction 2015 Total Sessions: 175 Contact Hours: 198.45 Total Attendees: 3925 2014 Total Sessions: 107 Contact Hours: 142.25 Total Attendees: 2678 There was a 48% incre
Page: Reference Annual Report 2016
Reporting Term July 1st 2015 - June 30th 2016 Instruction Statistics: Bibliographic Instruction 2016 Total Sessions: 192 Contact Hours: 246 Total Attendees: 5456 2015 Total Sessions: 175 Contact Hours: 198.45 Total Attendees: 3925 There was a 9.7% increas
Page: Reference Annual Report 2017
Reporting Term: January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017 Library Instruction: 2017 Total Sessions: 275 (217 Reference - 58 Special Collections) 2016 Total Sessions: 250 (218 Reference - 32 Special Collections) Workshops: 2017 Total Sessions: 7 Total Attendees:
Page: Reference Annual Reports
Reference Annual Report 2009 Reference Annual Report 2010 Reference Annual Report 2011 Reference Annual Report 2012 Reference Semi-Annual Meeting 7.1.2012-1.1.2013 Reference Annual Report 2013 Reference Annual Report 2014 Reference Annual Report 2015 Refe
Page: Reference Desk Handouts
Handouts Bookmarks Printing from UMBC workstations ACS Citation Guide APA Citation Guide MLA Citation Guide EndNote Web Toolbar Setting up an Endnote web account
Page: Reference Printers
Problem Printers unable to connect / printing garbage in reference office. Solution See panel below. For the HP LaserJet M506 (white printer), check and make sure IP address is still valid. Make sure you login as administrator Go to Start M
Page: Reference Schedules
Current Schedule for Term August 3rd through August 9th Schedules Pending Approval Previous Schedule for Term May 25th through May 31st Schedule June 1st through June 7th Schedule June 8th through June 15th Schedule June 15th through June 21st June 22nd t
Page: Reference Semi-Annual Meeting 7.1.2012-1.1.2013
Reporting Term July 1st 2012 - January 1st 2013 Instruction Statistics: Bibliographic Instruction July 2012 through January 2013 Total Sessions: 82 Contact Hours: 102.25 Total Attendees: 1953 July 2011 through January 2012 Total Sessions: 80 Contact Hours
Page: Reference Semi-Annual Report 7.1.2015 - 12.31.2015
Reporting Term July 1st 2015 - December 31st 2015 Instruction Statistics: Bibliographic Instruction 7.1.2015 - 12.31.2015 Total Sessions: 106 Contact Hours: 131.5 Total Attendees: 2356 7.1.2014 - 12.31.2014 Total Sessions: 101 Contact Hours: 115.5 Total A
Page: Reference Services Survey
Report_Reference Services Survey Fall 2013.pdfThis survey is an evaluation instrument of services at the Reference Desk, Library H3lp, e-mail questions or RT sent to to the reference librarians. Objectives:   To evaluate our service performance. The surve
Page: Reference Services Survey 2012
The Reference Services Survey periods: 1. February 20th - March 16th Survey Questions on the survey form used during the period: Feb 20-March 16th 2012: What type of library customer are you? UMBC Graduate student UMBC Undergraduate student. (Select all t
Page: Reference Tools on Publishers and Vendors
{search-form:autoSubmit=true}{search-input:type=hidden\|match=label\|value=reference_tools_on_publishers_and_vendors} {search-form} {search-results:fields=title\!Reference Tools on Publisher and Vendors}
Page: Reference Working Groups and Projects
Reference Working Groups Information Literacy Working Group (ILWG) SLC Focus Group Reference Projects Graduate Student Resources Faculty Resources Roving Reference Log Setting Up a Reference Display Instruction & Presentation Resources Retriever Learning
Page: Registering for a Lyrasis class or program
Attendees can only be registered after approval by Library Director   (registering by Library Admin Assistant or Robin Moskal) Click on the link below to go directly to the Lyrasis class and events registration page.
Page: Regular Order Follow-up (BNA)
Sign onto the Aleph Acquisitions Serials module and switch to the Order Search tab. It is the one with the picture of a file folder. Highlight index list under order search. Fill in the following information in the pane to the right.  Index - V (vendor co
Page: Reinstates Procedure
These are items that were withdrawn from the collection and later show up. Some of these items may have been replaced. 1. Search for the barcode. (In theory, the item and barcode should have been deleted from the system already but check just in case). o
Page: Relationship Map/YBP Tech Specs
Attached here is the current relationship map used for YBP EDI. Anytime we add a new budget code in Aleph that we'll order against with YBP we need to revise the map and send the new version to Yalan in an e-mail that lists the changes.
Page: Reminder
FYI: Please remember to put your department name on each check that you bring over to the Bursar's Office, and if a check is associated with a specific student please put the students ID number on the front of the check. This is helpful in identifying a s
Page: Replacement procedure
* This procedure can also be used for processing media replacement. I. Patron Replaced A patron replaces a lost/damaged item with a copy of the exact same item or a similar item, and the acceptance of all patron replacements is approved by the Collection
Page: Replacement Procedures
Page: Replacement Workflow
   Check for the presence of a “Replacement” flag.             All book and Music/Audio CD replacements go to Database Maintenance Coordinator for processing.             All video replacements:                                     Video catalogers will:  
Page: Replacements
As usual, you need to determine if there is a bib record that can be used for the order and that the item is not a duplicate (except of the item being replaced). Additionally, you need to identify the item to be replaced and check that it has an appropria
Page: Report a Broken Computer
QR Reporter The QR reporter is a simple ticket application that students can use to report computer issues in the library. You can access it by scanning the QR code on the computer in question or by navigating to the reporter site in a browser. Report a c
Page: Report from 4-22-08 LEC meeting
I drive recommendations LEC was apprised of the technical problems involved in archiving the entire I drive. LEC was amenable to the CDMWG recommendation that we only archive the AllShare folder. LibDocs was not considered to be as urgently in need of ove
Page: Report on Communications Working Group Survey
Report on Communications Working Group Survey (Presented by Vicki Sipe at the Library Assembly Meeting August 25, 2009 for the Communications Working Group) In February 2009 the Communications Working Group sent out an e-mail invitation to the Kuhn list a
Page: Reprinting A Daily Report
Page: Reprinting The UPS Pick-up Barcode Report
REPRINTING THE UPS PICK-UP BARCODE REPORT -          From the UPS Menu go to, "History" -          Select the shipment date -          From the Menu select, "Activities" -          Choose, "Reprint Reports" from the dropdown menu -          Lastly select,
Page: Reprints
These steps should be followed for: 1. Orders with a 2nd publication date appearing in brackets after the first publication date. 2. Orders with a Gobi detail indicating that the item is a reprint, a re-issue, or is not new. Search catalogUSMAI for the ti
Page: Reprints Desk
please add text here for ordering from Reprints desk, what the "lending string" text is and where the request goes after ordering.   explanation of what RP is
Page: Reprints Desk billing
  A monthly invoice arrives from Reprints Desk for article purchases. Print out the invoice.    Robin has the username and password. Click on the link for transaction detail reports, then download the "Invoice Details" (PDF) All Reprints transactions for
Page: Requesting LITS Assistance
LITS would like to request that staff begin using the Request Tracker system for placing requests for assistance from LITS. To begin the process, go to You will have to put in your user name and password. Once you've
Page: Resetting The Electronic Scale
UPS WorldShip Help 2009 Version 11.0 Set Hardware System Preferences: Notes: -          See Local Area Network (LAN) workstation restrictions. -          The Hardware tab does not appear if scale support is not available in your country. Use the Hardware
Page: Resource Discovery Working Group
Page: Resources
Online Exhibits: Digital scholarship, by Marta Deyrup:  @ UMBC, ZA4080.D549 2009   Build it once : a basic primer for the creation of online exhibitions, by Sarah Goodwin Thiel:  @ UMCP Art Library, Z717.T54 2007 Thinking outside the book : essays for inn
Page: Retriever Learning Center
Articles: Library-Information Technology Partnership: Challenges and Solutions (Haas, Stillwell) Reference Librarians at the Reference Desk in a Learning Commons: A Mixed Methods Evaluation (Fitzpatrick, Moore, Lang) Reference Librarians Speak for Users:
Page: Retriever Weekly procedures - pdf
1. Set up folder for Retriever Weekly volume on the master file storage (NAS).  O:\Retriever\issues\VOL ## yyyy-yy 2.  Save the file received from the Retriever Weekly File name: UARC_RW_####(Year)_##(Vol#)_##(Issue/Number#).pdf Example: UARC_RW_2003_37_0
Page: Retriever Weekly procedures - scans
Open Project Client, open Retriever Weekly (collection) Retriever pdfs (project name). Upload items to work space on Project Client.  Use Add Item option, click browse. To edit the fields listed below, double click on icon of the paper. Title: Retriever W
Page: Retrieving Order Requests From GOBI
 Log into GOBI  At the GOBI home screen, click on the blue "Search" tab and scroll down to "Selections". It should open to Search Selections Under Date Selected, choose today's date Click on the green arrow button -
Page: Returns Procedures
If a book has not been received or paid for, you need not do this procedure. This procedure explains how to edit online records if a book has been received and paid for but must be returned and re-ordered. Log in to the Aleph Acquisitions Serials Module.
Page: Revenue Fund Transfers, Deposits, and Reconciliation
Transfers from Revenues to Materials 1. Prepare spreadsheet showing Revenues money to be moved to materials in Aleph. Include: a. Full amount of all foundation funds in revenues. b. Actual balance of the parent fund in materials for each transfer fund. 2.
Page: Review the Status of all Active Months in the Reimbursable Fund Database and Prepare and Submit Reimbursement Requests
1)      Open the Foundation Fund spreadsheet at Box/Acqstuff. 4)      All foundation purchases should be reimbursed within a year of purchase. Note any funds with months from 10 or more months ago. 5)      Compare the amount of money each fund has verses
Page: Reviewing when labeling
(Nov. 23, 2009) After scan a book barcode, you need to pay attention to: 1. Books with accompanying CDs - the items notes should be checked. 2. Do not label any book that has pam banding slip or book is not rigid enough to keep it standing upright; flag i
Page: Ricoh Device Printing, Copying and Scanning
The Ricoh multifunction devices do not allow emailing of scanned, copied, or Guest account users cannot scan or copy with these devices due to technical printed materials limitations Printing - Log in with your UMBC user name and password at a print relea
Page: RIT Libraries
New additions to the library
Page: Rolling Inventory
Rolling Inventory (Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014) *Please remember to have clean hands and wear white gloves!  Handle the photographs carefully and according to our standard procedures.  If a box is too heavy, ask for he
Page: Roving Reference Log
2010 Fall 8/11/10 2:30-3:30 Commons A lot of people looking at the sign but no questions. Could use a backpack to carry around loose items. Sign is very heavy! Screws missing in signholder. -Possible solutions: take sign out of holder, use dolly or luggag
Page: Roving Reference Students
Reserved for Roving Reference Student Pilot Project.  
Page: RSTG
USMAI Resource Sharing Task Group
Page: Rules for Filing
Rules for Filing Alphabetize the orders by title, making sure that you're not alphabetizing by author. In this order, the Title is at the top. filing1.JPG In this order, the author is at the top. Make sure you look below and file under the title. filing2.
Page: Rush and Priority NYP Follow-up
Every week, check the availability of: The pending orders located in the manilla folder labeled "No Publication Date Available" The pending orders whose date has arrived. For example, if it is March 12 you want to pull out all rush requests with a publica
Page: Rush and Priority OP Book Searching
Every week, check the status of pending orders (in the Out-of-Print or OSI tray) as well as any new rush orders that have been confirmed by the publisher as out-of-print. Record the date and your initials on the RUSH OP/OSI searching log. Search AddAll ht
Page: Rush and Priority OP CD Searching
Every week, check the status of pending orders (in the Out-of-Print or OSI tray) as well as any new rush or priority orders that have been confirmed by the publisher as out-of-print. Record the date and your initials on the RUSH OP/OSI searching log. Sear
Page: Rush and Priority OP Score Searching
Check the OP file and get the oldest search file that contains orders. For example, if it is February, and the May and November files contain orders, search the May folder and then the November folder. Please note: Before searching scores, check for email
Page: Rush and Priority OP Video Searching
Every week, check the status of pending orders (in the Out-of-Print or OSI tray) as well as any new rush or priority orders that have been confirmed by the publisher as out-of-print. Record the date and your initials on the RUSH OP/OSI searching log. Sear
Page: Rush Books Meeting Notes (Acq and BMS)
Here are the notes from the meeting we had on July 8, 2009.
Page: Rush Ordering Procedures
Rush Ordering and processing is one of our most service-oriented processes. All rushes should be approached with the assumption that the requester really needs the item NOW. Everything in our power should be done to get rush items in the hands of the requ
Page: Rush Orders
1)      Open package and remove book(s) and 2 copies of the invoice (an original, a copy). 2)      Match book to the invoice to verify title (and, if applicable: author, volume number, and edition). 3)      If everything matches, stamp a copy of the invoi
Page: Russian Press Service
A Russian book vendor located in Illinois.
An American Corporation offering a variety of Russian products online, including more than 10,000 book titles. They will search for titles they don't have.


Page: Sage
SAGE Reference Online Title list as of 6/19/12  
Page: Salvage Team
Charge: To prepare, train, and conduct recovery efforts within the Library Mission: The Salvage Team will coordinate training of recovery procedures as outlined in the Library’s Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plan. Training will be made available to
Page: Salvage Team members FY13-15
Manager: Lindsey Loeper Recorders:     Coordinators:           Packers:                      
Page: Salvage Team training sessions and materials
The next Salvage Team training session is: tbd Future training sessions will be offered.  
Page: Scan a paper document to PDF using Adobe Acrobat X Pro.
  You can create a PDF file directly from a paper document, using your scanner and Acrobat X Pro. 1) Open Adobe Acrobat X Pro (we have it only on station B) 2) Place you document on the scanner 3) Click the Create button in the top left-hand corner 4) Sel
Page: Scanners
Settings for each workstation: A B C To change the settings for the Ariel scanner, you need to open the Twain Driver. To get into the Twain Driver: Open Ariel. Click on Settings. Click on Preferences. Click on Scan. Click on Scanner-specific Dialog (this
Page: Scanning articles with BSCAN scanner
Open ILLiad Open Odyssey Helper Open Bscan  Place pullslip on the scanner and click on Scan pullslip.  The delivery information, IL # and TN# will be automatically plugged into the info box.  (The scanner has been trained to recognize Odyssey pullslips so
Page: Scanning chapters from loans
Page: Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
Selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks.
Page: Science Direct and ArtStor
Two new databases as of Jan. 2013.   Science Direct will allow ILL Lending to provide electronic ILL articles, so no need to print out and scan, you can provide the pdf directly.   ArtStor will not allow ILL Lending to provide ILL at all.   Borrowing for
Page: Scores Searching and Ordering Procedures
Catalog Searching Procedures To search the catalog, input the last name of the composer and some meaningful words from the title into the All Fields Word Search. First limit your search to scores. If you do not find a match, search again this time limitin
Page: Search Committees
Review the recruitment and hiring documents available on the Human Resources website. For Faculty searches,
Page: Search tab back-ups
Everything tab Move to end of row with message Open /index.php and move the li with #tabs-1 to the end of the list Open /includes/onesearchbox.txt.  Comment out the AOK Searchbox label and uncomment the technical difficulties message. Books, Music, Video
Page:'s Secondhand Book Search
Includes links to a variety of secondhand and rare book search engines.
Page: Searching Item on ALEPH By OCLC Number
 Open ALEPH and click on the binoculars (FIND).  Select option #3.  "Multi-field search" Last field is the "Utility number (35)" - OCLC number.  Type* {}ocm*, then put '0"- zero, if your OCLC number is seven digits long, put 00 if it is six digits long ,
Page: Seattle Public Library
I like the color and rounded corner boxes, but otherwise too busy.
Used and out-of-print CD's.
Page: Sending EDI Orders
Login to Aleph. Open the Order List by clicking on the folder icon in the main tab. In the "Index" drop-down, select "AON" for additional order number. In "Enter Starting Point" box, input the additional order number which will be following the "#" on an
Page: Sending Fund Balance Reports to Selectors
Mail reports for Arnold, Bunting, Jacquish, Kuhn, and Saltz to the Curator of Special Collections Mail reports for Bell, Friends, and Talieferro to the Collection Management Librarian Mail the report for Burchard to the Media Librarian.
Page: Sending Online PDF Articles through Odyssey
Lending  Sending Online PDF Articles through Odyssey   Open ILLiad Click on Lending Tab Menu bar at top, click on Lending Click on “Update Stacks Search Result” Scan ILL# or TN# from slip Click search When record comes up, you should see a check in the wi
Page: September 18, 2009 - TS Meeting Minutes
TS Meeting 9/18/09 Meeting minutes taken by Jennifer Fitch. Present: Lynda, Jo Ann, Jen, Tricia, Vicki, Darlene, Ping, and Pat. Announcements There were no major announcements made. Pat did talk to us about the impending furloughs. LEC update OIT staff ma
Page: September 2011 Dept. Meeting Notes
Michelle provided an update about on the IR group activities.  Members of the IR working group have been joining her to make presentations on campus to individuals and groups who might be potential partners in developing an IR.  It has been going well. Vi
Page: September 5, 2012 - Dept. Meeting Notes
Technical Services Departmental Meeting 9/5/12 Present: Lynda, Darlene, Chrissy, Heather, Vicki, Tiffany, Michelle, Tricia, Jen, Pat Michelle and Tiffany are working on a grant from ALA-ALCTS to add endangered online publications to ContentDM; they’ll be
Page: Serials
Page: Serials Holdings Deletion Requested by Serials
20161005 Open the following: Aleph Cataloging Module Word document or Notepad for recording OCLC number of bibliographic record for OCLC Holdings Batch Deletion–when no BC Holdings remain on a record. These OCLC holdings will be deleted at the end of the 
Page: Series Searching Procedures
This procedure assumes an understanding of the principles explained in Understanding Cataloging Practices for Serials, Series and Added Volumes Students have already searched the main title on the order, so you don't need to
Page: Service Calls
Page: Service Desk Task Group
Charge: The group's charge is to examine the possibility of combining public service desks and to develop an implementation plan.  Members: Jodi Hoover Robin Moskal (chair) Paula Langley James Stephens Katy Sullivan Laura Weathers Meeting Minutes https://
Page: Servilibros
A Spanish Language online bookstore.
Page: Set Max.Over/Under Encumbrance and Expenditures Values in Aleph
Use the Foundation Fund Spreadsheet for the current fiscal year, in Box Acq Stuff, to find the Free Funds in each foundation fund. For each budget: Use the money cup to locate the budgets in the Aleph Acquisitions/Serials module Click on Budget Info if yo
Page: Setting and updating ILL dates 11-10-17
It's important to plan in advance for library-closed dates for ILL.   OCLC – Policies Directory log into ILLiad click on the System tab click on the Policies Directory button UMBC's Policy Directory will open, with 5 tabs across the top.    To go lowercas
Page: Shady Grove
Receiving Borrowed Books for Shady Grove through ILLiad   When we request a book through ILLiad/OCLC, ILLiad status is “Request Sent.” When we receive book at UMBC, Rachel will receive the book through ILLiad and create a book strap. She will send the boo
Page: Sheet Music Catalog
An online music vendor that provides scores.
Page: Sheet Music Plus
An online music vendor that provides scores. We have an account with this company for online VISA ordering.
Page: Shelf Ready
See Technical Services for the Shelf Ready Receiving and Copy Cataloging Procedure
Page: Shelf Ready Cataloging Problem Solving
20170330 Vicki Sipe Scan the item to pull up the record—most will pull up a record, with the order attached.                 If you get “Item does not exist” message, see section below  Item does not exist If an item comes up, check the problem sheet   Fo
Page: Short Summary of Paper Work, which should be presented for merchandise purchase
1. initial paper work: supply or other request authorized in writing for purchases more than $50.00 2. ordering: vendor contact sheet, record on the cardholder transaction log, any paper work printed form the website confirming the order 3. receiving:  re
Page: Signage Work Group
Members   James Stephens (chair) Drew Alfgren   Kathleen Bruce   Beverly Conner   Tricia Flester   Sarah New   Nicole Smith  
Page: SLC Working Group
. SLC webpage: Members Ramona Arthur (OSS) Kim Robinson (OIA) Jessica Bard (GSA) Andrea Spratt (LRC) May Chang (Library) Jack Suess (DoIT) John Fritz (DoIT) Brandon Tilghman (OI
Page: Snipping tool
This is a great tool to copy and paste portions of files or screens. Better than PrintScreen feature because it allows you to "snip" portions you need and eliminate those you don't. Go to the Start tab on the lower left corner of your screen, if you don't
Page: Social media accounts schedule
See "Social Media Policy for UMBC Library" for guidelines and suggestions on posting content. August and September 2015           Account 8/30-9/5 9/6-12 9/13-19 9/20-26 9/27-10/3 Facebook | At least 1-2 posts per week. Can be scheduled in advance through
Page: Software
Page: Sorting Completed EDI Orders
Log into the Acquisitions email account. Check for any emails from BNA confirming EDI orders. The subject line for these emails will be "EMO Text Style Order Acks via E-mail" We will be receiving these emails for other campuses as well so ignore all email
Page: Sorting for Searching Procedures (Stamping In)
Group orders by type: Web Request Forms Orders requested through Collection Manager Harrassowitz and Puvill Forms Group the orders according to fund for each type of form, then process each group. Use the Departmental Mailing List to determine the fund if
Page: Sorting the Newly Exported Tray
Go through and find: All orders that are not for books or plays. These will go in the Special Order Editing Tray. BNA orders with special notes or instructions and BNA orders with Barnes & Noble, Amazon, vendor databases, or e-mail verification of the tit
Page: Sound Recordings
CDs - Student Workflow and Guidelines CDs - Copy-cataloger Workflow and Guidelines Special instructions LPs RDA madness CD Call Numbering and Labeling
Page: Special Collections
The Special Collections Department of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery University of Maryland, Baltimore County includes those materials that due to rarity, condition, form, or source are best handled separately from the General Collection. The collect
Page: Special Collections Acid Free Tag Printing
Tags printed on laser printer 20180227 I. Workflow      Cataloger provides printout of the bibliographic record from Aleph.      On the printout cataloger will: Attach the barcode with a paper clip Highlight call number – 050 or 090 field  if there is a v
Page: Special Collections and ILL - Access to non-circulating theses and dissertations
These are the procedures that both ILL and Special Collections will follow.  If a request comes in through either Special Collections or ILL,  first determine that it is not available through another avenue. See "Finding Theses & Dissertations" for additi
Page: Special Collections Cataloging
Special Collections Adventure Mystery Detective Pulps Procedure 20170928 Special Collections Science Fiction Pulps Procedure 20170523 Special Collections Copy Cataloging 2018 Spec Coll Comic Books Copy Cat procedure 20180327
Page: Special Collections introductory session
Page: Special Collections Procedures
Procedures for Students Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery Student Assistant Manual (open as pdf) Procedu
Page: Special Collections requests procedures
Lending staff will take requests for Special Collections materials over in the morning. Make a copy of the request and put on black file on ILL table, so someone will know that requests have been taken to SC. Special Collections has a Princeton file marke
Page: Special Collections Work Plan 2009
INCREASE ACCESS TO SPECIAL COLLECTIONS Goal Responsible Parties Desired Timeframe Status Priority Lower Level Stacks Project Nicole Fall 2007 COMPLETED:  Nicole surveyed the materials in all aisles and placed   Hughes Company Project  Susan Fall 2007-2008
Page: Special Funds Management System Overview
The Special Funds Management System allows us to easily input, store, track, and report information on reimbursable funds. The system is a complex relational Microsoft Access 2000 database with tables containing four types of information, and a network of
Page: Special Instructions
Special Collections or FAC/STAFF Refer to Special Collections Copy Cataloging for information on handling these materials. Enhanced CDs An enhanced CD is a standard music CD that has multimedia CD-ROM files in addition to the music tracks. Usually, the co
Page: Spring 2009 Student Party Sign Up
Student & Volunteer Appreciation Party: Wed., 5/13/09 Please sign up for the items you would like to contribute Drinks Cold Cuts-Tom Rolls Lindsey: sandwich rolls Veggie/Fruit Dishes Susan: veggie platter Salads Susan:  some sort of meatless pasta or rice
Page: Spring Semester 2009 Student Schedule
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 7:45           8:00   Laura in   Laura in   8:15           8:30           8:45           9:00 Sarah in Sarah in Sarah in Sarah in   9:15           9:30           9:45           10:00           10:15          
Page: Springer
Packages 2011 Computer Science Lecture Notes in Computer Science Earth & Environmental Science Humanities, Social Science & Law 2012 Computer Science Lecture Notes in Computer Science Biomedical & Life Sciences Chemistry & Materials Science 2013 Computer
Page: Staff Collection procedures
Staff Collection
Page: Staff Development Day 2011
Committee Members Tricia Flester Pat Garnett Susan Graham Eric Jeitner (Co-chair) Gergana Kostova (Co-chair) Robin Martin Heather Moss Rachel Shapiro Simmona Simmons Katy Sullivan Tiffany Wilson Shu Qian Timeline  Due Date Action Item Person Notes   Janua
Page: Staff Development Day 2012
Committee Members Beverly Conner Eric Jeitner Gergana Kostova Joanna Gadsby Katy Sullivan Lindsey Loeper Nicole Smith Pat Garnett Rachel Shapiro Robin Martin Simmona Simmons Susan Graham Shu Qian Tiffany Wilson Tricia Flester   Timeline Due Date Action It
Page: Staff Development Day 2014
Committee Members Kathleen Bruce Beverly Conner Michael Dick Tricia Flester Joanna Gadsby Susan Graham Stephen Jones Gergana Kostova Simmona Simmons Jo Ann Smith Nicole Smith Katy Sullivan Semhar Yohannes   Timeline Action Item by Date Responsible Parties
Page: Staff Development Day 2015
Committee Members Kathleen Bruce, Beverly Conner, Tricia Flester, Susan Graham, Stephen Jones, Gergana Kostova, Simmona Simmons, Jo Ann Smith, Nicole Smith, Katy Sullivan, Semhar Yohannes   Meetings March 11, 2015 May 1, 2015 June 8, 2015 July 14, 2015 Au
Page: Staff Development Day 2017
Committee Members Kathleen Bruce, Beverly Conner, Tricia Flester, Gergana Kostova, Paula Langley, Simmona Simmons, Nicole Smith, & Katy Sullivan   Meetings Mon Sep 12, 2016 Wed Nov 30, 2016  Tues March 7, 2017 @ 11:30 a.m.  Wed April 5, 2017 @ 2:00 p.m. 
Page: Standing Order
Page: Standing Order Notes
The following Standing Orders we still receive but no longer catalog (they were weeded around 2006-2007). The publisher still sends us 'left over' copies of their publications, but we no longer pay. These are generally thrown in the books recycling bin. M
Page: Standing Order Procedure
Standing Order Procedure Receipt of Standing Order Titles: Accounting & Receiving: The mailing label on the package indicates clearly that the item is a standing order shipment. Alternatively, the title may appear on the Standing Order List kept by Accoun
Page: Standing Order Serial Titles Catalog Together
A)      Search book ISSN or serial title in Aleph Catalog system   More than one matching serial record are found – check publication years in the 008 field and the 260 field. Sometimes the titles are different with the records’ title (245/246 field) but
Page: Standing Order Titles
Standing Order Titles AAAS Science & Technology Policy Yearbook ACCRA Cost of Living Index (Indexes) ACTFL Foreign Language Education ALA Handbook of Organization ARL Annual Salary Survey Accounting Trends and Techniques Accredited Institutions of Post Se
Page: Standing Order titles cataloged separately
A. Search series title in Aleph for a matching record. Also see “OCM number’s for Standing Orders” and “Standing Order Titles” Lists are not necessarily complete, but include the most frequent Standing Orders. (if a book does not have any series title, an
Page: Standing Orders
1)      Open box and remove books and 2 copies of the invoice (an original, a copy) on the receiving table. 2)      Unpack books and arrange in (rough) alphabetical order on the receiving table. 3)      Using a copy of the invoice, match each invoice item
Page: Statistics Spreadsheets
ILL Statistics are kept on the I drive  I:ILL/ILL/Statistics/Excel Statistics Spreadsheets/ there are then stats for borrowing, lending and document delivery sections IFM stats come from the OCLC website    (log in using
Page: Stop Sign
The red stop sign on your Borrowing or Lending Message Screen indicates an error or alert that was encountered following the running of the ILLiad Connection Manager or Odyssey Manager.  This message file should be managed when it occurs. Clicking on the
Page: Structure--Setting Up Collections
Incremental set-up: Initially set up only departments that have materials that can be mapped from the ETD’s and Faculty Publications (easily mapped). Begin all Communities and Collections with UMBC When setting up communities or collections, use the follo
Page: Student Individual Pages
Each BMS student will be given his or her own page. Please add to the student's page when he or she learns a new task or has done something worth noting in the end-of-semester evaluation. Use of these pages is restricted to BMS faculty/staff. Please keep
Page: Style Guideline for Library Digital Signs
Typography As text will be the primary element of most of our signs, text size, color, and fonts should be chosen with care. These elements are guided by the UMBC styleguide: The primary font for sig
Page: Superholdings
  20180112 Vicki Sipe Superholdings are a special type of holding record created in Aleph that "supports retention and presentation of strictly local bibliographic data that would be inappropriate for the Global bibliographic record in USMAI’s “one-biblio
Page: Supplies Purchase Request Form
Please find an electronic Supply Purchase Request Form to streamline the request process. Please use this form for all your supply orders. A copy of the request will go to A&
Page: Switchboard Find a Business
U.S. business addresses and phone numbers


Page: Teaching Guide
Library Instruction Sessions for First Year Experience courses (FYE, IHU, FYS, PHED) Learning Outcomes Students will able to: locate books and articles by using the library's online catalog and databases. list characteristics of popular and scholarly arti
Page: Technical Services
Welcome to the Technical Services wiki space! Technical services is headed by Lynda Aldana and encompasses several units: *Acquisitions (Michelle Flinchbaugh, Jennifer Fitch, Tricia Flester, and Darlene Houck) *Cataloging (Vicki Sipe, Tiffany Wilson, Jo A
Page: Technical Services Kitchen
Attached you will find the kitchen cleaning schedule, kitchen cleaning guidelines, and the Wednesday snacks schedule. Cleaning Schedule Cleaning Guidelines Snacks Schedule
Page: Technical Services Newsletter
Page: Ten essentials for any library site
Page: Test your Website A 57-Point Checklist for Maximum Usability
Good suggestions for making sure your site is usable, includes lots of links to other good usability sites.
Page: Testing Confluence
h3. Basic Features || Feature to test || Test Plan || Result || | Can the search be limited to our space only? If not, can we add a search box to the left nav panel which will search our space only? | check with Collier; check Notation Guide | the global
Page: The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Collection of movie information, focusing on the details of individual movies. Includes links to commerce partners to purchase the movie from.
Page: The Library Web Site of the Future
Page: The Online Books Page
Metasite indexes more than 11,000 e-books available for free.
An online music vendor that provides scores.
Page: Theodore Front Musical Literature Online
An online music vendor.
Page: Three weeks prior to book sale reminders
1. Email Insights regarding book sale announcement. Current email address is: 2. Remind Robin Moskal to send notice to faculty regarding preview one week prior to book sale. see template for wording of this in Wiki under "Faculty bo
Page: Tools for Price Comparison
Page: TPAM - Transaction Performance Analysis Module must have password to log in 
Page: Transfers Procedure
Updated 20170822 VS This procedure is for processing items being transferred from one collection to another in Aleph.  Most of the transfers are from Reference to Stacks or Folio.* Do not use this procedure for transfers into Special Collections. Use Spec
Page: Transfers to or between Special Collections
Page: Trouble shooting
Page: Troubleshooting articles
Page: TS Meeting Minutes
Page: TSC CD Collection
Note: This collection used to be housed in a binder at the Technology Service Center (TSC). They requested that these be housed on permanent reserve at circulation. The following procedures detail how to create the brief records that will allow circulatio
Page: Types of Funds and Fund Descriptions
Types of Funds Foundation Endowment Funds are interest-earning accounts. The interest earned is available as spendable income. Library Administration receives reports on the balance of these accounts and their annual spendable income, then passes this rep


Page: UCLA Library
Elegant, but they have federated searching, which we don't have.
Page: UMBC Foreign Language Records in the Catalog
Foreign Language records Foreign Language records should not be exported into the Catalog from OCLC.  If you are doing Pre-Order searching on OCLC and the only matching record is a foreign language record, do not export the record.  Create an Acq-Created
UMBC MARCIVE CODES (07/08/2009) 049 Sublibrary Collection Material Type IS IPS MUBJ (CDROM) BC-BC DCCDR CDROM 01 blank MUBK(WWW) BC-BC DCWWW GOV 04 blank MUBD(Default) BC-BC DCFED GOV 01 blank MUBE(Microform) BC-BC DCMFH MFICH 03 blank MUBP(Map) BC-BC DOC
Page: UMBC Photography Genres with Definitions
UMBC Photography Genres with Definitions These terms are taken primarily from the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) of the Getty Research Institute.   It was constructed through the cooperative efforts of the staff of Special Collections and Cataloging. 
Page: UMBC White Pages
Page: UMDPrint for labels
This is freeware from University of Minnesota used with Aleph.  Download--   Once downloaded to machine, Alephcom.ini file needs to be edited to add
Page: Unfilled and Conditional Requests
Processing Unfilleds and conditionals
Page: University of Southampton
This is a nice clean, design. It lacks a search box, though.
Page: University of Southampton Library
I like some of the terminology they use in this site
Page: University pubs on UMBC dept webpages
Department Publication Date Range Link Status UPUB/IR? UPUB #   English The Retriever Weekly vol 37- present
Page: Updating Budgets Balances
1.      Obtain the most recent materials and revenue budget summaries. 2.      Open the "Budgets" excel spreadsheet, located in I:\ACQ\AcqStatistics. 3.      Begin by updating the values in the "Revenues Free Balance" column.      The current values are o
Page: Updating liaisons in Access
Updating Liaisons for online ordering Check with academic departments for changes in liaisons or chairs of departments Check with Reference for any changes of liaison in that department  Update List in Microsoft Access 2013            Open Access 2013  Go
Page: UPS Processing
Page: Use of UMBC Oral Histories
Use of UMBC Oral Histories A policy of the Special Collections Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery This policy governs the use of all UMBC-related oral history recordings, transcripts, and related documentation held by the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery.  Th
Page: USMAI Acquisitions & Serials Task Group (ASTG)
Page: USMAI Basic Search
Page: USMAI Consortium of Libraries
Page: USMAI Foreign Language Records in the Catalog
Foreign Language Records and the USMAI Catalog: Best Practices   7/30/2010; rev. 8/10/2010 Policy: USMAI institutions use only English language bibliographic records in our shared catalog. USMAI institutions do not export foreign language bibliographic re
Page: USMAI Resources on Serials and Acquisitions


Biomedical and Life Sciences Search Engine
Page: Valid UMBC SCMI Combinations as of 20180521
<loc sublibrary="BC-BC" collection="CHILD" material="BOOK " status="03"/> <loc sublibrary="BC-BC" collection="CHILD" material="CDROM" status="03"/> <loc sublibrary="BC-BC" collection="DCCDR" material="CDROM" status="01"/> <loc sublibrary="BC-BC" collectio
Page: Van Rental Procedures
Page: VCU Libraries
I like the longer, centrally located tabbed search box
Page: Vendor Notices - Awaiting Supply from the Publisher
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the correct record. Check to make sure the Arrival status (Arr S
Page: Vendor Notices - Not Yet Published & Order Recorded
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the correct record. Check to make sure the Arrival status (Arr S
Page: Vendor Notices - Not Yet Received, Claiming with the Publisher
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the correct record. Check to make sure the Arrival status (Arr S
Page: Vendor Notices - Out-of-Print
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the correct record. Check to make sure the Arrival status (Arr S
Page: Vendor Notices - Out-of-Stock & Order Cancelled
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the correct record. Check to make sure the Arrival status (Arr S
Page: Vendor Notices - Out-of-Stock & Order Recorded
Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure you have the correct record. Check to make sure the Arrival status (Arr S
Page: Vendor Notices - Publication Cancelled & Abandoned
Search the title in USMAI. If you find a record, do a screen print. Log in to the Acquisitions Serials Module in ALEPH. Call up the order by typing the Order number in the Order Number field, located in the upper left-hand corner. Check to make sure that
Page: Vendor Record Procedures
Frequently Used Vendor Codes: Frequently-used vendors, such as a vendor with whom we have an open P.O. or a vendor listed on the pre-approved VISA vendor list, are exceptions to the usual vendor code creation procedures. All vendor codes must start with t
Page: Vendors
EBL Item Types Ebooks, mostly non-reference. Almost all are DDA, MORE: TIFFANY   Coverage Number of users?  Borrowing periods? MORE: TIFFANY How often are titles added/deleted? Constantly.  Records are updated once a week for USMAI titles, once a month fo
Page: Vendors Approved for Online P-Card Ordering
All vendors on the frequently used vendors list. All universities and university presses. Any vendor where payment is done through Paypal. A & E. Alibris. Boosey & Hawks Online. CRC Press. First Run Icarus Films. Lerner/Annendale. Libros Latinos. McGraw-H
Page: Verification Tools
The Slavic Reference Service at the Univ. of Illinois Urbana/Champaign is the absolute best for Slavic reference questions. (Russian, Latviana, Ukranian, etc) and the librarians are incredibly helpful!   Use t
Page: Video Producers and Distributors
An online database of both new and out-of-print video producers and distributors.
Page: Video Searching Procedures
Record statistics on all searching on a Multi-Purpose Statistics Form Duplicate Searching When looking at prospective records as DUP checks, one must only verify that the intellectual material and/or vid
Page: Video Vendors
Page: Videorecordings
Video Copy-Cataloging Workflow Assign UMVID, UMDVD, or UMBLU number by entering title in next available cell in the appropriate accession list (I:\TechSrvc\Cataloging\Accession Lists).   Write UMVID, UMDVD, or UMBLU number on routing slip.  [Jo Ann] Do no
Page: Viewing PDF ILL articles Replace the TN in the URL above and insert the TN of the article you want to view.
Page: Visual Literacy Resources
LC Vis Lit Exercise:
Page: Voiding An UPS Shipment
How to Void an UPS Shipment  1.       Select  "History" from the MENU 2.       Select "Weekday's Pending Pick-Up" It would be the current date because you cannot void a shipment that has already gone out. 3.       From the Pending list look for the name o


Page: W: Drive, AFS and the Network Identity Manager
The W: drive connects to the AOK2 webserver, which hosts the library's website. Staff who need to edit the library web pages can connect to this network share using the Network Identity Manager and the NetDrives application. Note that AFS connections aren
Page: Web Committee Bylaws
Mission The Web Committee was formed to advise and assist the Web Services Librarian in the creation and maintenance of the Library website. The main goals of the website are as follows: Website design highlights research functions and provides a clear pa
Page: Web Group
Library Web Group Members 2016-2018 Department Name Phone E-mail Chair, Web Services Sarah New 410-455-1551 Circulation Kathleen Hubbard 410-455-6871 Collection Management & I
Page: Web Group Mission Statements
Bookmark library websites and explain why you like them (use the webgroup-mission label; make sure you change the Space to Library) {search-form:autoSubmit=true} {search-input:type=hidden|match=label|value=webgroup-mission} {search-form} {search-results:f
Page: Web Page Accessibility
- Under Construction -
Page: Web Resources for Out-of-print Sound Recordings
Page: Web_Team_03Fall.pdf (applicationpdf Object)
Page: WebCirc processing
WebCirc Login (click here to log in) ILL Staff Procedures for processing regular ILL borrowed books*: When borrowed books arrive in ILL they are checked in through ILLiad. Email notification is sent t
Page: Website Design - Library Success
This is a wiki with a lot of links to look at and several resources. Some of the designs are nice.
Page: Weeding of Government Documents Procedure
Search in Aleph As with all weeding, the goal is to weed a specific item from Aleph. So you are looking for the most specific information available to retrieve the exact item. If you have the physical item: 1. If there is a barcode on the item, use it to
Page: Weeds Procedure
Updated 20180124 Vicki Sipe Do not use this procedure for weeding Government Documents–there is a separate procedure for those materials. Open Aleph Cataloging Module. Open word document for OCLC numbers of records, if you are doing batch deletions—See Ba
Page: Where to Search & Find SC Materials
WHERE TO SEARCH & FIND SC STUFF PHOTOS Photos are cataloged in PastPerfect PastPerfect>Photos Catalog>Find Easiest ways to search = by Object ID (we call this Accession Number) Photographer Collection (if it's from a named collection) Title If you can't f
PastPerfect Photos Fanzines Comics Adventure, Mystery, & Detective Pulps Archives University Publications (UPUBs) University Photos USMAI Catalog Books Alternative Press Serials Sci Fi Pulps Archives Finding Aids Theses & Dissertations Digital Collections
Page: While I am out
1. Deposits Approval - daily - Robin Julie will give a folder Deposits To Be Verified with copies of deposit transmittal forms to Robin before she goes to the cashier's office to deposit. She is giving the paperwork stapled together with PS receipt to Rob
1. Please before to go on vacation longer than three days, compile a list of things to follow up while you are out. Please include  into this list all open orders, invoices for payment, service calls placed not completed, everything what you think is impo
Page: Wiki Basics
Terminology Confluence - Enterprise wiki provided by DoIT. We often use the terms "Confluence" and "Staff Wiki" interchangeably. Space - Confluence organizes content into "Spaces." UMBC has several spaces; our space is the Library Space. The Dashboard lis
Page: Wiki Help
Note: You can only perform tasks in the Staff Wiki if you have been given the appropriate permission Confluence User Guide Confluence Notation Guide
Page: Wiki Training Suggestions
Wiki Training Suggestions Timeframe: 1 hour sessions Training Levels: Novice: -          What is a wiki? (Examples- types, commercially available) -          Why should I use the wiki? (Examples) -          Where is it? -          How do I login/why do I
Page: Wikipedia Document Management Chart
Taken directly from the Wikipedia article on Document Management at Most methods for managing documents address the following areas: Location W
Page: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Page: Wikis - Library Success A Best Practices Wiki
Page: Winter 2009 Student Party Sign-Up
Student & Volunteer Appreciation Party: Tues., 12/15/09 Please sign up for the items you would like to contribute This year's theme:  Italian!!  Drinks Italian Sodas (Robin) Main Stuff:  Scittino's Pizza (we can all contribute $$.  Tom has already given h
Page: Workflow Toolkit - Best Practices for ILLiad Users
Toolkit Welcome to the Workflow Toolkit, a repository of best practices for ILLiad users. The Toolkit is being developed by the Information Delivery Services (IDS) Project, in partnership with At
Page: WorldWide Approval Procedures
Life Cycle of a Worldwide Shipment They arrive in A&R. The entire shipment, including the packing list, stays together from unpacking to handover to the Accounting Clerk in step 7. A&R unpacks the shipment and signs the packing list for goods & services r
Page: Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Alphabetically arranged links to music publishers and dealers, including books, CD's and scores. This includes a very helpful list of publishers' imprints and the companies that distribute them.
Art, architecture and photography. Information, contacts, and an online database
Page: Writing for the Web
10 tips for writing web content Be concise - avoid redundant and unnecessary words Put the most important content first (you don't know when a user will leave your page) Use bullets, lists and sub-headings to break up sections Use emphasis (bold or italic


Page: XHTML Best Practices
XHTML is just a stricter form of HTML. If you were using well-formed HTML you shouldn't have any problems converting to XHTML. These tips will help you get started using XHTML. For more information on using XHTML check out the W3 Schools XHTML Tutorial at


Page: Yahoo Yellow Pages
Page: Yankee Book Peddler
Our primary vendor for all U.S. English language imprints
Page: - Home
Our new primary book vendor. Will begin ordering from them later this year.


Page: Znanie Book Store
A U.S. based store that imports books from Russian since 1958.


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