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Acquisitions Procedure


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Page: Acquisitions Acronyms, Initialisms, and Terminology Page: Added Copies Page: Adding Add-Ons to Illiad Page: Adding Annotations in Wink Page: Adding Voice in Wink Page: Aleph and USMAI Consortium Page: Amazon Searching Procedures Page: Audio Cassettes Page: Barnes & Noble Searching Procedures Page: Basic Capturing in Wink Page: Basic Cataloging Resources Page: Beginning of the Fiscal Year Procedures Page: Bibliographic Verification Utilities Page: BNA CM Load Procedure Page: Business Finders & Yellow Pages Page: Catalog USMAI Searching Procedures Page: CD Searching Procedures Page: Changing an Order's Budget or Adding a Budget While Receiving Page: Changing an Order's Vendor While Receiving Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Check, Check Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Check, Null Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Complex Page: Checking and Sorting Student catalogusmai Searching--Null, Null Page: Checking Book Invoices Procedures Page: Checking Student Amazon Searching Page: Checking Student Barnes and Noble Searching Page: Checking Student Collection Manager Searching Page: Checking Web Order Status Page: Closeout schedule 2011 Page: Closeout Schedule 2016 Page: Closeout Schedule--2009 Page: Closeout Schedule--2010 Page: Closeout Schedule--2011 Page: Closeout Schedule--2012 Page: Closeout Schedule--2013 Page: Closeout Schedule--2014 Page: Closeout Schedule--2015 Page: Closing Out the Web Order System Page: Collection Building NYP (item not yet ordered) Page: Collection Building NYP (item ordered) Page: Collection Building NYP Follow-up (BNA) Page: Collection Manager Searching Page: Confluence Sample Page for Acquisitions Users Page: Deleting Cancelled Orders in Aleph Page: Deleting Items, Arrivals, and Invoices Page: Deleting Old Encumbrances Page: Digital Scores Page: Discrepancies Page: Dspace ETD Load Procedures Page: DVD FAQ Page: E-Books Page: EDI Receving Procedures Page: Establishing a New Fund Page: ETDs Page: ETDs Scanned in House Page: Faculty FAQ on Requesting Library Materials Page: Faculty Notification - Not Yet Published & Will Be Ordered upon Publication Page: Faculty Notification--OP Search Unsuccessful Page: Faculty Notification - Out-of-Print Search Unsuccessful Page: Finding and fixing orders completely arrived with order status "SV." (draft-not ready for use) Page: Flag Key Page: Follow-up on items with In-Process status Page: Foreign Vendors Page: Fundamentals of Ordering Page: Fundamentals of Receiving Page: Gobi Searching Page: Inputting Special Fund Purchases in the Special Funds Management System Page: Instructions for Specific Types of Book Orders Page: Invoice Components (required for it to be paid) Page: Invoicing Without Receiving & Receiving Without Invoicing & Receiving an Unreceived Item on an Invoice Page: Liaisons' FAQ Page: Mailing orders with Harrassowitz and Puvill approval slips Page: Mailing Procedures Page: Monitoring Web Orders Page: Monthly Procedures Page: Monthly Statistics Page: Music Vendors Page: OCLC Exporting Macro Page: OP Book Searching Page: OP CD Searching Page: OP Score Searching Page: OP Video Searching Page: Order Creation Guide Page: Other UMBC Acquisitions Information and Resources Page: Out-of-Print Vendors, Online Databases, and Search Services Page: Overview of Reimbursable Fund Process Page: Overview of Tasks and Calendar Page: Payments Not Associated With an Item Page: P-Card Ordering Procedures Page: P-Card Reconciliation Procedures Page: Possible Added Volumes Page: Previous Fiscal Year Procurement Card Charges Page: Price & Availability Inquiries Page: Primary Vendors Page: Printing a Current Liaison List Page: Printing Orders Page: Priority Order Follow-up (BNA) Page: Procedure for Adding a New Faculty Publication to ContentDM Page: Procedures for the Receipt of Documenation from A & R Page: Processing of ILL Purchase Requests in GIST Page: Procurement Methods Page: Pulling Barnes and Noble Purchase Orders for Receiving Page: Pulling Purchase Orders for Receiving Page: Pulling Visa Purchase Orders for Receiving Page: Receiving Procedures (Student Procedure for Simultaneous Invoicing and Receiving) Page: Records in the system generated by invoicing and receiving Page: Reference Tools on Publishers and Vendors Page: Regular Order Follow-up (BNA) Page: Relationship Map/YBP Tech Specs Page: Replacements Page: Reprints Page: Retrieving Order Requests From GOBI Page: Returns Procedures Page: Revenue Fund Transfers, Deposits, and Reconciliation Page: Rules for Filing Page: Rush and Priority NYP Follow-up Page: Rush and Priority OP Book Searching Page: Rush and Priority OP CD Searching Page: Rush and Priority OP Score Searching Page: Rush and Priority OP Video Searching Page: Rush Ordering Procedures Page: Scores Searching and Ordering Procedures Page: Sending EDI Orders Page: Series Searching Procedures Page: Sorting Completed EDI Orders Page: Sorting for Searching Procedures (Stamping In) Page: Sorting the Newly Exported Tray Page: Special Funds Management System Overview Page: Structure--Setting Up Collections Page: Tools for Price Comparison Page: Types of Funds and Fund Descriptions Page: Updating Budgets Balances Page: Vendor Notices - Awaiting Supply from the Publisher Page: Vendor Notices - Not Yet Published & Order Recorded Page: Vendor Notices - Not Yet Received, Claiming with the Publisher Page: Vendor Notices - Out-of-Print Page: Vendor Notices - Out-of-Stock & Order Cancelled Page: Vendor Notices - Out-of-Stock & Order Recorded Page: Vendor Notices - Publication Cancelled & Abandoned Page: Vendor Record Procedures Page: Vendors Approved for Online P-Card Ordering Page: Video Searching Procedures Page: Video Vendors Page: WorldWide Approval Procedures