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Acquisitions Procedure

  • Login to GOBI using the Alerts username and password. It is found in Logins spreadsheet in Box
  • Double click 7543 Alerts for Univ. of Maryland/Baltimore County.

  • Select Notifications.

  • The notifications list will appear. On this page, under Notifications you can choose to edit either the Notification Lists or the Notification Users.  Under Saved Notifications, you can also click the name of the Notification (alert). The alert will open and you can edit it.

  • To add a user, select Manage Notification Users. You will then be able to see the list of all of the users. You can select a user to edit or you can add a new users or remove any username that is no longer needed. To add a user, you will need the user's name and email address.

  • To edit a notification (alert), select Manage Notifications.  If we need to add a notification, we need to ask YBP to add it. Most of the time, we are simply editing who will receive the alerts. To do that, open the alert and scroll to the bottom. You will then see who is receiving it.  User the arrows to add or remove people.
  • We can also edit the profile here such as adding/removing LC Classification ranges or frequency of alerts.

  •  Once you have made the changes, click "Save and Schedule" at the top and you can then close out of the notification.

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