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Library Note: The following notes in an order indicate that the item gets the following flags

  • Catalog for permanent reserve–Manilla and Pink flags
  • Fac/Stf--Red flag for Special collections (Faculty/Staff Publications)
  • Hold--Yellow flag
  • Replacement--Replacement flag
  • Rush--Pink flag

Budget Code: The following codes represent Collections

  • ALF-Blue flag for Leisure Reading and Bookplate flags
  • ARN--Red flag for Special Collections (do not flag if note states for general collection)
  • BUNT-Red Flag for Special Collections
  • FRND-SPEC--Red flag for Special Collections and Bookplate flag
  • LEIS-Blue flag for Leisure Reading and Bookplate flags
  • PHOT--Red flag for Special Collections (Bafford)
  • REF--Green flag for Reference (unless not being cataloged for reference–then don't add green flag but add the flag for the collection the item is going to)
  • RESV–Pink flag and Manila flag for Temporary Book Reserve (Materials for Media Reserves need not be flagged)
  • SAL--Red flag for Special Collections

Bookplate: The following budget codes get bookplate flags

  • ALF (Alfgren)
  • Bell (Bell)
  • BU (Burchard)
  • FRND (Friends of the Library)
  • FRND-DVD (Friends of the Library--Media Stacks)
  • FRND-REF (Friends of the Library--Reference)
  • FRND-SPEC (Friends of the Library--Special Collections)
  • GSA (Graduate Student Association)
  • LEIS (Leisure Reading)
  • SGA (Student Government Association)
  • TAL (Taliaferro)
  • ZCAR (Riter-Kensinger)
  • ZCB (Cerf-Beare)
  • ZDW (Warthen)

Also see the Order Editing Guide instructions on bookplate notes in orders.

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