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This project is set up on the 3rd computer in the Reading Room.

Lindsey will upload the meeting minutes pdfs into Project Client. You will edit all files within Project Client.  If you need to reference the pdf outside of Project Client (for example, to check the OCR transcript), the files are located: I:\SpecColl\CBSA\Science Archives\IUIS

  1. Open Project Client
  2. Project > Open
  3. Under Collections select International Union of Immunological Societies
  4. Under Projects select Meeting Minutes
  5. Select the Meeting Minutes tab to view the items available for edit
  6. Locate the pdf that you need to edit, double click to open and view the metadata template
  7. Complete the metadata template as described below.
  8. Save the template frequently!
  9. Save and close when complete.
  10. Do NOT upload the files.
  11. Project > Close
  12. Project > Exit


Please follow the instructions below! Each file should be uniform to increase the ease of access.  Note that some fields are only completed at the document level and some should be completed for each separate page.

Document level
  1. Title: Minutes of the XXth meeting of the Council of the International Union of Immunological Societies
  2. Date: Meeting date, use YYYY-MM-DD format
  3. Location: use LCSH. Country -- State -- City (VS will provide instruction)
  4. Creator: International Union of Immunological Societies (Template)
  5. Summary: A simple descriptive summary of the document (include when, where, brief summary of topics).
  6. Council Members: Should be found in the minutes.  Do not use LCNAF, include the position held, and separate each person with a semi-colon. Example: Tom Smith (Secretary);
  7. Attendees: Use LCNAF (Controlled vocabulary). Include society names if available.
  8. Notes: Notes on the physical document or relating to the content.  May be used for explanation of an abbreviation, misnumbered pages, torn page, etc.
  9. Related materials: List other documents available in the folder (Ex. Appendix 1, Treasurer's Report)
  10. Physical description: number of pages. Format: ## p. Example: 28 p.
  11. Measurements: measurements of pages (8.5 x 11 in.) (Template)
  12. Work Type (AAT): minutes (Template)
  13. Language: en (Template). If language other than English is included, ask Lindsey for appropriate code.
  14. Series Title: Series I.2. Council Meetings, 1970-1998. (Template)
  15. Collection: International Union of Immunological Societies records (Template)
  16. Credit Line: International Union of Immunological Societies records. Center for Biological Sciences Archives, Special Collections. Albin O. Kuhn Library, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. (Template)
  17. Repository: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)  (Template)
  18. Rights: This item may be protected under Title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Law. It is made available by UMBC for non-commercial research and education. For permission to publish or reproduce, please see or contact Special Collections at speccoll(at) (Template)
  19. Date- Digitized: See I:\SpecColl\CBSA\Science Archives\IUIS. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
  20. Digital - Image Producer: Circulation (Template)
  21. Digital - File Creator: Dick, Michael (Template)
  22. Digital - Format: Project Client will complete.
  23. Digital - File Size: Project Client will complete.
  24. Digital - Resolution: Project Client will complete.
  25. Digital - Bit Depth: Project Client will complete.
  26. Digital - Image Notes: Any additional comments on the digital image not fitting any other category.
  27. Digital - Height: Project Client will complete.
  28. Digital - Width: Project Client will complete.
  29. Color Space: Project Client will complete.
  30. Storage - Secondary: Special Collections External Hard Drive Serial Number: WCASJ1279743 (Template)
  31. Scanner: Fujitsu FI-4340c Image Scanner (Template)
  32. Scanner - Software: Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0.5 (Template)
  33. Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (Template)
  34. Migration - Date: Enter today's date, format: YYYY-MM-DD
  35. Checksum: Project Client will complete.
  36. Digital - File Name: Digital image's file name (include the file extension!) IUIS_MeetingMinutes_YYYY.pdf
Page level
  1. Title: Page ##
  2. Subject (LCSH): Leave blank for now.
  3. Subject - People: Use LCNAF (Controlled vocabulary). List people who are speakers or subjects on that page.
  4. Subject - Corporations: Use LCNAF (Controlled vocabulary).  List corporate/organizational/institutional names mentioned on that page.
  5. Notes: Notes on the physical document or relating to the content.  May be used for explanation of an abbreviation, misnumbered pages, torn page, etc.
  6. Physical description:
  7. Transcript:  Double click in the field to open the larger editing screen.  Review the text against the original to ensure the transcript is accurate.  Spell out any abbreviations (retain abbreviation), correct any misspellings (retain incorrect word also) - the user won't be able to view the transcript, it will be used for searching.  Delete extra spacing between letters, words, paragraphs.
  8. Transcript reviewed by: Your name, format: Last name, First name
  9. Transcript review date: Date completed, format: YYYY-MM-DD
  10. Digital - Image Notes: Any additional comments on the digital image not fitting any other category.
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