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Adding colleges to theses and dissertations in PastPerfect

  1. Open PastPerfect
  2. Open Library catalog
  3. Open Query
  4. Field: select Series
  5. Condition: Contains text
  6. What: UMBC Theses and Dissertations
  7. Search Now
  8. View Selected Catalog Records
  9. Open Custom tab
  10. Select Edit
  11. Highlight the UMBC College field - it will turn yellow
  12. Press F7
  13. Double click the appropriate college (see below)
  14. Select Save
  15. Select Next to go to the next record. You do not need to exit the Custom tab before going to the next record.

College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mathematics and Statistics

College of Engineering and Information Technology
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Information Systems
Mechanical Engineering

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
All other depts.

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