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Temperature/ Humidity

Aim points: 70 degrees F, 45% Relative Humidity.  Notify Chief Curator of divergence from aim points, especially large variations of instability.

Locations of monitors:

  • Gallery
  • Reading Room (104)
  • 103/scanning room 
  • 038/Basement compact shelving

Charts: Change once a week.  File used sheets in cabinet.

Calibrate: With sling psychrometer, calibrate hygrothermographs monthly (see:

Hygrothermographs: 5020 Hygrothermograph with battery operated 1-7-31 day clock


  • Charts: Order on annual supply request from Scientific Sales:
  • Order blue pens through a regular supply request to Christina.
  • Order AA batteries through Christina as well.
  • Order green and red pens through Graphic Controls (item numbers 30683828 and 30683851)

Cold Storage Vault & Antechamber:

The cold storage in managed by a campus contractor called Siemans.  They are in charge of ordering the pens.  If there is any problem with the machines call the physical plant at:  x52550 and they will contact Siemens.  There are pens and charts located below the machines, you can change both of these yourself.  Set points are written on the meters.

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