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From time to time, users will make interlibrary loan requests for items housed in Special Collections.  We retrieve materials for ILL staff to make copies/scans. If the materials are too fragile, we will make the copies ourselves.

When you arrive into work, please check the "ILL Requests to Fill" file on the shelf behind the main desk.  If there are any requests, try to locate the materials ASAP. ILL requests must be filled by 2:00 pm the same day we receive the request.

1.    ILL staff member will drop off request in the morning.

2.    The request slip will be placed in the pamphlet file marked, "ILL Requests to fill," located on the 3rd shelf on the left behind the main desk.

3.    Special Collections students will check the ILL request file.

4.    Students will retrieve the requested materials.

5.    If we do have the item:

  • Fill out a call slip, using "ILL" for the name
  • Place the card in the shelf where the item is housed
  • Put the white paper in the call slip file container, in the "ILL" section
  • Place a green ILL tag in the book/journal to be loaned to ILL
  • Place the item (with the green ILL tag) in the "ILL - Outgoing" part of the ILL shelf
  • *If the item seems too fragile/old/rare, please let the SC Librarian know.  We will have to make a copy of it in-house or the Librarian may determine that it is not safe for copy.*

6.    If the item is not found:

  • Write a note on the ILL request slip informing that we do not have the item
  • Place the ILL request slip in the "ILL - Outgoing" part of the ILL shelf
  • Susan or another supervisor may call Natalia at x52234

7.    ILL staff member will come to pick up the item by 2:00 pm that same day

8.    ILL staff will return items by hand delivery.

9.    Once an item is returned, please place it on the "Reshelve" cart or the "Reshelve" shelves behind the main desk in the reading room.  Note:  There is a special section for APC reshelving on the shelf below the ILL shelf.  Place materials to be returned to APC there.

10.  If you have time, you may simply reshelve the item according to Special Collections standard practice (See "Reshelving" procedures for further instruction).

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