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Patron Registration Data Entry

  1. Open Past-Perfect and click on Contacts
  2. Go to the "Find" button along the top
  3. Search by last name
  4. If the patron is not already in the database, click on "Add"
  5. Enter his/her Name
  6. For Primary Address, use the permanent home address
  7. If a local address is listed, you may put that under Secondary Address (click the radio button next to "Mailing Address").
  8. Enter the Home Phone Number
  9. Enter the Email Address
  10. Save
  11. Click on + sign to the left of the page under "Contact Lists"
    1. If the patron is a UMBC student, staff, or faculty member, choose the appropriate category (e.g. UMBC undergraduate student, UMBC employee, etc.).
    2. If they marked "Other" under "Patron Description" on their registration form, leave blank.
  12. Go to Mail & Contact Log
    1. Click "Edit"
    2. Enter date of registration, your initials and "Registered at SC."
  13. Click on "Exit & Save"
  14. File the paper registration form and the photocopy of the patron's ID in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet under the main desk in alphabetical order by last name.
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