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Scan as typical for text documents, including producing a target image, scanning using Photoshop and Silverfast, and straightening the image in Photoshop if necessary. Make sure that the paper is not creased and remove any staples using the archival staple remover.

  1. Scan using 48-24 Bit Color at 300 dpi
  2. Leave a small border around the page so that you can see the edges of the page.
  3. Save is tiff files
  4. Save to F:/CBSA/ASCB
  5. Use file naming structure: Coll8_Box#_F###
  • If the page has text on the front and back, use this naming structure:
  • Coll8_Box#_F###front
  • Coll8_Box#_F###back
  • Example *Coll8_Box4_F018front & *Coll8_Box4_F018back
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