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Pursuant to recommendation K contained in the Internal Audit Report (issued February 7, 1990) and to which UMBC concurred March 14, 1990, a manual of department-wide (i.e., across the entire Library) guidelines, practices and procedures is to be compiled and made available in order to systematically and consistently communicate said guidelines and procedures.

To realize this objective, Administrative Offices staff drew together such existing Library guidelines as were embodied in a number of files and documents already available. Gaps in documentation were supplied by the Assistant Director for Administrative Services, drawing upon unit heads and the Director of the Library's assistance as appropriate. The Administrative Services Librarian now has the responsibility to maintain currency and completeness of the manual.

Of course, Library-wide guidelines, practices and procedures will continue to change or be added in response to new or altered circumstances and operating conditions. This means ongoing effort. Accordingly, this guideline also serves to re-articulate and clarify procedure for formulation and adoption of Library-wide guidelines, practices and procedures and those more specific rules which materially govern the relations of the Library with other University departments and user constituencies.

Essentially, Library-wide guidelines, practices and procedures are those formally adopted by the Director of the Library or designee of the Director. Unit guidelines may be developed in units with consultation as appropriate and copies sent to the Director. When more than one unit is affected by proposed guidelines, practices or procedures, heads of units should confer, and, if appropriate, the unit heads as a body should have opportunity to ratify or demur prior to submission of the proposed guidelines, practices or procedures to the Director. All such guidelines, practices and procedures will be adopted and expressed in writing.

It should be understood that the assembly of the manual or handbook described does not obviate the need for individual units to assemble and maintain current unit manuals.


  1. Only the President of UMBC has the authority to establish policies, according to the "UMBC POLICY FORMULATION AND MANAGEMENT" which was established in 2002. Therefore, the Library may establish only guidelines, practices or procedures rather than policies. The term "rules" is sometimes used to refer to all of these.
  2. Major changes in Library-wide guidelines, practices and procedures are established by the Director in consultation with the Library Executive Council. Editorial updates are established by the Library Administrative Offices.

references: JLeB memo to unit heads 5/2/90, revision 1/29/92; editing & notes LW 9/6/06