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All staff are responsible for daily review of their incoming mail and email. Both must be scanned, if not read completely, within one working day of receipt.

Staff on leave or otherwise unable to do their mail should designate another appropriate staff member to review mail received and identify items requiring immediate action or re-routing. Staff are responsible for posting "away" email messages for accounts which they do not plan to scan for more than three days in a row.

Mail is distributed to and from Library & Gallery units by staff in the Library's Accounting & Receiving unit. Each unit distributes mail to individual staff through means found appropriate to that unit such as desktop in-boxes, central mailboxes, etc.

Mail will occasionally be misdirected and must be promptly identified and brought to the attention of the appropriate unit or staff member. For example, a memo to the Director from a campus official concerning the Library budgets was once addressed (the envelope, that is) only to "Library." It was routed in its envelope with other general material to the Reference unit where, the next day, a staff member found it. By bringing it immediately to the Director, she avoided further delay which could have seriously reduced the Library's ability to respond effectively in this crucial area by the official's deadlines.

Note on delivery of material with deadlines: When working to a deadline, all staff are responsible for delivery of finished work no later than the stated deadline; placing work in a mail drop may not suffice to achieve this. Therefore, if there is any doubt about whether work would be delivered by deadline, the material should be hand-carried in timely fashion to the desk of the person to whom the work is due, or emailed. If delivered by email, request a response to verify receipt of a crucial document; senders have the responsibility for establishing that their documents are received.

Note on use of email: Email is now a major mode of communication in academe. All Library staff are expected to know how to use email, to manage their email accounts and to use email for informal written communications. However, important documents still must be signed originals, printed for permanent paper files.

guideline effective 6/5/91
revised 8/17/95 to reflect routing; rev. 8/10/04, 9/2/04