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To effectively operate the departmental telephone system and conduct basic Library business, all staff should be able to reliably:

  • properly answer, transfer, and forward calls
  • use camp and pick features
  • operate phone mailboxes, if available
  • use their FAC codes, if provided, for long distance calls

Staff who will be away from telephones which they ordinarily answer should ensure that during business hours the telephone will be answered by either:

  • a staff member or student assistant instructed to at least take and initial messages (noting date and time of call, caller name and telephone number, and purpose of call if possible)
  • or through electronic means (call processing and/or phone mail)

Staff are responsible for reviewing throughout the working day messages received and responding promptly and appropriately. Provisions for review of messages in one's absence should be arranged as for mail (see Library guideline 123).

Departmental telephones are for Library use only except in emergency situations; telephones should be kept clear for purposes of business. Incoming personal calls should be limited to emergencies, kept under two minutes, or returned later. Outgoing personal calls should be made during scheduled breaks, mealtimes, or other time outside the employee's scheduled working hours. Calls may not be charged to the Library (nor may pay calls be made to time and weather). The Director's designee will regularly review telephone activity.

A number of units and some individual staff have access to other telecommunications functions or equipment such as phone processing or FAX. Such staff should familiarize themselves with operation of this equipment and treat incoming transmissions as promptly as they would 'regular' hard-copy mail.

revised 8/6/92, 8/11/04 (editing/updating only)