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Effective planning, evaluation, and modification of Library and unit operations should be undertaken with adequate basis of information. Therefore the following practices are observed:


Unit heads report unit statistics each month in writing to the Director or designee. Such reports include at a minimum those data specified by the Director or designee (for example, holdings and use data according to HEGIS and space planning definitions). The Director's designee compiles data from these unit reports so as to quickly and accurately respond to external data requirements.


At those times designated by campus or USM officials, annual narrative and statistical reports of Library activity and plans are prepared by the Director of the Library or designee in consultation with unit heads and UMBC officials as appropriate. Copies of major planning documents are distributed by the Director to unit heads and other staff as appropriate. Unit heads are charged to ensure that unit operations under their supervision are consonant with the Library mission and planning expressed in the current iteration (or subsequent revisions) of the Library plan.

previously implemented
guideline written 6/13/91, edited 8/11/04.