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Suggestions -- understood broadly to include compliments, complaints, constructive criticism, and suggestions for service improvements or changes -- from those who use library materials and services ("customers") are welcomed. The following guideline and procedures have been devised to ensure continued serious consideration of suggestions by the Library. [See also Guideline 128 concerning in-person complaints.]

Since 1982 a suggestion box has been prominently located in the Library to promote convenient and anonymous submission of written suggestions from users and staff. Provision has also been made to convey suggestions online. All suggestions are considered and answered (unless inappropriately personal) through the following procedure:

The suggestion box is monitored by a staff member designated by the Director. This staff member routes suggestions to the appropriate unit head(s) with copies to the Director of the Library. The Unit Head drafts the Library response (including possible commitment to Library action, if appropriate) and submits it to the Director for approval. The approved response is then posted with the suggestion on a suggestion board or and/or mailed to the suggester as appropriate.

Library supervisors are charged to encourage effective consultation with staff to stimulate exchange of ideas to improve departmental operations. Accordingly staff are strongly encouraged to bring suggestions to the attention of supervisors.
To further stimulate creative approaches and suggestions, the Director of the Library may periodically designate a staff member to actively solicit from department staff their suggestions and general comments regarding departmental operations for consideration by the Director and unit heads.

reference: unit heads meeting minutes for 11/26/90
previously implemented guideline written 6/13/91
rev. 7/14/03